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Part 5: A:TLE
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Clash of Worlds 2, Part 5:A:TLE is the fith chapter of the non-canon fanon crossover, Clash of Worlds 2. The story mainly revolves around the wacky, action-filled, and even bizarre interactions between the fanon characters from Kyoshi Revolts, Better World, The Phoenix Chronicles, Guardian, and Wanted. The chapter is written by Twilitlink. The setting will be in multiple locations, across several fanon universes.

The idea of a sequel to Clash of Worlds was a common discussion on IRC. Eventually, SuperFlash101 pitched a blog to the fanon community. The results were that four of the five users (minus Zukofan123) would return to do the sequel, while a new user, The Bos, would participate instead. Soon, Part 1, 2, and 3 were released, and The Bos promptly completed his own part.


Just Outside The Sanctuary (A:TLE)

Genesis and Choy sat next to each other contemplating their next move. Despite the fact that Genesis hates Choy with the passion of "OVER 9000!" suns, and Choy is supposed to capturing Genesis, but I digress.

"Finally we get to actually do something in this series other than make small cameo appearances." Choy said standing up, "I mean come on! It's like the other writers didn't even try to make us part of the story line. Instead they've been focusing on the Wanted guys."

"Well you can't really blame them." Genesis said remaining in his seat. "Our story was put on hold for months and only recently got back on track, leaving the others with very limited resources concerning us. Meanwhile Wanted is in its third book and has very well liked and established characters."

"Yeah I guess you're right there. Stupid Twilitlink, not putting more focus in our story." Choy muttered kicking a small rock.

"Uh Choy maybe it's not a good idea to talk bad about the author." Genesis wisely cautioned.

"What's he gonna do?" Choy asked. "Warp me into a place filled with a bunch of angry Waterbenders who hate Fire..."

At that moment Choy disappeared in a flash of smoke.

Southern Water Tribe (Phoenix Chronicles)

Once Mitros and his new battalion of Firefighters had finished beating the crud out of Chen. They were about to continue their meeting when Choy appeared in a flash of smoke.

"Benders?" Choy was finishing as he appeared. Choy looked around his new environment, noticing all the angry Waterbenders who hated Firebenders. "Crap. Damn you Twilitlink!"

Back Outside the Sanctuary (A:TLE)

"I warned him." Genesis said completely unsympathetic as he started walking. While he walked he failed to notice the cloaked figure approaching him.

Ba Sing Se (Better World)

Lian walked alone through Ba Sing Se, with a hangover to end all hangovers.

"Ugh. Man that's the last time I ever bend and drink at the same time." She groaned as Mitsuki, who was still drunk, stumbled past her while hanging on to Giu's waist.

"Oh hel – hic – lo, peasant." Mitsuki slurred as they passed, "What are ,hic, you doing here?"

"Looking for my pride." Lian muttered too hung over to care about the peasant jab. "What are you doing with him? Aren't you two mortal enemies?"

"Shhh!" Giu whispered, "She's not aware of that at the moment."

At that moment Peter, Lee Koisho and Nero happened to pass by. Peter was continuing his lesson on how to get a crazy psycho to like you.

"And it also helps if you yourself are a bit psycho, otherwise she might kill you for the heck of it."

"I already am psycho." Lee yelled, "Did you forget about our epic battle in the actual story."

"And finally..." before Peter could finish his lesson however a strange cloaked figure swooped out of nowhere and kidnapped him. Nero made a move to rescue Peter while Lee yelled.

"Hey you bastard give me back my instructor of love!"

"Oh well." Nero said coming back to Lee. "Guess it's up to us to fix everything and get you your creepy forbidden love."

"Sweet!" Lee exclaimed. "Together you and I will make a better team than Byakuya and Kenpachi." It was then that Lian and Mitsuki finally noticed Nero. Lian instantly got over her hangover, while Mitsuki's drunkenness also disappeared.

"There you are my lovely." They both said simultaneously. "I've been looking for you."

"Uh oh." Nero whispered before turning to Lee. "I've been looking for an excuse to do this." Nero then grabbed Lee by his neck and with all his might threw Lee as hard and far as he could before sprinting in the same direction.

"Get back here!" Lian yelled while Mitsuki screamed, "You will be mine!"

"Hey Twilit, could you cut to a different scene?" Nero panted as he continued running.

Kein Forest (Kyoshi Revolts)

Kambi stood with the children from Wanted as he prepared his old training field. "All right children how do you take out an assassin?" he asked after placing an effigy of Des in the center.

"Kick him in the balls." Ursa II said bluntly.

"Umm..." Kambi stammered, "I guess that works. Anyone else." Sora raised her hand. "Yes you."

"Tengu always said that the easiest way to take anyone out was to repeatedly stab them with your blade." The young Airbender said.

"That's what she said." Lu Ten burst out laughing causing Kambi to roll his eyes.

"Who's Tengu?" he asked.

"My instructor." Sora said with her eyes shifting behind Kambi. "He's not very happy."

"Why's that?" Kambi asked blissfully unaware of the angry Tengu standing behind him.

"Because my students have apparently replaced me with you." He whispered into Kambi's ear, causing him to flinch and accidentally strike Tengu in the chin. "And because the lack of consistency the recent chapters have had." With this he approached Lu Ten. "Wasn't your arm broken in the main story for Wanted?"

"Yeah but..." Lu Ten began before he was interrupted by Tengu grabbing his arm and snapping it in the middle. "Ahhhhhhh! What the hell was that for you ass?"

"Now we are consistent." Tengu said matter of factly. "Now what are you teaching them?"

"How to fight assassins." Kambi answered slightly intimidated by the cold demeanor of the airbender.

"Very well I shall assist you." Tengu said suddenly, causing Sora to squeal in delight. "But for now lets see how Choy is doing."

Southern Water Tribe (Phoenix Chronicles)

Choy stood with his twin katanas drawn surrounded by a bunch of unconscious waterbenders with Mitros standing across from him with his two katanas in hand.

"You're pretty good for a firebender." Mitros said tossing his swords in the air and catching them with his water whips.

As Mitros spun his swords over his head Choy readied himself while asking. "Avatar is based off of Chinese culture right?"

"Obviously." Mitros said swiping his blades towards Choy.

The firebender ducked under the swords and charged forward saying, "Then why the hell are we using katanas, a Japanese weapon?"

"Hell if I know." Mitros replied bring one of his swords back to his hand to block Choy's double strike. "Blame the authors." He added calling his second sword back to stab at Choy's side.

While the two fought neither of them noticed the cloaked figure that dropped by and picked up a badly beaten Chen. Meanwhile the warriors separated and stared each other down.

Ban Kai

Ryumon Hozukimaru!

"Time to end this." Choy said slamming the hilts of his swords together. "Ban Kai!" Choy's swords morphed into two giant blades attached to chains that in turn were attached to a giant axe head that floated behind him. "Ryumon Hozukimaru!"

"Most impressive." Mitros admitted. "But I also have a secret move. Ban Kai!" A giant ice dragon wings formed around his back and ice armor formed around Mitros' body keeping a dragon theme. "Daiguren Hyōrinmaru!"

The two charged each other while screaming their battle cries. But before they can connect a warrior dressed as a blue ninja appeared between them and somehow stopped both of their attacks.

"Ryu? What the hell are you doing here?" Choy asked as his Ban Kai disappeared.

"I'm here to finish you." Ryu said forming an ice jian sword in his hand.

"Wait!" Choy yelled before Ryu could attack. "You and I can't fight here."

"Why?" Ryu asked.

"Because if you and I fight right here it will give away too many spoilers for our oncoming duel in A:TLE." This stopped Ryu in his tracks.

"Oh yeah." He muttered. "How about rock paper scissors then?"

Master Wen Liu's Academy for Martial Arts (A:TLE)

Peter, Chen, Genesis, and Mian each found themselves standing in some strange dojo like building after each of them was "avatarnapped" by the same cloaked figure.

"Approach Avatars, close the circle at the feet of the master." The man said pulling back his hood, revealing him to be Wen Liu.

"Wait a minute." Mian interrupted. "What's he doing here?" he asked pointing at Genesis, "He's not an Avatar."

"Seriously dude?" Genesis said rolling his eyes. "It should be painfully obvious that I'm going to become the Avatar by the end of my story."

"No it's not because your story was on hold since like September." Mian countered.

"Ahem." Wen grunted getting the attention of the four Avatars, or rather three Avatars and one future Avatar. "Now then you have come to me so that I may guide you along the 5 Paths of Enlightenment."

"We didn't come here, you Avatarnapped us." Peter protested, "And I'm a fully realized Avatar, what do I need your training for?"

Wen shot each of the an impatient look. "Look do you want to learn awesome martial arts moves that will make each of you virtually invincible in your home universes or not?" That shut everyone up. "Now then as I said, you have come to me so that I may guide you along the 5 Paths of Enlightenment, but be warned to learn its ways, you must learn the ways of your own soul. Let us meditate on this wisdom now. So: ohhhhmmmmm..."

"Uhh sir?" Mian interrupted.

"Who disturbs our meditation, as a pebble disturbs the stillness of the pond?" Wen said opening his eyes.

Sokka infatuated

Who Dares Disturbed the Meditation?

"Me. Avatar Mian. No disrespect or nuthin', but, uh, how long is this gonna take?"

"Time has no meaning. To a true student a year is a day." Wen said patiently.

"A year??? I wanna beat people up right now!" Mian yelled standing up.

"Beat people up?" Wen repeated.

Mian grew exited, "Yeah! Just show me all those nifty moves so I can start trashing bozos!"

Wen rubbed his temples before trying to explain "The 5 Paths are the wine of purity, not the vinegar of hostility. Meditate upon this truth with us. Ohmmmmmm....."

"Listen, shrimp! Now are you gonna show me some fancy moves, or am I gonna start wipin' the walls with you?" Mian yelled.

"Avatar Mian you have failed to grasp the 5 Paths. Approach me that you might see." Wen said standing.

"Alright fianly some action" Mian said satisfied.

"Watch closely class." Wen said before kicking Mian in the face while saying, "Boot to the head." Sending Mian sprawling on the ground.

Mian shot up to his feet. "Owww! You booted me in the head!"

Wen merely said. "You are lucky, Avatar Mian. Few novices experience so much of the Five Paths so soon. Now we continue. Ohhhmmmmm..."

Mian wasn't finished though. "Hey! I wasn't ready! Come and get me now shorty, hah? Come on, are ya chicken?"

"Boot to the head!" Wen said as he delivered another kick.

Mian having not learned his lesson. "Oww! Okay, now I'm ready, okay, now, come on, try it now." Wen kicked him again. "Mind if I just lie down here for a minute?"

Wen continued, "Now class, we shall return to our.."

"Master?" Genesis asked hesitantly.

"It is wrong to tip the vessel of knowledge, student." Wen scolded

"Many apologies, master. But I feel Mian is not wholly wrong." Genesis said. "I want to boot some head, too."

Wen was disappointed, "Have you learned nothing from the lesson of Avatar Mian?

"Yes, master. I have learned two things. First, that anger is a weapon only to one's opponent." Genesis explained.

Wen is pleasantly surprised. "Very good."

Genesis continued, "And secondly, get in the first shot. Boot to the head." Genesis tried to kick Wen in the face but the old master grabbed his foot.

"You missed. You too shall be honored to learn a lesson..."

Gensis was doomed, "You don't have to, you know. I gotta be going..."

Wen declared, "Boot to the head!" and viciously kicked Genesis on the side of his head sending him spinning. He turned to his the other Avatars, "Has anyone learned anything here?"

Chen spoke up, "Yes, master. Not a single one of us could defeat you."

Wen knew what was coming. "You gain wisdom, child."

Chen then yelled, "So we'll hafta gang up on ya! Get 'im guys!" Wen easily defeats all of the Avatars with various types of "Boots to the heads", leaving them all on the ground moaning in pain.

Wen sat back down, "And now class, let us rejoin the mind to the body and gaze into the heart of the candle of meditation." The others slowly join in meditation "Very good, class."

Oazi's House (Guardian)

Ozai's karaoke night was continuing to be a huge success, despite the fact that virtually everyone sang a crappy Disney song. Choy Ryu and Mitros showed up arguing about who won the "duel", after they lost track of Nero, Lian and Mitsuki and all her friends showed up as well. Even Gao was enjoying himself, by killing a non important character. When Ozai took his place to sing again the door flew open and Nero and Lee stood, dressed in black robes with white over coats on. The two looked like the spitting images of Byakuya and Kenpachi. Lee even had his hair sticking up.


How did Lee talk Nero into Doing that?

"How did you convince me to wear this again?" Nero asked.

"Just go with it Neyakuya." Lee said, "And you may call me Lenpachi."

"Call me that again and see what happens." Nero warned, "And Ozai, I already killed you in my universe don't make kill you here."

"What do you mean?" Ozai asked confused.

"You have a giant army of villains here and you waist it on a karaoke party." Nero said.

"I, Lenpachi, can forgive that bit, but singing nothing but Disney songs is unforgivable." Lee added, "Why couldn't you sing something cool like Disturbed."

At that moment Azula burst into the room "Mitros, I have come for you!" she declared.

"Crap." Mitros said trying to hide himself.

"And the heroes enter... now." Nero said as all the heroes arrived.

"Good call Neyakuya." Lee said clapping Nero on his shoulder. Nero slowly removed Lee's hand from his shoulder before he punched Lee in the mouth soo hard some teeth went flying.

"Okay lets get this over with." Nero said as he moved to the side. Nero watched as everyone fought each other. Genesis was battling Jiang Rha for some reason, Tengu and Kambi had teamed up and were dueling Ryu and Choy. Mitros and Mian were having an epic water duel, while Lian and Mitsuki were once again fighting over who would have the right of carnal knowledge with Nero. This time said assassin was fortunate enough to avoid their stray attacks. Lee just lay there unconscious. Lu Ten, was trying, and failing, to defeat Supreme Fire Lord Azula, thereby avenging his alternate universe father. Ursa II and Quanlee just stood next to each other asking if they were technically sisters, while Sora and Tam Mee were trying to see who had the greater balance.

"Speaking of which." Onaga said randomly appearing next to Nero, "If this doesn't end soon the universes will be irreparably damaged."

"Fine." Nero said standing while giant red flames gathered around him, eventually forming a giant fiery body. Nero moved his arm and the giant flaming body extended his hand and shot a straight line of fire down the middle separating everyone, and drawing their attention. "Enough is enough! I have had with these mother f***ing fanon characters in this mother f***ing crossover! Everyone get back to your own universe now, or I'll beat the shit out of all of you and throw you back where you belong!"

Everyone settled down and started heading for their respective universe. Until Lee shouted having regained consciousness.

"Not so fast everyone." He shouted "Two things Nero, you and I still have unsettled business. Before this thing ends I'm going to kick the crap out of you! And how come those flames ain't black."

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a giant body of fire with normal flames!" Nero yelled dropping the flames around him. "And if you insist of fighting me so be it."

The two assassins wasted no time with banter as they charged at each other. They fought on relatively even footing, matching each other blow for blow. Nero kicked Lee in the face while Lee's long arms punched Nero in his face. Their battle was so epic that everyone who'd written Lee off as a dumbass, comedy relief character had their entire world flipped upside down. Supreme Fire Lord Azula began to be attracted to the poor idiot again.

As the fight neared its end Lee shot a small blast of fire at Nero as he moved forward and knocked the fire away with one hand and held a small contained black flame in front of Lee's face.

"I win." Nero said between breaths.

"Why can't I beat you?" Lee asked.

"Foolish little Lee if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me. And yet survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life. And on the day you have the same eyes as me you and I will fight again." Nero said with a smile. "Or you can do what I do. Cheat." With that Nero told everyone to go home and as they disappeared soon only Lee and Azula were left.

"That was very impressive Lee." Azula said wrapping her arms around Lee's waist, making him very happy. She also moved her lips dangerously close to his. "But before anything else happens I need to know. Did you divorce your horrible wife yet?"

"Of course I did." Lee lied. As the two leaned closer for a kiss a frying pan flew out of nowhere and struck Lee in his head.

"Lee you bastard!" Lee's wife screamed as she charged, "You haven't divorced me yet!"

"What?" Azula muttered darkly before kick Lee between his legs and stomped off. "Go away and rot."

"Damn you Twilitlink." Lee groaned as he returned to the Spirit World.

"Sorry Lee couldn't resist."


  • Genesis and Choy were both bitter due to the fact that they have had very small roles in the story so far.
  • They were also bitter at their main author, me, for delaying their story for so long.
  • Lee compares himself and Nero to Kenpachi and Byakuya from Bleach respectively.
  • Both Choy and Mitros were given a Ban Kai from Bleach as well.
  • Mitsuki was still drunk from the previous chapter, while Lian was still hungover from part two.
  • The Wanted Children were continuing their training with Kambi with Tengu.
  • Wen Liu' s training session with the Avatars was taken from a skit called Tae Kwon Leap.
  • In addition Wen training the Avatars is based on the fact that his creator, me again, thinks of him as the Avatar prototype.
  • Ozai's karaoke night carried on while still singing Disney songs.
  • Tengu broke Lu Tens arm so that it matched up with the actual story line, (although he actually broke the wrong one).
  • When Nero and Lee arrive at Ozai's house they are dressed as Byakuya and Kenpachi respectively.
  • Lee even calls Nero, Neyakuya, and himself, Lenpachi.
  • Lee retains his hatred of Disney songs and apparently likes Disturbed.
  • Ursa II and Quanlee wonder if they are technically sisters due to sharing the same mother (albeit from different universes).
  • Nero continues using Samuel Jackson lines, particularly Snakes on a Plane.
  • Nero also stole Itachi's move Sussanoo.
  • After Nero and Lee finish their fight Nero uses Itachi's line when he talks to Sasuke.

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