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Katara v. Toph

Welcome to a very special chapter of Avatar Colosseum. We have now reached the championship finale. In this battle, all the winners will be plunged into an all-out fight, from which only one shall emerge alive. Although the Dai Li fought in a group, only one will participate in the battle.

So please welcome all of the champions:

  • Kuvira
  • Korra
  • Zuko
  • Katara
  • Dai Li agent
  • Ty Lee
  • Sokka

Due to an overlap, Ty Lee was chosen to replace the Kyoshi Warrior. Iroh has been eliminated from the finale because the full extent of his mastery is unknown, and he is deemed too old to participate.


The battle is set in an artificial environment with a forest, grasslands, rivers and hills. It occurs in the late afternoon.
Sokka's sword

Sokka crept through the forest. He heard a rustling in a small bush. Tree branches shook before falling silent. Sokka pulled out his sword and raised it above his head. Sokka's sword blocked a strike from Ty Lee's katana. Sokka span around and sliced through her sword diagonally, slicing off the hilt and lopping off the top of her thumb. Ty Lee back-flipped and jumped over Sokka. She tried many quick jabs but was forced the retreat when Sokka swung his sword behind him.

Korra and Kuvira stood in the mountainous region of the map. Korra assumed a fighting stance and threw numerous balls of fire at her foe. Kuvira side-stepped and avoided them with minimal effort. Kuvira circled Korra and threw numerous shards of metal. Korra parried those she did not dodge and threw a rock in return. Kuvira punched the rock and broke it to bits. Korra threw two quick punches at Kuvira, one with her left, one with her right. Both curved and impacted Kuvira simultaneously, twisting her over and knocking her to the ground.

Ty Lee opened her fans and waited for Sokka's strike. He lunged and thrust to her chest. Ty Lee grabbed his arms and threw him behind her. Sokka dropped his sword in the struggle. Ty Lee tried to jab Sokka, but he evaded her. The two engaged in a brawl. Ty Lee punched Sokka in the face numerous times and caused bleeding. Suddenly, Ty Lee halted her attack and fell back. Sokka removed his dagger as blood spurted onto his armour. He reclaimed his sword and helmet.

Zuko fight

Zuko walked along the border of the grasslands and forest. Hearing a whistling sound, he turned around and destroyed a rock glove with a ball of fire. Having observed a rustling in the trees around him, he threw a large wall of fire that engulfed the tree tops. With a scream, the trees stopped rustling. Zuko walked into the forest to find his attacker.

Lying flat on the ground, Kuvira raised her arm and threw a metal shard at Korra. She sharpened the blade and it impaled Korra's stomach. Kuvira jumped to her feet and threw a large rock at Korra. Korra destroyed the rock but fell backwards and tumbled down the hill. Kuvira threw down a few more shards for luck until blood ceased to spill.

The treetops above Sokka's head burst into flames. A silent man in emerald jumped from the trees, his robes singed. He looked at Sokka and threw his rock gloves. Sokka smashed them with his club and swung at the agent who sidestepped. The agent kicked Sokka in the stomach with a square block of earth and threw him into a tree.

Head of the Dai Li close-up

A Dai Li agent stood with his back turned to Zuko, tormenting a young Water Tribe boy. Zuko shouted and punched, setting the agent alight. Zuko grabbed his two swords and advanced on the silent agent. Zuko slashed many times, only for the agent to extend his rock-covered hand and block the strikes. Sokka stood to his feet and grabbed his space sword. He advanced to the Dai Li agent and slashed, only for it to be blocked with a rock glove. Knowing he was badly outnumbered, the agent fled out of the forest and towards the river. Zuko and Sokka locked swords.

Katara turned around and threw a large stream of icicles. The Dai Li agent blocked them with a large earth column. Katara kept pressing forth her attack, finally flooding him until he fell over. She froze the water around him into ice and encased his head. She rubbed her hand on his chest and melted it, leaving him exposed. She swirled a stream of water into a type of drill and tore up his chest.

Zuko wielded his dual swords in unison and forced Sokka on the defensive. Sokka pulled his bone club from his belt and wielded it along with his meteor sword. Sokka swung his club which caught onto Zuko's sword. Zuko kicked Sokka in the chest. Sokka slashed at Zuko's leg with his sword and swung at his head with his club. Zuko blocked both with his swords. A powerful strike from Sokka's sword shattered Zuko's blade. Sokka took at swing for Zuko's head with his sword. Zuko punched him in the chest and burnt his armour then ran off.

Distressed Kuvira

Sokka pursued Zuko but ran straight into Kuvira. He slashed at her numerous times, but she ducked at stepped away with ease. He slammed his sword on her right hand but was shocked when his sword bent out of shape. Kuvira raised her hand, and the sword levitated. She crushed it into a ball and threw it at Sokka. Sokka avoided the ball. He threw his boomerang which Kuvira dodged with ease. He then took his spear from his back and tried to stab Kuvira. Kuvira caught the spear and snapped it, throwing down Sokka.

Zuko looked down and saw the partially frozen body of the Dai Li agents. He looked to Katara, the killer. Zuko narrowed his eyes and punched forth many times at Katara. Katara pulled a stream of water over herself and extinguished the flames. She retaliated with a wave that he dispersed with an inferno. The two battled each other with whips of their respective elements. Zuko grabbed Katara by the ankle with a stream of fire. They continued their battle until the sun finally set and gave way to the full moon. Katara took advantage of her new found power and encased Zuko in a very thick pillar of ice.

Sokka and Kuvira circled each other. Sokka avoided Kuvira's metal shards and swung at her with his club. Kuvira tried to destroy the club, but to her dismay, his club was not made of metal but bone. Sokka smacked Kuvira on her shoulder with his club, denting her armour and causing a bruise. He turned around his club and smacked her collar with the spike, slightly penetrating it. Kuvira flipped Sokka. Sokka pulled Kuvira down with him and pulled his knife from his belt, which he rested on her neck.

Katara bloodbending

Sokka and Kuvira both went stiff and rigid. They stood up together, moving like puppets. They twisted in an abnormal manner and hovered off the ground. Katara came into view and moved her arms from side to side, her victims following. They fell in unison and twisted as though they were possessed. Snap. Their necks snapped simultaneously and their limp bodies fell to the ground. Katara released her grip and walked away, cracking a grin.


Ty Lee, although the most agile of the lot has the least lethal weaponry. Her major downfall was her over-reliance on speed, stealth, and agility. Korra, on the other hand, was one of the most powerful. Her downfall came as a result of her brash nature, lack of control, and precision.

The Dai Li are masters of stealth and the lords of the shadows. However, they are generally only affective when they take their opponents by surprise, have an escape route, and a numerical advantage. The Dai Li are not capable of fighting in the open plains.

Zuko was one of the most versatile of the lot, being both a master swordsman and the second person to learn lightning redirection. However, much like Korra, he is driven in battle by his emotions and that often causes him to take on stronger opponents and act without planning.

Sokka is a master strategist. He did so well in this battle because he picked his targets wisely and the right time to attack them. He has a wide range of weapons, some metallic such as his signature sword and boomerang and non-metallic weapons such as his bone club. This variety enabled him to fight against Kuvira who could manipulate metal. Ultimately, however, Sokka brought a sword to a bending fight.

Kuvira is very precise and disciplined. She never attacks when the time is not right. Her unique style of metalbending and gymnastic prowess enables her to fight in a manner difficult to counter. Arguably, Kuvira has never lost a single battle, as her final fight with Korra was interrupted.

Katara is a typical waterbender - she is very adaptable. Whatever situation she is thrown into, she can adapt to it. While she was largely limited to standing by the river, she could also venture into forests to fight. Her greatest claim to victory, however, was bloodbending. Nobody was demonstrated escaping her bloodbending grip.

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