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Colette Yamamoto
Biographical information
Birth place

The Republic



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Silver pistol

Bending style(s)



Mother (deceased), Tariq (father)


Fenn, Tariq, Leroux



Chronological and political information

Chairman Apprentice

First appearance

Chapter 2: Otto

Colette is a secondary protagonist of Gods of War. She is the daughter of Tariq, the chairman of Beyond, and is training in his footsteps to one day become a business tycoon too.


Early Life

Colette's mother died when she was a young child. She suffered a terminal illness but one night while Colette visited she saw a demon take her mother's life.

Her life then on is still relatively unknown but it can be assumed that she went to a good school, had a luxurious life and then went on to work for her father.

Meeting Fenn

After hearing of a boy single-handedly taking down a demon Colette met with Fenn in prison and hired him as a Clandestine for Beyond.

From here their relationship blossomed, with her father Tariq (Beyond chairman), allowing the two to take an expedition to the Green. On this expedition Fenn revealed his curse to Colette and told her of an outer-body experience he had - much to her skepticism.

When another demon was defeated in the Republic, and Tariq awarded President for killing the "last" demon, Fenn started to secretly research them, knowing there were still more in the world. This put a strain on Colette's relationship with the firebender, and to help she got him counseling session. As their relationship healed Colette was nearly assassinated.

Days later, after Fenn returned home from snooping, he and Colette had an argument, as she had discovered drugs in his drawer. Fenn revealed that he still believed demons were alive and the two later separated.


Colette is a very elegant young woman and very influential; often meeting with important clients to discuss business propositions. She is a very focused person, especially when it comes to her work, causing her to be stubborn when accepting new ideas.

She is loyal, particularly to her father, and values honesty. On her down time she can be very relaxed and open, often having fun and laughing when she is with Fenn.


Entrepreneurial skills

It can be assumed the Colette is a highly trained entrepreneur. She plays a large part in Beyond's affairs and in her father's presidential campaign too. She is a good leader, able to take an expedition to the Green without any difficulties.


Colette owns an expensive, handcrafted silver pistol. She has demonstrated a developed prowess with it against savages in the Green but otherwise she barely fights, having the Clandestine soldiers fight for her.


  • Like all protagonists in the fanon Colette is given a surname. The surname Yamamoto is common among wealthy families in Japan, leading to its use in the fanon.

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