By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Cobalion is the leading member of his group and member of the Spirit council. He represents the grand justice of his group, often giving out orders to his two comrades and helping out with the problems.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

Cobalion first appears here at the South Pole in the first chapter. When Team Avatar showed up he, Terrakion and Virizion made them go into the Altonian portal.

Colossi Arc

He appears much later after the encounter with Raviente. He managed to convince the groups to go with them back to Xerneas and guides them to the spirit council. When they do get there he tries convincing Toube to go but Toube convinced him and the spirit council for him to stay.

When they finally got there and after convincing Yveltal, he got Toph's meteor bracelet and used it to determine which Colossi shell be fighting, making her the first to find out.

Avatar: New Universe III

He finally appears much later with his friends, including the new member Marage, to award Team Avatar and Teen Titans for their work they've done for them. After explaining it for a bit, he invites them back home and they go.

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