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Hello, everyone, I am the Duke of Skibbington, host and battle master of the Avatar Colosseum. Today we have a very special battle - all the Avatars seen fighting on screen, in comics or in games are appearing tonight for a titanic conflict.

We are trying something totally new in the Colosseum. Each Avatar has supporters who will argue there case. Joining me tonight are AvatarAang7, author of Team Player and All Are Equal; illustrator and author of Amentia, DaiLaiHeping; BadgermolesRus; and forum regulars SaitamaBro and Thebridge14.

I shall not be deciding who will win and who shall lose. Rather, it is to be decided by the impartial Tono555, a wiki chat regular and author of The Spirit of Competition. He is also the administrator of the Spanish wiki.

I wish luck to all contestants and their supporters.



Wan Avatar Wan AvatarAang7 50px-24960748.png

Wan, the first Avatar, was shrouded in mystery during modern times, until Avatar Korra reconnected with him in order to regain her connection with her Avatar Spirit. During the first part of his life, he lived atop the Fire Lion Turtle, who was protecting him from the spirits, where he was pretty much a nobody. When he had nothing left to lose, he decided to steal the power of firebending from the lion turtle, hoping it would allow him to gain the upper hand in an attempt to rob the rulers of the city. He was caught and subsequently banished to the Spirit Wilds, where he befriended the spirits and ultimately learned to control his connection with his native element from them. Ultimately, he was forced into a pact with Raava, where she would help him to master the remaining three elements, and in turn, he would help her defeat Vaatu.

Armor and Weapons

Wan's death

At the time of his death, Wan let out his final breath on an abandoned battlefield, still dressed in his scraped-together armor.

Wan never used weapons and instead relied purely on his bending to overpower his enemies. In his time, people gained and lost the ability to bend on a regular basis, but it was still unheard of that one single person would wield even two elements, let alone four. This meant he had the element of surprise on his side when fighting his enemies, or at least during the early years. He also didn't wear any armor, as his attire consisted mostly of scraps of clothing, most likely obtained during his travels across the world. This changed after he merged with Raava, and he had to fully embrace his role as the bringer of balance, which included having to fend off warring armies, so he resorted to putting something of a makeshift armor together in an attempt to have at least some form of protection. In the end though, it didn't really help him, as he died on the battlefield, most likely as a combination of his old age and wounds sustained during the preceding battle.


Wan learning the Dancing Dragon

Wan was the first known human to learn the Dancing Dragon from the spirits.

As for his control over the elements, his native element was fire, hence why he had the longest amount of time to master it. It seemed to be Wan's preferred element, as it was the one he typically fell back to when he was attacking an enemy he intended to cause serious harm. He was also the first known person to master the ten steps of the Dancing Dragon form, which encompasses all elements of firebending, including defensive forms, which are rare for the most aggressive of the four elements.

His proficiency with the other three elements seems to rely heavily on Raava's energy. He can bend them while she is out of his body, but it is at its most powerful when they combine their energies. As a result of this, Wan is in full control of his spiritual side. He is very much aware of Raava's presence and knows her limits better than any Avatar after him would.

Outside of his bending, Wan is a nimble runner, able to parkour across the obstacle-laiden terrain of the city, successfully evading the Chou brothers for a while. His rather slender frame allowed him to jump long distances, swing on ledges and wires, and still land safely. He also possesses a great deal of physical resilience, as he was able to endure multiple blasts from Vaatu, yet he still had the ability to will himself back on his feet and continue the battle.

The first Avatar

Upon permanently fusing with Raava, Wan became the first Avatar.

As the first Avatar, he was also the first person to utilize the Avatar State, resulting in a whole greater than the sum of its parts. On his own, he was nothing more than a punching bag for Vaatu, but when he merged with Raava, Wan could give him a run for his money, but it wasn't until they fused permanently that he was able to overpower the Spirit of Darkness.

A direct consequence of him being so well-connected with his spiritual side meant that he could easily overpower even the most powerful enemy, as was demonstrated in his battle with Vaatu, One of the most powerful spirits roaming either plane of existence. Once he entered the Avatar State, Wan basically wiped the floor with him. His control over the four elements also earned him the respect of his peers, as his story was remembered well enough for him to earn a statue in the sanctuary of the Southern Air Temple, albeit a simple wooden statue, as opposed to the full-sized stone counterparts of his numerous successors.


His weaknesses are mostly limited to his control over the four elements. As stated, he was very proficient in the use of firebending, but his training with the other three elements was minimal. He had a year to master all of them, which is simply too little time to learn three completely separate forms. As a result, he needed Raava's help in order to use them to a significant degree.

Another distinct disadvantage Wan had, was that he was unaware of any of the sub-skills of bending. He wasn't in control of any of them, unlike Kyoshi, Roku, Aang, and Korra, all of whom mastered at least one sub-skill of any of the four elements they had mastered. Wan never mastered any of them, meaning that he could potentially have a hard time if his opponents would use any of these skills against him.


Avatar Kyoshi Avatar Kyoshi DaiLaiHeping 50px-24927094.png

Kyoshi is a name still synonymous with power and justice. Throughout her life and her duty as the Avatar, Kyoshi did many great things for betterment of the world; from defending her homeland from Chin the Conqueror by splitting the peninsula from the mainland to the formation of the Dai Li.

Weapons and Abilities

Kyoshi defeats Earth King's guards

An example of Kyoshi's Airbending abilities.

As a fully realized Avatar, Kyoshi was able to bend all four elements and enter the Avatar State at will. Her most spectacular known feat was using the Avatar State to separate her home peninsula from the Earth Kingdom mainland and push it far out into the ocean. She first cut into the ground with both Earth and Lavabending abilities to split the land masses, followed by Airbending to push the island away from the mainland. She's also known for her unmerciful willingness to allow others to die or to kill. Kyoshi is renowned for her physical size and is the tallest out of all the known Avatars. Kyoshi wears no armour, however, she holds two golden fans which assist her in her bending abilities.


Kyoshi is a powerful bender, her physical size allowing for stronger attacks, shown in the webseries, Escape to the Spirit World. Her relentlessness and unmerciful approach means she won't hesitate in any situation of combat.


Kyoshi's size and weight means she is far less maneuverable in close-combat.


Roku Avatar Roku SaitamaBro 50px-25771725.png


Roku is the Fire Nation Avatar preceding Aang. He was a very close friend of Fire Lord Sozin throughout most of his life, as they practised firebending together, and Sozin gave him his headpiece as a parting gift. Him and Sozin were commemorating their 16 birthday when the Fire Sages arrived revealing he was the Avatar. After that he mastered air, water, and earthbending, finally going to Crescent Island to master the Avatar State. When he returned to the Fire Nation, Sozin told him about his plans to share the Fire Nation's wealth with the rest of the world, something Roku disapproved of, telling Sozin to never talk about it again. When Sozin ignored his warning and started his plan to dominate other nations, Roku confronted him in the Fire Nation Royal Palace, leading to the destruction of the throne room when Roku threatened to kill the Fire Lord if he stepped out of line again. 25 years later, Roku was living on a small island where, in the middle of the night, a volcanic eruption occurred. After helping the population escape, he started subduing the volcano, which could only be done after he entered the Avatar State. As soon as he subdued it, another volcano started erupting, but this time he had the help of his old friend Sozin, who came after sensing the tremors of the eruption all the way from the Royal Palace 100 miles away. Together they cooled down the lava, but as they tried to escape, Roku used airbending to protect Sozin from breathing the poisonous gases that he himself ended up breathing. He asked for Sozin to help him, but the Fire Lord said that all his plans would be possible with Roku's death, so he left on his dragon, leaving Roku there to die.

Weapons and abilities

Roku bending the four elements

Roku could perform and maintain extremely powerful techniques of the four bending styles at the same time.

Roku was shown to be extremely proficient with all elements, even the one he had trouble with, waterbending. He has shown the greatest raw power in the series, among his best feats are making a gigantic wave that threw his teacher from the middle of the ocean to the Northern Water Tribe Royal Palace, easily defeating Sozin with an airbending move, moving a giant wall of earth to block the lava, and after mastering the elements, he showcased great ability and power when using all four of them at the same time. He posses great control over his bending, as seen when he redirected the fire of various firebenders back at them and melted the metal handcuffs imprisoning Aang's allies.


He wears no armour during his fights in the show.


His physical ability is also above most Avatar characters. He could outrun a master earthbender in an earthbending race (even preparing tea in the time it took his master to reach him), and even at the age of 70, he could jump several meters in the air and fight a volcanic eruption while breathing poisonous gas during the whole process. He had a very fast reaction, seeing how he reacted almost instantly to the eruption, quickly getting all the residents there to the boats safely and then managed to protect Sozin and himself from most of the gas geysers.


Roku is too hesitant and indecisive, seeing as how he could stop the eruption by entering the Avatar State but choose not to, until the end when he had no choice. That decision made him breathe in a lot of volcanic gas. He is also very close-minded and stubborn, being unable to see all the actions he could take.


Aang at Jasmine Dragon Avatar Aang Thebridge14 50px-24825314.png

Aang was a 112-year-old Air Nomad Avatar who was forced to save the world from the imperial Fire Nation by mastering the four elements and the Avatar State within a year's time. This led to Aang defeating the Fire Lord and putting an end to the Hundred Year War.


Elemental tornado

Due to being born an airbender and airbending's non-violent nature, Aang seemed most comfortable using it. With it, he was able to create massive tornadoes of wind capable of moving boulders, as seen in his fight against King Bumi. He was even able to diffuse a powerful combustion wave with just airbending as well as scale the great wall of Ba Sing Se effortlessly. Aang, however, rarely used his airbending offensively, but when he did, he was capable of channelling powerful currents of wind capable of destroying wooden objects, including a royal throne. Aang had great accuracy with his bending; he was able to knock a buzzard wasp out cold that was at least 100 yards away with pinpoint precision.

With waterbending, Aang could extinguish comet-enhanced firebending, create eight separate tentacles of water, and cut through steel beams. Aang's earthbending was even more impressive; he was capable of using it to deflect comet-enhanced firebending. He could create a full suit of earth for defensive measures, destroy boulders effortlessly, and was capable of subduing powerful Dai Li agents during the eclipse with columns of earth. Aang could also use seismic sense to detect any ground-ridden opponent without seeing them. As a firebender, Aang was unique due to the fact he learned from the dragons. He utilized firebending decisiveness and with raw power that went toe-to-toe with Ozai's fire blasts. Aang could even perform lightning redirection, an extremely rare skill. Unlike most Avatars, Aang was capable of removing the bending of any bender; this was a part of the ancient and mysterious energybending. Aang's weapon of choice was his staff, with which he could augment the power of his airbending, glide for extended periods of time, and deflect most attacks thrown at him.


One of Aang's greatest strength was his level-headedness and ability to stay calm and focused during the heat of battle; this was shown on numerous occasions, including dismantling the drill and battling the Fire Lord. Another great strength of Aang was his way of thinking outside the box during a fight; for example, Aang was able to defeat Admiral Zhao by taking him down physiological and was able to take out numerous Fire Navy ships by using their own catapults against them. Aang's true mind and heart allowed Aang to not only exit the past life enraged Avatar State under his volition but was also able to see past the illusions of murder and not give into violence. Instead, Aang's overwhelming powerful spirit was able to conquer Fire Lord Ozai and render him ineffective.


Aang's greatest weakness in a fight is his refusal to kill and his small size and lack of physicality/offensive moves doesn't do him any justice either.


Korra Avatar Korra BadgermolesRus 50px-26129296.png
Young Korra waterbending

Korra displaying waterbending at a young age.

As the legend tells it, Korra is the current incarnation of the Avatar. Born into the Southern Water Tribe in 153 AG, Korra displayed extremely valid signs of being the Avatar at the very young age of four, performing her knowledge of Fire, Earth, and her native waterbending in front of the Order of the White Lotus. Over the next thirteen years, she had mastered waterbending, earthbending, and firebending, as well as taming a polar bear dog she has come to call "Naga". In 170 AG, Korra made the decision to sneak away and travel to Republic City. Since then, she has dealt with a number of foes, including Amon and the Equalists, her own uncle, Unalaq, a waterbending master himself, the spirit of darkness, Vaatu, Zaheer and the Red Lotus, and also Kuvira and her Earth Empire, all of whom were formidable foes.

Weapons and Armour

Again, Korra was a master of Water, Earth, and Firebending by the age of 17. Although she struggled with Airbending, once she fully connected with her spiritual side, she was quite proficient at it. To put it plainly, Korra was more than talented with the physical side of bending. Korra was also the first metalbending Avatar, having being taught by Suyin Beifong. Although it was not real armour, Korra wore a metal armband on her upper left arm.


Avatar Korra waterbending

Korra in the Avatar State.

As stated, Korra was a powerful bender, capable of devastating attacks. Although her use of airbending was quite straightforward, it was still something to fear. Another thing to mention was Korra's Avatar State, which was easily accessible to her, and her knowledge of metalbending, being the first Avatar in history to learn the art. Other than her bending, Korra was in incredible shape. She was agile, tough, and muscular, especially for her age.


No doubt about it, Korra was hotheaded. It honestly didn't take too much to get her mad. This would often make her forget the idea of a plan, and she'd spring on the offensive, also clouding her judgement. As said, she also wasn't an advanced airbender, only ever being seen to use simple air slashes and blasts.


50px-24916335.png Tono555 Sokka during the trial

Hello everyone, it's Tono555 here, and I have the honor of being the judge for this epic battle. I place my opinions on each of the characters.

Wan is a truly fascinating character, living in a time before the Avatar until he became the Avatar himself. A witty and powerful Avatar in his time, Wan quickly became the most powerful man alive when after mastering the four elements, he fused with Raava permanently. While fire may be his native element, he quickly got the hang of all of them and was proficient enough to defeat Vaatu. Not just anybody can do that.

Next we have Kyoshi. She was the Avatar with the biggest feet ever. Not that this matters too much in the outcome, but we know actually very little stuff about her. We do, however, know that she is a ruthless person willing to kill people in order to get what she considers peace. I actually think it's a miracle she was ever chosen by the Avatar Spirit, but you can't complain; she got rid of the infamous tyrant Chin. For 230 years she lived, showing young women how to defend themselves as is shown in the comic "Shells", and taught the Dai Li everything they know.

Roku is a very famous Avatar. Why is that? Because we all know him to be the Avatar who could have stopped the war. Now, I am impartial here, but many consider this to be a factor or major weakness and thus consider Roku not capable of much. However, I will remind all of you that Roku was also extremely powerful in bending and almost took on a volcano.

Moving on. Aang is a very popular Avatar - the one who ended the Hundred Year War, built Republic City along with Fire Lord Zuko, and did many things in his lifetime as we know from looking over the comics. Aang is a very calm person and a typical Air Nomad despite his culture being dead when he was alive. Now, we all know that Aang was a very, very successful Avatar. However, we also know that Air Nomads prefer to run away from conflict instead of facing it head on. It is here where Aang's weakness lies and one that could affect him.

Our last, but definitely not least, Avatar is Korra. Korra started bending fire, air, and her native element water by the time she was four years old. Now, that is impressive. However, it wasn't until she was eighteen that she mastered air and became a fully realized Avatar. This shows that she could be a "jack of all trades, master of none" for a very long time until she finally learns the way to do things. Despite this, Korra has been the most tormented Avatar by the age of twenty by villains. Most Avatars didn't start their training until they were sixteen as was the old custom. In the last book, Korra learned how to release her fear of past villains and became an even stronger person, saving the life of Kuvira, who admitted that "[Korra] had a power that [she] would never be able to reach" 'even without the power of her past lives.


Roku, Wan, Aang, Kyoshi, and Korra stand in a rough circle, eyeing each other and probing for a weak point. Aang's nose twitched. Her tried to hold it in but the twitch only grew stronger. Aang couldn't hold it in. A jet of air erupted from his nose and blew over Roku. Kyoshi stomped the ground, raising large pillars that spiked out to the sides, throwing her opponents in a large scatter pattern.

They all skidded to a halt far from the Tree of Time. All except for Roku, who, having anticipated her move, smashed the rock column. He knocked over the surprised Kyoshi with a powerful crescent of fire. Kyoshi slowly stood back up and parried his air and fire attacks with her golden fans. She smacked the ground and lifted a large rock, which she threw at her attacker.

Roku expertly dodged the two rocks. He pushed his two fists together and unleashed a jet of fire, one that would normally require Sozin's Comet. Kyoshi braced herself and stood in a rooted position. The inferno brushed past her but had little effect on her fire shield. Eventually, the shield collapsed and the fire reached her. Kyoshi opened her eyes and her mouth. Her eyes became a deep blue. The fire ball exploded into every direction. Roku parried it with airbending.

Aang clambered away from a fireball. He rolled from another two. He scurried to the river in an attempt to evade his attacker. He dove to the river bank and pulled a sheet of water over himself to block a flurry of fire balls.

Kyoshi extended her arms and opened a large, gaping crack in the ground. She pushed it open, forcing it to become wider and wider. Roku stepped back as the ground beneath his feet started to crack. He placed his hands together, took a deep breath, opened his eyes and entered the Avatar State. He extended the trail to Kyoshi's feet and created a death pit. As Kyoshi plummeted into the chasm, he stirred up the magma and made it spray on Kyoshi.

Roku heard a thudding on the ground. He turned around and was greeted by a rock which shook hands with his face. Roku collapsed backwards into the fissure. His assailant stared at the falling corpse and shut the fissure, crushing his foe.

Aang's shield became a water whip that struck him numerous times. He stood on his hands and kicked Korra with his legs together, knocking her over. He stood up and dodged her attacks in a swirled manner, just like his native air. Aang followed the path of least resistance. He encased himself in rock armour and absorbed her combined elemental strikes. He grabbed hold of her right arm and crushed it, drawing blood.

Korra winced. She punched Aang in the head, chipping off his helmet. She struck Aang's arm and broke both the rock and bone. She ripped her arm out of his grip and threw him down. She placed a foot on his chest and tied up his arms and legs in a metal coil. Aang tried to wriggle free, but his efforts were to no avail. With her one good arm, she encased his head in ice and left him to his fate.

Korra squatted and drew a small stream of water from the river and swirled it in her hand until it glowed. She placed it on her wound and gasped with relief when the blood stopped flowing, her skin healed over, and she felt her bones pop back together. She stood up and straightened her legs. She noticed that Wan was very close to her. He threw many streams of fire at Korra, followed by air, water, and rocks. She either redirected them to him, blocked them, or evaded them.

Korra extended her metal coil and snagged Wan by the leg. He kicked a ball of fire at Korra but missed hopelessly. Wan took water from the river and turned it into an ice blade, which he used to slice the wire. The two stood in a fighting stance and probed each other for weaknesses with fire strikes. Korra created a large ice blade and brandished it as a knife.

Wan lunged at Korra and pierced her shoulder with a blade of fire. Korra threw him off and stabbed him in the chest, shattering her ice blade. With her left hand, she shredded his stomach repeatedly. His blood spurted out like a torrent of steam. Wan fell to his knees and collapsed to the ground shortly after that.

The winner is Avatar Korra.


Who do you think should have won?

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