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The Dai Li and the Yuyan Archers are the elite of their respective nations. The two are largely restricted to home soil, meaning they never came into conflict. Supposing they were, who would win?

Would the stealthy secret police of Ba Sing Se win out over the cream of the Fire Nation's military?

Dai Li

The Dai Li are the secret police of Ba Sing Se. During the early part of Earth King Kuei's reign, the Dai Li ruled Ba Sing Se from the shadows, keeping order through brainwashing and arrests. In 100 AG, the Dai Li allied with Azula and took down Ba Sing Se as a Fire Nation possession.


Rock glove

The Dai Li utilise rock gloves.

The most notorious weapons of the Dai Li are their pair of rock gloves, used to make arrests. They can use their gloves to slide down walls, thus aiding in stealth. They can throw their gloves and use them to arrest someone by binding their hands together. If not used for restraint, a solid impact would be rather forceful and painful.

As well as their basic rock gloves, the Dai Li are capable of amazing feats of bending. One such accomplishment is being able to make giant pillars of earth to both propel themselves and crush their enemies.

The Dai Li also carry chained cuffs under their robes to attack earthbenders and restrain them. This was effectively used against the Council of Five during Azula's coup of Ba Sing Se.


The Dai Li are not only powerful benders, but also really stealthy. Using their stealth, they were able to capture all of the Council of Five simultaneously with absolutely no resistance. This stealth would be useful in giving them the first strike in almost any battle.

The Dai Li are heavily disciplined and rarely attack with anger. Most attack without any readable emotion at all.


The Dai Li seem to have very few weaknesses, but have been defeated before. When they are ambushed, by the Blue Spirit to name an example, they can be defeated. It has been demonstrated that an equally skilled bender of any element, be it earth (Toph), water (Katara) or fire (Ozai) can defeat an agent.

Yuyan Archers

The Yuyan Archers are nonbenders yet the pride of the Fire Nation military. They used their great precision and agility when they captured Avatar Aang, making them the only members of the Fire Nation to succeed in doing so.


Yuyan Archers in the trees

The Yuyan are proficient archers.

The Yuyan Archers, as their name would suggest, are archers. They are the most precise archers in the world, being rumoured to be able to pin a fly to a tree a hundred yards away without killing it. They demonstrated this talent when they captured Aang by pinning his sleeves to a tree. It was also demonstrated when they were able to strike the Blue Spirit from a great distance away. They are precise enough to strike Aang, overcoming his agility.

The Yuyans can attach a rope to their arrows and use them to descend high areas.


The Yuyans are stealthy and able to avoid detection for a rather large period of time. Their stealth enabled them to catch the Avatar.

They are also very agile, being able to run down hills and through forests with little wasted movement.


The Yuyan archers are nonbenders and have a limited supply of arrows, however, this did not seem to be a problem against Aang; but could be disastrous in a prolonged fight.


The battle is set in an empty forest in the Earth Kingdom.

Five Yuyan Archers and five Dai Li agents enter a forest. The Dai Li agents hide behind trees and spy on the archers. The archers funnel through a dense patch of trees. A Dai Li member throws a rock glove, strangling an archer to death. The Yuyans are alerted and one draws his string, releasing an arrow that pierces an agent's jugular vein. Blood spurts from the vein until the agent collapses and dies.

The two groups scatter, each having lost a member. The Yuyans flee, with the Dai Li chasing them. A Yuyan turned and fired an arrow, only for it to be blocked by an agent. An agent earthbended a hole in the path of an archer, causing him to fall in. The agent crushed the archer to death. The agent looked up and saw an arrow coming to him, hitting him in the eye.

An agent caught up with an archer and grabbed him with his chain. The archer tried to reach for his bow, but was unable. The agent raised a rock, preparing to strike. He stopped and jerked his head, eyes bulging. An arrow pierced through his head. The archer broke free and escaped with his friend. When fleeing, an archer was struck in the back by a rock glove. The impact broke his spine and he collapsed. His friend turned and fired an arrow, only for the agent to break it with his glove. The archer fired a volley of arrows in quick succession, striking the agent in the chest. The injured agent raised an earth column under the archer's feet. The archer backflipped off the column, only to be struck by a rock glove in the head.

The injured agent was struck in the side of the neck with an arrow, killing him. The final Yuyan sat in a tree branch, firing arrows at the final agent. The agent side-stepped each one and through a rock glove at the branch. The archer jumped from the branch and avoided the glove. The agent destroyed the Yuyan's quiver and the two engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Eventually, the agent threw the archer into his sack of arrows.

The archer stood, holding his arrow and darted to the agent, stabbing him in the stomach with his arrow. Although it was painful, there was not enough energy for a lethal strike. The agent, using his final rock glove, punched the Yuyan in the face, thus destroying it.


Both sides were stealthy, but the Dai Li had the slight edge in that field. The Dai Li ultimately won because of the versatility of earthbending when compared to arrows. I predict the Dai Li would narrowly win 54% of battles.

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