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The first part of the non-canon, satirical fanon comedy crossover Clash of Worlds 3 was written by Better World author SuperFlash101. Clash of Worlds 3 involves a crossover with the stories Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Guardian, The Last Energybender, Wanted, Past, Present, and Future, and Child of Destiny. The chapter introduces the crossover's plotline and setting.

Clash of Worlds 3 was deemed a definite third part of the popular Clash of Worlds series on Avatar Wiki's Fanon portal. Unlike the previous year, two new stories—Past, Present, and Future and Child of Destiny—which had been created after the first two Clash of Worlds were released, were added to the crossover.

The chapter, tentatively titled "Part 1: Better World", was written by Flash in the course of one night on August 9th, 2010, the day of its release. It's length originally worried Flash, but he eventually decided it was necessary; he also decided to include more characters from different stories, after some complaints about him using few characters in his Clash of Worlds 2 chapter.

"Part 1: Better World", rated 14-DLV by Flash for suggestive dialogue, strong profanity, and violence, received overwhelmingly positive reviews, being applauded for its humorous dialogue and situations, and constant references to pop culture. One review went so far as to call it "one of the most hilarious things [they] ever read."


(Images to be added eventually. My computer is being an a-hole and not displaying any images from Wikia, so yah...)

Spirit World

That's it. I'm not even gonna say it. I'm not. Seriously. Yeah, all three of these things have started in the Spirit World. Is it because I can't think of a better way to open it? F*ck yes. Stop complaining. Dammit, I said it. Crap. Whatever. Moving on...

So in this muggy, pulping pile of muggy pulp, it's perhaps most infamous resident—if only for his sheer stupidity—Lee Koisho raced down the swampy waters, panting heavily, a look of absolute horror stamped all over his ugly face.

"Watch it, Flash!"

Whatever...As he raced, ghostly sweat escaping from his face—I don't get it either—he picked up speed, spotting the back of the person he was running to: Nero. He was standing, getting ready to unzip his pants and go take a piss in the swamp, when Lee launched himself at him and tackled him to the ground.

"Rape! Rape! Rape!!" Nero shouted immediately.

"I'm not raping you, dude!" Lee protested. "Do you-do you even know what rape is?"

"Yeah, it's-it's-it's, uh...Ya know, I've played f*cking Halo so many times, 'rape' might as well be CaptainYourMom86 hitting me with a gravity hammer!"

"Wait, CaptainYourMom86? That's me!"

"Oh, no way, really? Dude, like, f*ck you then, Senor Douchebag. I-I was, like, 15 hours into that, man! And we were in co-op, man, we were like on the same Goddamn team, dude!"

"Yeah, I know, I turn into a major asshat when I play Halo, hehe."

"Wait, we've sidetracked—why the hell did you just tackle me?!"

"What...Oh, oh right, I just tackled you, duh. But, yeah: Nero, you have to see what's on my laptop!!"

"Jesus, Lee, I told you, I don't wanna watch lesbian porn with you—"

"No-no, it's not that this time! Just, come on, you have to see it..."

Lee and Nero walked back to the dry land next to a large tree, where Lee found out he got Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi in the Spirit World—who knew? Lee opened up his laptop, and Nero immediately commented on his disgust of his choice of screensavers.

"Oh, dude, Twilight, really?"

"Team Jacob, motherf*cker," Lee said, striking up two rock-and-roll gestures. "But that's not why I pulled this up: look what I illegally Torrented!"

And then the horror was unleashed: for the file Lee pulled from his desktop folder was entitled, "The_Last_Airbender_10". Oh snap!

"Wait, The Last Airbender? Like, the movie?"

"Yeah, the movie!!"

"I never got to see that, was it-was it good...?"

"See for yourself, Nero, see for youself..."

1 hour and 43 minutes later...

Nero and Lee had never looked worse. Their skin was white as snow, and blood dripped from their eyes. They sat there, staring at the computer screen, not blinking...


"Yeah, Nero...?"

"You-you remember earlier when we were, uh, when we were talking about what rape was...?"


"I, um...I think that was it. I think that freaking movie...just f*cking raped me."

"Me, too, Nero...Me too..."

Suddenly, Nero punched Lee straight across his face.

"Oh! Dammit, Nero, what was that fo—"

"You made me watch this freaking movie! You technically raped me!!"

"Whoa, whoa, now we're just-we're-we're just throwing the word around..." Lee rubbed the blood dripping from his nose and picked himself up. "But I had to show you that, Nero. This is just the last straw—M. Night Shymalan's officially crossed the line! It was bad enough that he soiled Zooey Deschanel's career when he put her in The Happening..."

"Mm, Zooey Deschanel...I'd hitchhike her galaxy any day, hehe..."

"Yeah, she's someone I'd spend 500 days of summer bed. Hey-ooh!"

"I sure wouldn't have a failure to launch if I was with her!"

"Oooh~! Ah, that was, that-that was fun, th-that was real fun...Anyways, back to the point! M. Night can't be allowed to soil any more brilliant shows, without which, I WOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE!"

"Wait, Lee, are're not saying that we—"

"It's exactly what I'm saying, Nero: We're gonna kill M. Night Shymalan!"

"Wow...that would really be what he deserved. I mean, have you seen Lady in the Water? More like Turd in the Water! It's-it's crazy. I mean, we don't even know where he lives. Not to mention he's real, and we're friggin' fictional characters from fan fics!"

"That's why it wouldn't just be us—it would be all the villains in the Avatar Fanon universe!"

"Again? Lee, in case you forgot, that hasn't worked out that well in the first two parts of this trilogy..."

"Yeah, but this time we'll be organized! We'll plan our attacks, plot our assaults, and gather everyone together in a type of Villains Convention!"

"I never thought I would say this Lee, but, might have good idea there. But-but where would we have the convention?"

"Oh, uh, I know this motel on 25th street, and I-I-I know what you're saying, you hear 'motel' and automatically you think, uh, 'Ew, motels: nasty, roaches, syphilis...' But-but it's barely like that here, ya know, y-y-y-b-barely, barely. Ya know what, it-it's gonna fine, it's gonna be cool, it's gonna be cool. Pound it?"

"Yeah, no."

"'Kay, 'kay..."

But unbeknown to them, behind a nearby tree, Monk Gyatso was listening to their entire conversation. And as if them gathering all the villains together wasn't bad enough, Gyatso knew that the motel on 25th street was right across from Sunshine Bead & Breakfast, where all the heroes were having a retreat! Holy Diablo Ex Machina!

"Those cheeky bastards!" Gyatso exclaimed. "I have to alert the heroes!" But just as he went to dart off to alert the heroes, he tripped on something—or, someone. It was Freddy Krueger—wait, WHAT?!

Yeah, looks like Freddy Krueger was sitting behind the tree as well, his feet outstretched and swinging in the muddy swamp waters.

"Freddy Krueger?! What the hell are you doing here?!"

"Oh, ya know..." Krueger said, swinging his feet in the water some more. "Cameoing..."

"Right...I-I'm gonna go now..." And Gyatso raced off once more.

Freddy waved goodbye. "See y—wait, dammit! I should've killed him! I'm a villain! Frig, frig, friggin' frigger!! Man, ever since the stupid reboot I've-I've just lost my mojo. Ya know what, I-I blame Michael Bay! Seriously, what the f*ck was he doing producing Nightmare on Elm Street! Stupid, explosion-obsessed bastard..."

An hour later, inside the motel on 25th street...

Somehow, Lee and Nero were able to get every fanon villain gathered under the roof of the motel, each of them getting their own room—but Lee didn't exactly consider everyone's, er...personality when he paired everyone, and the results, well, speak for themselves...

For one, Slythrin was paired in a small motel room with, of all people, Tam Mee. And while Tam Mee was overjoyed by the thought of a roommate to go shopping with and other shit, Slythrin was...less pleased.

"OMG, we are gonna have soooooo much fun! Like, first, we're gonna braid each other's hair, and then we're gonna go the opening of this majorly faboo PayLess in the North Plaza, where we gonna buy totes cute matching uggs, and then you and I are gonna see Eat Prey Love starring Julia Roberts, and we're gonna order popcorn, but no butter, because that's fatty and I'm trying to watch my figure, and then—"

"Right, right, could you-could you hold on? Just, uh..." Slythrin hissed, pulling out a Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver from his luggage bag and cocking it. "Just gonna have this on stand-by..." He pressed the revolver up against his own temple, and waved his hand, gesturing for Tam Mee to continue. "Alrighty, carry on now."

And as if that wasn't just hiLARious enough, Lee even paired Lian and Mitsuki! Oh, the hijinks!

"Listen, Lian..." Mitsuki said, unpacking her bag. "This rivalry of our's is just childish now, wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah, you're right," Lian said. "I mean, it really is Nero's place to decide if he wants either of us. And I mean, fighting over a guy? That's just supporting woman's stereotypes right there."

"Exactly. And besides, what's society without equality? Putting differences aside and all that."

"Yep. Then it's a truce."


But then, in unison, they both unzipped their jackets, revealing that Mitsuki was wearing a "Team Jacob" T-shirt with "McCain-Palin '08" and "Pro-Choice" buttons on it, and Lian was wearing a "Team Edward" shirt with "Obama-Biden '08" and "Pro-Life" buttons on it.

"Oh, snap!" They both exclaimed in unison.

Out in the motel lounge, Lee and Nero were walking and talking, Sorkin-style.

"Wow, Lee, I'm impressed," Nero said. "This is actually a pretty okay place. But how'd you get the money to book it all out...?"

"Oh, ya know," Lee said, smirking. "I told them to send the bills to Ashton Kuther's house. Let the Twitter douche deal with it, hehe..."

Meanwhile, in front of Ashton Kutcher's house

Ashton was checking his mail, when all of a sudden, dozens of motel bills poored out from it, each more expensive then the other.

"Goddamit, TheLeeKoisho91!! I knew I shouldn't have put my home address attached to my tweets!!"

Back at the motel

"Alright, everyone, gather around back in the lounge!!" Lee shouted loudly for everyone in the motel to here, and everyone began poring into the lounge. Everyone but Zhao and Choy, that is, who were forced to stay out on the couch in the lounge, and were sitting there right when Lee was calling everyone.

A fish tank was placed in front of the couch, and the two of them were staring at it, fixated.

"I have the strangest urge to punch one of those fish in the face..." Zhao said.

"Want a joint?" Choy offered.

"I doubt that would help my fish thing."

"Didn't say it would."

"Alright, sit down in the foldable chairs that have been placed for you guys," Nero said. Right then, Lian and Mitsuki came tumbling into the room, clawing at each other's hair, trying to stab and burn one another.

"Hey, hey, hey, ladies, break it up!" Nero said, and the two stopped fighting, but still looked irritated.

"We're not fighting over you, Nero," Lian said. "We're fighting over other, more important things."

"Like Twilight?"

"Yeah, but also political views and opinions on abortion!" Mitsuki protested.

"Yes, but also Twilight, the gayness of which immediately cancels out the reasonableness of those other things," Nero said. "If you're gonna fight over something, make it not gay, like me."

"Fine," the girls said in unison.

"But, hey, Twilight's not—" Lee began, but Nero punched him in the gut.

"Shut up, Lee!"

Lee picked himself up, and then walked in front of a projector that was connected to his laptop. "Alright, guys and gals, it's time we announce why we're all gathered here! I'm sure all of you have seen The Last Airbender?"

"No," everyone in the room said in unison.

"Seriously? How?"

"Because, Lee," Slythrin hissed, "the majority of us are actually alive and therefore a bit preoccupied being actual competent villains, doing nefarious schemes."

"Or unintentionally partaking in nefarious schemes," Lee—the, uh, new one, I guess. New Lee? That works. "Still, uh, still pretty pissed about, Slythrin."

Slythrin shrugged. "Eh, ya know. Shit happens."

"Hey, can we hurry this up?" Siwang said. "My luggage is filled with dead hookers, and it's starting to smell up my room."

"Dude..." Lee said, grossed out a bit. "Anyways, fine, I guess I'll have to show it to you guys here. But be prepared—it's...horrifying."

"Ah, come on, it can't be that bad..." Mitros insisted.

1 hour and 43 minutes later...

"It was that bad..." Mitros said, his and everyone else's eyes bleeding.

Lee was rubbing his eyes, trying to make them stop bleeding. "Dammit, why do I keep watching this when I know this is just gonna happen every time?!"

"M. Night Shymalan has to burn profusely for this treachery!!" Slythrin exclaimed.

"Yeah, and preferably in a way that involves dead hookers!" Siwang added.

"Now you all see why M. Night must die!" Lee exclaimed. "But, since I don't actually know where he lives...TO THE PHONE BOOK!!"

They all charged to the phone book, where Lee pulled it out and began hastily flipping through the pages, trying to find M. Night's phone numbers and home address.

"Did you find it yet?!" Afiko yelled impatiently.

"No!! It's all just a bunch of fake Chinese names! I mean, look at this one—'My'. How the f*ck am I supposed to believe that's someone's real name?!"

"Hey, I'm My!" My shouted.

"Yeah, sure you are..." Lee chuckled.

"Well, what are we supposed to do now?" Nero queried.

"Well, there is that Bed & Breakfast right across the street where every Goddamn hero in the fanon universe is staying at," Slythrin noted, irritated that nobody realized this perfect opportunity earlier.

"Oh, that explains that clearly marked sign in the front reading 'Fanon Heroes Convention'," Lee said, hitting his own forehead. "Doy!"

"Well, then I guess we have a new objective: destroy the fanon heroes!!" Nero exclaimed, and everyone cheered wildly.

Sunshine Bed and Breakfast, across the street

Giu was sitting on a couch in the lounge, watching his The OC DVDs on the big screen. He was singing along to the theme song.

"California, here we come, life's not where he started from, Califooooornnniiiaaaaaa—" Giu's admittedly impressive high note was cut short when the image on the screen immediately shifted to Gyatso, transmitting his spirit from the Spirit World. "Ah!! Hey, you're not Sandy Cohen's eyebrows! How'd you get on my TV screen?!"

"Giu, I'm Monk Gyatso," he said.

"Yeah, I know that, but how'd you get on the TV?"

"Random-ass spirit bullshit—does it really matter?"

"Nah; carry on."

"Giu, the heroes are in great danger! As we speak, the villains are gathering and preparing to attack everyone here at the convention!"

"No shit?!"

"Yeah—they were originally gonna kill M. Night Shymalan—"

"—as they should—"

"—but they couldn't find him in the phone book, so they're coming after you and everyone else!"

"Oh, snap! I gotta go tell everyone!" Giu raced down from the lounge and swerved down the hallway, where he spotted Peter, holding a plate and getting ready to enter the breakfast area to eat.

"Ah, yeah—Peter's gonna get himself some kickass flapjacks!!" Peter said, oddly speaking in first person.

"Peter! We have to go right now'—the villains are right across the street and preparing to attack us!"

"Villains?! Attacking us?! Going right now?! Wait, does all that mean Peter can't get no flapjacks?!"

"No, you can't get any f*cking flapjacks!"

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Peter exclaimed, dropping to his knees and screaming to the heavens.

Suddenly, the doors threw open, and someone so clearly just Shaoshang donned with a large mustache, sombrero, and an orange poncho.

"Oh, eh, hola, me amigogantos, er...el taco...?" Shaoshang said, butchering the Spanish people with every syllable.

A few minutes earlier, in the motel

"Alright, this is not gonna work," Shaoshang said, after Lee had placed the last of the Spanish get-up on him.

"You shut your vagina! It totally will!" Lee exclaimed. He handed him an iPhone 4. "Here—we'll communicate with this if you need our help."

"Yeah, that's gonna be quickly..." Shaoshang said, rolling his eyes. "And, wait, don't this iPhone 4 have shitty connection—"

"NO!" Lee shouted. "God, why does everyone keep insisting that?! It's there own fault—just, like, don't hold the left side. It's not that freaking hard! And that's what she said!!"

"Right...This is gonna end horribly..." Shaoshang said, straightening his sombrero. "Whatevs—let's roll!!"

Back at the Bed & Breakfast

"Ahhh!!!" Farsi exclaimed, clutching Diyi in her arms. "It's Shaoshang! He's gonna heart my baby! Ahh!!" As she ran away, though, she immediately bumped her head on the wall, falling back on the ground.

"The villains must have sent a spy!" Giu shouted.

"A spy?" Shaoshang said, continuing his terrible Spanish accent. "Oh, noes, I es a good guy, vwone of you guyzes, yah?"

"Did he just go from Spanish to Russian to f*cking German?!" Peter said, looking aghast. "It's like he's not even trying to be convincing!"

"Somebody tackle the asshole already!!" Giu shouted, and suddenly Genesis and Mian both tackled Shaoshang to the ground, throwing off his mustache.

Shaoshang tried to seek help from the other villains, and began yelling into his iPhone 4. "Guys? GUYS?! Little help here?!!"

Motel lounge

Lee was holding his own iPhone 4, but only got a few sentences from Shaoshang before the connection completely failed. "Shaoshang? Shaoshang?! GAH! MOTHERF*CKING SMARTPHONE!" And he threw the phone on the ground.

"You're not supposed to hold it on the left si—" New Lee began.

"Shut your freaking mouth, you un-creatively named horse's ass!!" Lee shouted back. "Sigh Well, guess we lost Shaoshang."

"Now what?" Slythrin hissed.

"Maybe we can launch a bomb made out of the corpses of prostitutes!" Siwang suggested cheerfully.

"Jesus H. Christ, Siwang, what the hell is up with you and hookers?!" Nero yelled impatiently. Siwang shrugged.

"Well, there's always...MECHA-KOISHO!!" Lee said, pulling out a silver disk that threw on the ground, and it quickly expanded into a massive robot looking exactly like Lee himself. "Look, it farts f*cking fire!!" He pressed a button on a remote, and Mecha-Koisho ripped fire out from his behind area, which immediately burned a man at the front desk.

"AAAHH!! I HAVE THREE KIDS!!" The man said, running around on fire and passing out on a plant.

Lee stared wide-eyed. "...Shit."

"Right, no," Nero said. "I was thinking more like the huge-ass amount of weaponry and equipment I brought for all of us. We can strike at them together as one, armed with the highest of military weaponry."

"Yeah!!" Everyone called out in unison.

Sunshine Bed & Breakfast, Sokka's room

Sokka was banging his head on his bed post. "Angst, angst, angst..." He repeated. Suddenly, everything began to spin, and he drifted into another one of his hallucinations. Blood surrounded him, but right as it overfilled the entire room, it all went away and he standing in a huge boiler room—the one from Nightmare On Elm Street. Wait, WHAT? And, yeah, Freddy Krueger was there, too. Whatever...

"Freddy Krueger?" Sokka shouted, confused. "What are you doing here?!"

"Oh, ya know..." Krueger said, bobbing back and forth a bit. "Double cameoing..."

"," Sokka said, confused once more, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah...Oh, and I'm delivering a message to you, from Monk Gyatso!"

"Gyatso? But he's a good guy."

"Yeah, but he also gave me tickets to Justin Bieber, and I can't say no to that shit, man," Freddy Krueger noted, winking. "Anyways, Gyatso wanted you and the heroes to know that the villains are prepared to launch another attack on you guys in just a few minutes. So, uh...fix that, I guess? Kthx."

Everything went back to normal, and Sokka darted back out to the lounge, telling everybody what Freddy Krueger had told him.

"Freddy Krueger? Really?" Mian said, seriously confused.

"Don't question it, boy!" Giu said, slapping Mian across the face. "We have to strike at them before they strike us! To the crappy motel across the street!"

"Yeah!!" Everyone shouted in unison, flooding out to the doorway. At the doorway, Chen and Kaila bumped into each other.

"Oh, uh, sorry, Kaila..." Chen said, blushing. "G-g-go ahead, you can go first."

"No, no, it's, uh, it's fine..." Kaila said, blushing as well.

"Oh, come on!!" Hai said, annoyed. Incoming douche storm... "I am sick of your Will They Won't They crap! You're no Ross and Rachel, guys. You don't even have any sexual chemistry, and that's a statement I make based completely on the fact that Chen's balls have clearly not dropped!"

"Hey, they totally have, you douchebag!" Chen said, his voice cracking at every other syllable. "Dammit!" His voice cracked there too. "Shut up, Flash!"

Fine, whatever. This chapter's gone on far enough already. Time to hand this baby over to someone else. See ya, suckers! that, of course, I mean...

To be continued...



Clash of Worlds 3 was deemed a definite third part of the popular Clash of Worlds series on Avatar Wiki's Fanon portal. Unlike the previous year, two new stories—Past, Present, and Future and Child of Destiny—which had been created after the first two Clash of Worlds were released, were added to the crossover. All stories deciding to participate in the new Clash were Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Guardian, The Last Energybender, Wanted, Past, Present, and Future, and Child of Destiny, more than any previous Clash.


Flash wrote the chapter over the course of several hours the night of August 9, 2010, which was also the day he released the chapter. Flash was proud of his ability to write the entire thing in one night, but was worried about its length. He felt, however, that all the jokes used were necessary and therefore the length was needed for the chapter's quality, so Flash decided its length was acceptable. The length is actually pointed out by Flash in the end of the chapter.

The chapter features various styles of humor, drawing comedy from elements including profanity, slapstick, pop culture references, visual gags, and dry dialogue. Characters in the chapter also constantly break the fourth wall, and characters sometimes even acknowledge the narration given in written form by Flash. The author decided to include a wide range of characters from all the crossover's stories after receiving some complaints after using few characters in his Clash of Worlds 2 chapter.

Various parodies of Better World and other Clash stories are included in the chapter. Lee's insistence that My's name is fake, as it is uncreative, is a reference to Flash's admitted uncreativeness in actually naming the character, and the "fake Chinese names" in the phonebook gag is a light jab at how several characters in fanon series are fake Chinese-sounding names. Lee calling "New Lee" is a reference to Flash's overusage of characters named "Lee". Siwang's obsession with dead prostitutes is a reference to the character being based on Jack the Ripper, a serial killer who murdered prostitutes. The "Incoming douche storm" that is said before Hai's rant is a reference to Hai's rise in "douchiness" in his story.

Other parts of the chapter are callbacks and jokes about previous Clash series. The opening paragraph is a reference to both Clash stories beginning in the Spirit World, as well as to the justified rant when the Spirit World is used to open the story again in Clash of Worlds 2. Sokka banging his head and saying "Angst" repeatedly is a reference to Aang doing the same in the original Clash of Worlds, itself a reference to the incredibly popular internet puppet series Potter Puppet Pals, as well as Sokka's recent "angsty" behavior in Better World.

Cultural references

Towards the beginning of the chapter, Nero references the video game Halo, particularly referring to Halo gamers' (and video gamers in general's) tendency to use the term "rape" when defeating an enemy in an session on Xbox Live. The Twilight books and movies are oftentimes lampooned throughout the chapter, due to Flash's dislike of the series and it's popularity, including when Lee's screensaver is said to be from the series, his supporting of the "Team Jacob" shipping, and Lian and Mitsuki's shirts displaying "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward".

Lee uses M. Night's decision to "soil [the] career" of actress and singer Zooey Deschanel by casting her in his 2008 movie The Happening. He and Nero proceed to explain their desire to have sex with her through various double entendres which reference her movies The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, (500) Days of Summer, and Failure to Launch. Nero soon after disparages Shymalan's film Lady in the Water by referring to it as Turd in the Water. Gyatso trips on horror villain icon Freddy Krueger in the Spirit World. Krueger soon after vents his hatred over the remake of his film series, Nightmare on Elm Street, and its producer, Michael Bay.

Tam Mee's long rambling about what she and Slythrin will do together names the shoe store chain PayLess, as well as the surprisingly popular yet noted tacky ugg boots and the 2010 film Eat Prey Love, including its star Julia Roberts. Lee and Nero "walk and talk" in the lounge, a technique popularized by television writer Aaron Sorkin, which is referenced in the chapter. Lee has the bills for the motel sent to actor Ashton Kutcher, whose popularity on the online micro-blogging/social networking site Twitter is then parodied. Zhao's urge to punch fish in the face is a reference to the popular meme generated from test greening descriptions of Zhao's murder of the Moon Spirit in The Last Airbender: "[Zhao] punches a fish in the face." Giu watches DVDs of the teen drama series The O.C. and sings along to its theme song, "California". He also refers to the large size of the character Sandy Cohen's eyebrows in the series.

The poor reception quality of the iPhone 4 satirizes the actual issues with the real life iPhone 4's antenna, and the solution of not holding it on its left side is also the solution released via a press release by the product's publisher, Mac. Lee's "Mecha-Koisho" is a parody of the robotic monster movie villain, Mecha-Godzilla. The boiler room from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise appears when Freddy Krueger appears in Sokka's hallucination. Krueger says that Gyatso convinced him to message Sokka by bribing him with tickets to a concert of Candian pop singer Justin Bieber. Hai refers to the characters Ross and Rachel from the sitcom Friends in his rant about Chen and Kaila.


Please review.

The chapter received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Vaznock was very excited about the chapter, writing that it was a "fantastic chapter", with "Very very funny moments from start to finish." Vaz noted that it would prove very challenging for him to top it in his Clash chapter. On IRC, Vaz told Flash that the line about "Chen's balls [having] clearly not dropped" literally made him have a spit take while reading it. MightyBrit echoed Vaz's remark about following it up, and also said simply, "I love it! I friggin' love it!"

The Bos praised the chapter's "constant references to movies" and the conversation between Lee and My during the phone book scene. Twilitlink wrote, "I eagerly look [forward] to the remaining six chapters after reading this." Evatar114 went so far as to declare, "That was one of the most hilarious things I've ever read." She continued, "I can say no more, because I'm about to pass out from not breathing" from laughing so much reading the chapter.

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