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Cold-Blooded Revenge
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It was morning on Ember Island. Team Avatar was on the beach relaxing and having fun except Zuko. Mai saw this and approached the Fire Lord. "Zuko, what is wrong?" She asked. "Why aren't you having any fun?"

"We should be tracking down Jun, not sitting around and doing nothing," Zuko replied.

"We already talked about it. We will leave tomorrow," Mai said.

Zuko said nothing for a moment. "Fine," he responded, irritated. He went back to the beach house without saying another word.

"He should really lighten up," Sokka commented.

Night had fallen on Ember Island and most of Team Avatar was asleep. The full moon shined down on the beach. It was then that the old woman decided to make her move. She slowly crept up the pathway that led to Zuko's beach house. The woman opened the door and proceeded into the house. She searched every room and finally found who she was looking for. Aang slept unaware of what was about to happen. Before the woman could do The Avatar any harm, she was Earthbent into the wall by Toph. Hearing the commotion, everyone else rushed into Aang's room and Aang himself was awake now. Everyone stared in terror at who the intruder was. "Hama!" Katara shouted.

"Isn't it your bedtime, children?" Hama sarcastically remarked, not noticing Iroh.

"How did you find us?" Sokka questioned.

"I guess you could say I am very resourceful," Hama replied.

"Who is she?" Zuko asked. Suki, Mai, and Iroh were clueless as well.

"She is an insane Waterbender we met back in one of the Fire Nation villages we visited before The Invasion," Toph answered.

"How did you escape?!" Katara questioned.

"The same way as before," Hama answered.

"So, what is the big deal?" Suki asked. "This should be an easy fight."

"You don't understand. She is also a Bloodbender."

"What is a Bloodbender?" Iroh inquired.

"Here, I will show you!" Hama said, now noticing the old man. She quickly had Iroh under her power.

"Release my uncle immediately, you witch!" Zuko yelled.

"Now, now, Fire Lord Zuko, you should not yell at your subjects like that. It will make them hate you even more!" Hama smirked. She quickly forced Iroh to lash out at Zuko who anticipated the attack and dodged it. Katara quickly tried to stop Hama but was swept away by a huge blast of water from the lunatic, knocking her unconscious. Aang was now furious.

Hama let out a maniacal laugh. "She was the only one who was powerful enough to stop me and now no one can help you!" She said.

"Oh, really?" Aang said. He blasted Hama through the wall with a gust of air. The maniac screamed as she flew down to the beach. She looked in horror at Aang as he and his friends ran down after her. "I- I did not know you were the Avatar!" Hama said, stunned.

"You are going to pay for your crimes, Hama," Aang said. He quickly blasted her to the ground with Airbending and bound her hands with Earthbending. "I will go find the authorities," Iroh decided. He then ran off to find help. Hama sat, confined for a few moments after Iroh left. "Do you really think that can stop me?" Hama rhetorically asked. Everyone stood over Hama not knowing what to expect. The veins in Hama's arms began to bulge and after a few moments of concentration, Waterbent her way out of her captivity. Team Avatar stood, stunned that the woman was able to break free so easily. They prepared to attack her but Hama was too quick. Within seconds, an enormous wave splashed them all and hurled them towards the beach house. Aang created a ball of air and managed to catch everyone else inside it and land safely on the ground.

"How are we going to beat her?" Sokka asked. "As long as the full moon is here she is unstoppable."

"She is not the only Waterbender here," Aang reminded him. He quickly created a large water drill and sent it flying towards Hama.

The Bloodbender retaliated by creating a water pinwheel and blocking Aang's attack. She then took control of Suki and Zuko. "Nothing is going to stop me from getting my revenge on you children!" Hama spat.

"If it is just the four of us you want then leave the others alone," Aang demanded.

"Oh, I don't think so. Any friend of yours is an enemy of mine!" Hama declared. Hama released her grip on Zuko and took control of Sokka. Helpless to stop her, Aang and the others watched in horror as Sokka unwillingly unsheathed his blade and began to move towards Suki. Aang ran towards Sokka to try and stop him but realized he was not going to be quick enough. Suki, still unable to move in Hama's grasp began to tear up but then suddenly, Sokka stopped. Everyone saw Katara had regained consciousness and had released Hama's grip on her friends. Suki ran over to Sokka and he held her tight. "This ends now, Hama!" Katara shouted. She shot multiple water whips at her opponent, knocking her off balance. Katara then water spouted herself over to Hama and was able to subdue her with Bloodbending. "Aang, come over here. You know what you need to do." Katara ordered.

Aang proceeded over to Hama, still in Katara's grip. Aang touched her forehead and glowed blue. Hama then glowed a lighter blue. Everything was then colored with Aang and Hama's life energy. Within moments, everything returned to normal. Hama lay down on the ground, weakened. She attempted to bend at Katara but was unable to. Bewildered, Hama looked at Aang. "What did you do to me?" She asked with shakiness in her voice.

"I took your bending away," Aang simply replied.

Hama was speechless. Iroh then came running up to them with the authorities by his side. "Do not worry," One of them said. "She will be imprisoned in a secluded location with no moon in sight." Hama was led away by the authorities.

"Come on, I think we should leave, now," Aang suggested.

"Good idea," Zuko seconded. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

It was dark in the Eastern Air Temple but the assassin could see. He spotted his sleeping target and prepared to strike him. As he readied a fire blast, the assassin found himself burned by a streak of blue fire. Azula looked at her dead victim with a sense of satisfaction. The noise of the blast had awoken the man's target. "What is going on here?!" Jun demanded, annoyed.

"I just killed an assassin, Master Jun!" Azula proudly exclaimed.

Jun took a look at the man's armor and immediately recognized it. "He is wearing Rebel armor," Jun stated.

"Does that mean they have tracked us here?" Azula questioned.

"Either that or we have been ratted out," Jun answered.

Hong Wu was watching everything from a distance and was disappointed to see the assassin's failure. He leapt away; making sure no one saw him.

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