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Claw was born in the Fire Nation. When he was still a small dragon, his mother taught him well to defend himself. He soon got to the outside and explore the world until he landed in the South Pole and meet Mario when the Avatar was 18.


Early Life

Long ago, a female dragon gave birth to a calf and named him Claw. When the little dragon had grown older, he began his journey outside the herd; which ended onto an accident where Claw fell to the South Pole. The dragon met a human that later, confirmed himself as the Avatar, Avatar Mario. Avatar Mario confirmed that Claw will be a Water Tribe citizen but still a Fire Nation citizen. Claw stood against the cold and his owner brought him some foods for him.

Historical Fall War

Claw was really trained well by his mother and owner and could hunt himself for food. When Avatar Mario returned, he was ready for the Northern Water Tribe's attack. He firebends all of the attacker. He defend his owner and the South Pole.

Almost Death

Xu Bei, the leader of the attack almost slaughtered all of the citizen and have a plan to make the extinction of Southern Waterbending style. Avatar Mario was almost defeated at that time and he almost reached his death because of him. Attacked by Xu Bei, Claw covered his owner. Xu Bei attacked his face using a giant sharp ice needle causing him to reach his death too. But, Avatar Mario went into the Avatar State and he protected Claw and healed him and Mario attacked Xu Bei and stopped the attack and Claw was saved with the other citizens and no one is dead.


As a dragon, Claw could attack his enemy with fire. He could survive in any weather. He is very good at defending himself and his friends because Avatar's Mario tutelage.


  • When Mario and Claw met, Mario named him as Fang because the color of his skin. But, he changed it into Claw because of his sharp claws.
  • Claw was as brave as Fang, the Avatar Roku's companion.
  • Claw is the first Avatar companion to be own from other nation. Mario is from the Water Tribe while Claw was from the Fire Nation.
Preceded by
Avatar's Animal Companion
2019 AG - Present
Succeeded by
Incumbent, successor to be born in Earth Kingdom

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