By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Spirit Library


174 AG

Physical description

82 feet

Hair color


Eye color

Cyan blue

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Ep.3: Black Feathers, Old Fangs

Clivuuk is a multi-headed Voronon that survived the cataclysm many years ago, apart of the few Voronon that had been put in suspended animation. It resembles the appearance of a serpentine Hydra.


Clivuuk was a part of the many Voronon created to protect the Shadow Nation from harm. However, as the many Voronon were destroyed, it was put in suspended animation within Wan Shi Tong's Library to save it from being destroyed. For many years, it had remained within the darkest part of the library until Team Avatar arrived at the library. Clivuuk became aggressive when it heard Asami screaming, attacking the team to protect her. Clivuuk continued fighting the team, managing to capture everyone except for Asami, until Asami Sato fell off the library bridge, driving Clivuuk to forget the pothers and save her from her suicide. However, while it did save her, Clivuuk lost her to Wan Shi Tong, and fell to its death within the library.



Clivuuk has enough strength to hold its entire body with just one of its heads, as shown when it tried to save Asami from her suicide attempt.


  • Clivuuk is the only Voronon in the Spirit World.

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