Cold Snap is the sixth chapter of MightyBrit's fanon, Child of Destiny.

Cold Snap
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Sokka and Suki's House

Sokka was moving at an incredible pace dashing around his house. He threw various pieces of clothing, some food and other basic supplies into a large bag that he threw over his shoulder.

"Sokka! Sokka!" yelled Suki, increasingly loudly until her husband paid attention.

"Look, I'm sorry Suki, but I have to go," he said back frantically, checking his sword and boomerang. "I know this is a little awkward and everything, but if Yue needs my help, I have to do it."

"I know," said Suki, grabbing his arms to calm him down and stop him from fidgeting. "What annoys me is the fact that you think you're going without me!"

Sokka was stunned. "But, I thought you'd be all upset because..."

"You may have loved Yue once upon a time, but I'm your wife, so do not think you are trekking all the way across the world without me!"

"But, the girls..."

"They can manage."

"But, what if...?"

"Ty can handle anything that comes up, so there's no need to worry."

Sokka smiled. "Thanks for understanding."

"Anytime," Suki answered. "But when you do talk to her, remember who you're married to."

Sokka laughed. "Okay. I promise. Are you ready to go?"

"Let me talk to Ty for a minute and I'll be there. Go prep the ship."

Sokka nodded and ran off, leaving Suki in their home. He ran out of the front door, through his garden and towards the rear of the island. On the very edge of Kyoshi Island, next to the sheer cliff face that dropped into the ocean stood a small little house. There were boxes of equipment and tools inside as well as a hole with a ladder leading downward. Sokka ran inside and looked down the hole; the ladder down the cliff was all still intact and at the bottom of it floated a fully operational Fire Nation ship.

"There's my girl," he muttered to himself.

In the Living Room

"Jeez, kid! I bring ya all the way 'ere and all ya do when ya get here is mess up my chances of gettin' a master!" yelled Wuoyan, pacing around Suki's living room.

Liang sat on the sofa. "I'm sorry, Wu, but I promised I'd deliver that message."

"Don't call me Wu! My mother calls me Wu!"

"Look, I'm sorry Wuoyan, okay? I had to do it. It was important."

"What? To deliver a message from the blimmin' moon! Yer crazy!"

"I'm not crazy! She asked me to come here..."

"Oh? The moon's a girl now?"

Suki came into the room. She was in a dark green traveling robes with a host of weaponry tied to her belt, including a sword and her war fans. "Yes, she is," she said to Wuoyan, who had an incredulous look on his face. "I've never met her, but she and Sokka were very close before she became the moon spirit. You said she asked to meet him where they first met, so we're going to the North Pole."

"I guess I'm not gettin' trained," said Wuoyan, hanging his head.

"Of course you are, you're coming with us. Training happens en route. Get your stuff and let's go," Suki said, turning on her heels.

Wuoyan checked his knives as he and Liang followed after her to the small boathouse on the cliff's edge. When they arrived, Suki showed them the ladder and quickly motioned Liang down it. The Earth Kingdom boy gulped as he started to shuffle slowly down the ladder, one rung at a time.

"That's a Fire Nation navy ship," said Wuoyan. "Why do you 'ave one?"

"We liberated it during the War. Sokka and I use it to go visit our friends across the world without having the deal with the Unagi."

"Fair 'nough, I 'spose," muttered Wuoyan as Liang reached the bottom of the ladder and he started to descend, considerably faster than Liang did.

Liang stepped onto the metal deck of the ship. Sokka stepped out of the cabin of the ship; he was now garbed in full Water Tribe armor, except the helmet. Liang thought he looked every inch the swordsmaster that Wuoyan had been searching for. "You ready to go, Liang?" he asked.

"Yes, sir. Whenever you are."

"Good... Listen, thank you for delivering that message."

"I'm just glad she was real. I was beginning to think I was going mad."

Sokka laughed and clapped him on the back. "Not yet. Though I'll do my best."

Wuoyan hit the deck from descending the ladder. "I've never bin to the North Pole. I'm kinda excited."

His new master was serious in tone despite the smile on his face. "Don't think the journey will be easy, Wuoyan, you've got a lot of training to do on the way."

"You got it, boss."

Suki slid down the ladder on the edges without touching a single rung, and landed gracefully on the deck. "There's no time to waste. Let's go."

Onboard a Ship in the Northern Sea

Captain Hydros grasped the wheel and span it to the left energetically. The sail above him went taut and quivered as the wind caught it and the whole boat began to shift under his command. He smiled broadly as the sea air rushed against his long black hair and black sideburns.

"Captain!" yelled his first mate as he rushed towards him. "We're heading towards a large current; it'll no doubt push us off course!"

"Don't worry," said Hydros, still smiling. "You're forgetting we have a full moon for the next three days. I should be able to bend us through it, though just in case, get the other waterbenders on board ready to go."

"Yes, sir!" said the first mate, before heading to retreat back below deck, but Hydros stopped him. "How's our guest?"

"Seasick, sir."

Hydros laughed. "Typical. No one from Fire Nation stock will ever have sea legs. Take the wheel, I'd like to talk to him."

His first mate took the wheel obediently and Hydros went below deck. In the cabin area, in one of the hammocks set aside, lay a young man in official red Fire Nation robes, but his face was as green as an Earth Kingdom uniform.

"You all right, Dre?" said Hydros sharply.

"Yeah, sorry Captain," said the young man.

"We'll have you home soon. Bet you're sick of the cold back North, huh?"

Dre's face went dark. "There's nothing for me at home anymore. I'm just going back to bury my sister, then it's back North to do my job."

Hydros nodded approvingly. "I can respect that, and if the word of a lowly ship captain means anything to you – you make a damn good ambassador."

Dre smiled briefly, but immediately stopped and leaned over the bucket he had near his bed. Hydros laughed. "I'll leave you to it then."

Dre mumbled something that sounded like 'OK' in between his retches and Hydros retreated back to the upper deck.

"Captain!" yelled a crewmember running up to him. "We were just coming to get you. We just got a messenger hawk from Ba Sing Se."

"Let's see it," said Hydros and the crewmember thrust the paper into his hand. Hydros scanned it down and his eyes widened as he read the instructions on it. He looked back to the crewmember. "Tell everyone on board. We have been given explicit instructions to sink any Fire Nation ship not heading directly towards the Fire Nation. We're to assume they are the hostile group respinsible for the bomb that destroyed Dre's house and killed his sister. I want lookouts on every side of the ship at all times. We see such a ship; we sink it."

"Without any warning, sir?"

"No. What's the matter, sailor? You scared?"

"I remember the war, sir. I don't want there to be another one."

"There won't be a war. These instructions come from the Fire Lord himself. Now, go! Spread the word! Establish the lookouts! Go!"

The Deck of Sokka and Suki's Ship

Wuoyan was bent over with his hands on his knees and panting like a dog. His knives were still in their scabbards. Sokka stood on the deck as well about twenty feet in front of him looking perfectly fine and without a single bead of sweat on his forehead. In between was thin piece of piping that was suspended about two feet in the air by two steel stands that it was bolted to on either end.

"I thought..." panted Wuoyan in between long, deep breaths, " were goin' to be teachin' me 'ow to fight, not to walk a friggin' tightrope!"

Sokka's voice was calm. "Balance is key to a swordfight. You lose your balance and you've lost the fight. So, walk across the pipe, without falling off this time!"

"But you're blimmin' wife is goin' fast over the biggest waves around! The boat's rockin' like crazy!"

"I know she's rocking the boat, I told her to! Now walk the pipe, Wu!"

"Don't call me Wu! My mother – " Wuoyan yelled, but Sokka interrupted.

"Calls you Wu, I know. Walk the pipe!"

Wuoyan growled in frustration, but jumped onto the pipe and began to carefully walk across the thin pipe. It was less than two inches wide and Wuoyan progressed slowly and steadily. The whole boat rocked and Wuoyan shook wildly on the pipe and almost lost his footing, but he recovered and finally made it to the end.

"Yes!" roared Wuoyan, thrusting his fists in the air.

"Well done, seventh time lucky," said Sokka. "Do it again."

Wuoyan walked the pipe again, a little faster this time. Again, when he reached the end, Sokka told him to do a third time, and then a fourth. He got faster and faster every time he did it. But, on his fifth walk across the pipe, Sokka suddenly slashed at him with his sword. Wuoyan barely dodged it and jumped off the pipe, ready to dodge another blow and reached for his knives.

"No!" yelled Sokka. "Stay on the pipe! And keep your knives away!"

Wuoyan growled but jumped back onto the pipe and began to dodge Sokka's sword strikes deftly, all while trying to retain his balance. He slipped off a couple times, but Sokka's black sword never touched him.

As suddenly as he began, Sokka slipped his sword back into its scabbard. "Well done. Go take a break," he said and his newest student smiled to himself proudly and went to grab something to eat.

Sokka smiled as Wuoyan left, but his face turned dark as soon as the boy was out of eyesight and he looked towards Suki as she steered the ship.

"Sails on the horizon, Sokka. Looks like Northern Water Tribe," she said, staring straight at it with a worried look on her face.

"Why are you worried? We're on good terms with Arnook."

"Because they just changed course. They're coming straight for us."

Captain Hydros' Boat

Captain Hydros was barking orders to his crewmen. His first mate was on the wheel and he was quickly walking to the very front of the ship. "Benders! With me! Warriors down under! They may be after the ambassador and I want him safe!"

The Fire Nation ship wasn't changing course and was coming closer; a pillar of steam heralded its path. Hydros stood on the very bow and yelled out to his men: "Alright, everyone! You've all received your orders – we will sink this ship for the ongoing peace of our world! I know some of you are scared that all we're doing is starting another war, but we're not! We are preservers of the peace! The last defense between the so-called Cult of Sozin and our beloved North Pole! So we sink that ship! You hear me? We sink that ship!" He punched his fist in the air for the last word and his crew cheered and punched the air with him.

Hydros turned on his heels and looked at the enemy ship darkly; his long hair whipped past his shoulders. "You know the drill, benders! Attack!"

Then, he leaped forward and brought his arms up into the air. Four men behind him did the same thing and five long pillars of ice erupted from the water and shot towards the enemy ship.

Back on Sokka and Suki's Vessel

The pillars of ice broke off into dozens of pointed icicles that flew towards Sokka's ship. "Waterbenders!" he yelled, ducking low to avoid the shards of ice.

"Why are they attacking us?" screamed Suki, who avoided the big chunks of ice behind the ship's wheel.

"Because we stole all their cheesecake!" Sokka yelled back sarcastically and his wife rolled her eyes in response.

Wuoyan and Liang burst out of the below deck area. "What the 'eck is goin' on?" cried the older boy.

"Get down boys!" shouted Suki. Wuoyan dived to avoid the flying icicles and dragged Liang down with him. They hit the deck hard.

Wuoyan growled and stood up quickly, drawing his knives. He snatched a large of ice out of air and poured heat into it. It melted in his fist. He smiled broadly at Liang as the younger boy looked up at him. Dozens of icicles shot over the deck and most melted into water and clouds of steam as they hit the waves of heat that came off Wuoyan as he practiced his unique form of firebending. But, a big chunk of ice flew quickly and got past Wuoyan's wall of heat hitting him squarely in the side of the face. The boy was knocked unconscious instantly and fell motionless to the metal deck. Liang ran over to him and shook his shoulders trying to wake him up.

Sokka drew his sword and jumped onto the edge of the ship. The icicles flew at him, but he dispatched all of them with quick and accurate slices of his blade.

"Stop! We're Water Tribe!" he yelled as loud as he could. "Listen to me! We're Water Tribe! Stop!"

The other ship was getting closer and closer now. Sokka could see the figures on its bow, dressed in dark blue and making the waterbending motions he'd seen his sister make so many times. They must have seen him too as mist began to rise from the ocean, covering the Fire Nation ship in a murky cloud and obscuring Sokka's vision. Then, a huge pillar of swirling water erupted from the ocean and hit Sokka hard sending him flying across the deck and over the side of the ship, shouting as he went. Suki saw him get hit and flipped out from behind the wheel and grabbed his hand as he went over the side to stop him from plunging into the ocean below.

"Hold on!" she shouted.

"Sounds like a good idea!" her husband shouted back to her as he hung helplessly over the edge of the boat.

Liang looked up. The mist was hanging low over the ship; he could barely see ten feet in front of him. Wuoyan was unconscious and he'd just seen Sokka get hit by a gush of water and disappear into the mist. He could feel his hands shaking; he'd never been this scared in his entire life. He stayed low even though the flying icicles had stopped coming and he crawled slowly towards the bow of the ship. The metal deck was cold beneath his fingers, freezing cold. Then, ten feet in front of him, he saw thin tendrils of ice creeping closer to him. As they crept forward, the cold froze the metal of the deck and the whole ship creaked as the frost came straight for Liang.

The young Earth Kingdom boy's eyes widened. The frost was coming for him. The words of his old boss back in Ba Sing Se rang in his ears. "The frost will come, young one, and when it does, look it dead in the eye," he heard Iroh say in his mind. Liang shook his hand and called himself crazy, but then he saw the ice creep around Wuoyan's body and he steeled himself.

"You can do this," he muttered to himself. "C'mon, Liang... Three... two... one... Go!" he yelled to egg himself on, and then he jumped to his feet and ran to the bow of the ship, shouting in fear as he went. Although Liang didn't notice, the frost retreated from where his feet fell and as he shouted, the mist eased and it became easier to see.

He stood on the bow and looked out into the ocean, the other ship was close now, Liang could see the faces of the men that were attacking them. The one in the middle looked right at him. Through the weakening mist, a man with long black hair and sideburns looked at him and Liang looked back. They held eye contact for a second, but then the man with sideburns bared his teeth and punched the air in front of him with his fist. Water spiraled out of the ocean, turned to ice and shot towards Liang in one swift and dangerous motion.

Liang screamed, closed his eyes and threw his arms in front of his face, ready for the massive pillar of ice to collide with him. But, it never came. He opened and saw that the ice had split inches in front of his face. The one large pillar of ice had separated into two just where he was standing so that it never even touched him.

He breathed and lowered his arms slowly and as he did, the whole of the ice pillar melted into water. He stared at his own hands and looked around the ship, the frost was retreating away from him, even the water on the deck was skulking away from where he stood. He looked back at the man with the sideburns, whose eyes were as wide as Liang's as they stared at each other.

Writer's Request

As always, please post any reviews, criticism, questions, and/or comments to the talk page. If you read this, please write something there, so I know how I'm doing and how the story is progresses. Also, if anyone can think of any way the pages I've made for the story can be improved, please let me know on the talk page. I would like to try and nominate this story for featured fanon when I finish book one, so any help or suggestions you have that will help me get there would be a massive help! Thanks for reading!

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