Phoenix King Ozai coronation
Part 4: Guardian
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Clash of Worlds 2, Part 4: Guardian is the fourth chapter of the non-canon fanon crossover, Clash of Worlds 2. The story mainly revolves around the wacky, action-filled, and even bizarre interactions between the fanon characters from Kyoshi Revolts, Better World, The Phoenix Chronicles, Guardian, and Wanted. The chapter is written by The Bos. The setting will be in multiple locations, across several fanon universes.

The idea of a sequel to Clash of Worlds was a common discussion on IRC. Eventually, SuperFlash101 pitched a blog to the fanon community. The results were that four of the five users (minus Zukofan123) would return to do the sequel, while a new user, The Bos, would participate instead. Soon, Part 1, 2, and 3 were released, and The Bos promptly completed his own part.


Mitros goes into the Phoenix Chronicles universe to gather an army to keep himself safe from Azula's grip.


Ozai's House (Guardian)

Ozai stands before the entirety of the Phoenix Warriors and some Phoenix Islanders. "As your Phoenix King, I have an important matter of state to discuss." The group listens in, eyes opened wide for what their king will say. "Tonight will be the Phoenix Kingdom Karaoke-thon! Who wants to sing Demi Lovato? Selena Gomez? Huh? Maybe even some Corben Bleu? Let's Push it, push it, to the limit, limit! 'Cause We're in it to win it, in it to win it, oh Yeah!" While many of the group cheer, Jiang Rha, fresh back from the Kyoshi Revolts universe, wonders why he's wasting his time listening to Ozai singing lame Disney songs. After all, Disney doesn't exist in any of these universes! Just as he prepares to confront Ozai, Ozai finishes singing and gives the mic to Hoshizu, who begins "getting his head in the game". Ozai gets off the platform and walks up to Jiang. Jiang begins to say something, but Ozai interrupts him.

Yon Rha

Jiang Rha is angry after being fired

"Jiang, you've been a great adviser, and I'mma let you finish, but Hoshizu is the best traitor to the Fire Nation of all time! One of the best ever! And you're fired! Like everyone on The Apprentice!" Jiang's mouth drops. "Hoshizu actually comes up with plans that work, and provide a good storyline. You've been in what, 3 chapters? And in those, you've just moped about your sorry life and talked to little boys. Are you some kind of pedo?"

Jiang glares menacingly, and decides that maybe in a different universe, his plans will go better.

Fire Nation Palace (Phoenix Chronicles)

Team Strike falls through a portal onto the ground. "WTF?" Mian asks.

"Why did we go home?" Zura asks.

"What does that matter? You're away from the hot bitch," Ami adds.

"Geez... And why are we still in our own universe? Don't we usually get sent to another universe when we go into those portal?"

"Yeah, it was like we were just added so The Avatar wouldn't feel bad." Mian exclaims.

"Yeah, this isn't adding to the overall plot at all." Zura notes.

Southern Water Tribe (Phoenix Chronicles)

Mitros has gathered the support he needed to prevent that power-crazy firebender from killing him, having his babies, then making him pay child support. That was her plan all along. But now that he had Katas back, they gathered more troops at the Southern Water Tribe like the should have done the first time.

He begins his speech to his troops. "Okay, you guys know that army of crazy Firebenders that have been attacking you? Well, I'm going to lead you to make sure that I survive this crossover. I really don't want to be a dead head causing havoc in other universes. I mean, that would be kinda odd, especially for a lame Avatar like the one from Kyoshi Revolts to deal with. Am I right?"

As he leaves that dangling question, that very Avatar comes running into the building in which the new Firefighters were assembled. After getting up holding his head, he stares around his surroundings. "How did I get here? And alive again?" After realizing that he was a Firebender, he is promptly jumped by everyone in the room.

Fire Nation Jail (Kyoshi Revolts)

Kambi is sitting around in the courtyard of the prison during a recess. Ever since he was in jail, he had nothing to do. Eventually, he was approached by a group of children, looking like they were from different parts of the world.

The oldest of them speaks. "We hear you were the leader of rebels against the Fire Nation. After we got captured by assassins, we got thrown in here. We need help getting out. My name is Lu Ten, and I'm the son of Fire Lord Zuko."

"So you want me to help you get out of here?" Kambi asks.

"Exactly." Sora affirms.

"Do you have any ideas?" Lu Ten inquires.

"Well, there is this guard, he was apparently transferred here after he had a run in with the Fire Lord. He usually comes into people's cells, taunts them, then pulls out before anyone can do anything."

"That's what she said!" Lu Ten points out, laughing.

After chuckling for a few minutes, the team lays out a plan to escape. The guard enters Kambi's cell and begins to taunt him. "Hey Kambi! I head you used to be a rebel leader. You had a whole city or something! Then the Supreme Fire Lord burned it down! Ha ha!" Kambi gets up and beats the living crap out of him. I can't even describe the level of the crap being knocked out of this guard. It's really bad. Vaz and Kai, you've got one BAMF character here.

Kambi slowly walks out of his cell, holding the keys to the prison and escapes along with the kids of Wanted's Team Avatar. As they leave the prison, Kambi mentions training the kids to be able to take out the assassins the next time they arrive.

Kambi begins explaining his form of training for the kids. "Okay kids, you've already lost to these guys once. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen again."

"Well, how are we going to beat them?" Sora asks.

"We're going to get ready, so the next time they come, you'll be prepared to take it."

Lu Ten begins laughing, as does the rest of the team.

"That's what she said!" Lu Ten screams out.

"How many times will you do that?" Kambi asks, obviously irritated.

"Over 9000!" the kids shout. Kambi can only sigh as he gives up hope.

Earth Kingdom Palace Outskirts (Better World)

Genesis and Choy land face first on the ground.

"Did we just get Punk'd?" Choy asks as he gets up.

"Maybe..." notes Genesis as Giu limps over. "What happened to you?"

"Crazy waterbender... I had the crap beaten out of me..." Giu complains.

"Yeah, I've got that problem" Choy adds.

Mental Azula

Mitsuki stumbles towards Giu

Mitsuki and her friends stumble over. "Hey! Wha- what- whatr you doin' here?" Mitsuki slurs.

Giu begins looking over the team of girls. "What are you three doing here?"

"Hey! You-you, you, you... shut your face..." Mitsuki says as she falls on Giu. "You're nice... I li-like this... you're sexy!"

"Have you been drinking?" Giu asks. "And everything you said was definitely right." he adds with a grin. "We should talk more..."

Tam Mee tries walking on her hands before falling over and just staring at the sun while Quanlee tries to impress Genesis by throwing her knives between him and Choy. Unfortunately, Choy is hit in the center of his forehead and he falls down.

Genesis, worried about the girl's health, asks, "What happened to you?"

"This nice man, gave us this magic water that will give us the power to take over the world... but then he went bye bye... and I li-liked it..." Mitsuki drones on.

It's really bad, but I would like to take this time to point out that if you're a 15 year old princess, you shouldn't drink then try to take over another universe. It will get you in trouble, especially if you happen to find Giu there. And also, don't play with sharp objects. Kinda a bad idea. Ask Choy, he'd agree with me.

Anyway... Where ever Peter happens to be

Aang unhappy

Peter awakens

Peter is taking a nap, and awakens. Nero and Lee Koisho crash through the wall in a wave of black fire. "Avatar" Nero says dramatically, "We kinda need your help. Well, first of all, since you're the only important character in the main series that actually gets the girl in the end, Lee needs you to help him hook up with Azula. She apparently took the whole married to another woman thing the wrong way."

"Shut up Nero! I'll knock you head off when we start the next clash!" Lee retorts.

"Well, Lee, if you want to get a girl, you might want to be single. Most of them will kinda take the married thing in the same way Azula did. Except that she could kill you for like the tenth time. You probably don't want to do that until we're done with this Clash. Then it would make for a convenient ending. I hope you're taking notes for your part Twilitlink."

"Who's Twilitlink?" Nero asks.

"Only one of these authors for a site that I hate. They sing Disney songs all the time! Did you know that Disney doesn't even exist in any of the Avatarverses?" Lee says, puzzled.


Nero glances at Lee

"What doesn't exist?" Peter asks.

"Never mind." Lee says as he gives up.

"Secondly, we need the universes put back in order. And since you're the Avatar in the story with the most chaos, I figured that you're the perfect one to help." Nero adds. "And please help me get rid of this guy." Nero glances over at Lee quickly, but Lee is unaware. "Really. I need help. I liked being dead. This guy has to ruin it every time."

Fire Nation Palace (Kyoshi Revolts)

Azula is sitting on her throne as a messenger enters. "Supreme Fire Lord, your hunk of man-candy has been spotted in the Southern Water Tribe in the Phoenix Chronicles Universe. Also, your good for nothing son's body was also found there."

"Wow, that hunk has done soo much for me! I hated that kid, and then we can have more to replace him! They will be so much more perfect than Mitsuki! Then they shall conquer the world for me! And when he gets fat, shall I divorce him, and he will pay me child support!"

"Your highness, how will we get there to go and commence Mission: Eat Him Up?"

"You imbecile! We will just use this conveniently placed warp portal. Aren't plot devices wonderful?"

"Yes they are, m'am."

"Thanks Bos!" For the record, you're welcome psycho

"Gather the army! We're getting my boy-toy!"

To be continued...


  • Ozai's love of singing Disney songs is carried over from Part 3, where he is caught singing Miley Cyrus' 7 Things. He then proceeds to list several Disney artists before quoting Corben Bleu's Push It.
  • Ozai then interrupts Jiang Rha's monologue in a similar manner to that of Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift, also saying that another General is superior to him. Ozai then proceeds to fire him like Donald Trump.
  • Ozai also mocks Jiang's small amount of screen time, referencing the fact that he was only in 3 chapters of Guardian.
  • Mitros' problem in the south was carried over from his struggle with Azula and Kama in the previous 2 parts.
  • Chen being jumped by the new Firefighters is a reference to their unconditional hatred of Firebenders.
  • Kambi's time in jail is carried over from a mention in the previous part.
  • His comical dialogue with the kids of Wanted's Team Avatar shows an inability of managing kids, parodying his leadership of an entire city.
  • The Guard that Kambi beats up is the same one that Azula killed in the previous part.
  • Lu Ten's shouting Over 9000! is a reference to the Internet Meme from Dragonball Z.
  • Giu is still in pain from being attacked by Lian.
  • In Clash of Worlds, Mitsuki had a cocaine problem, this time her and her friends are drunk, rather than high. She says she got the alcohol from Gao, who had some left over after filling up Ray's bottle in a previous part.
  • According to the break from the main story, The Bos is against teenagers drinking.
  • Lee obviously has problems with the ladies, so since Aang actually got a girl, Lee was able to ask him.
  • Lee's hatred of the fanon authors was mentioned in a previous part.
  • Apparently, Disney does not exist in the Avatarverses.


This chapter was very well received in the community. Avatar was pleased with it, but also noted that The Bos forgot to add the members of Team Strike into the chapter, so The Bos went back and added a small part for them. Both Vaznock and SuperFlash101 enjoyed the chapter, raving about the hilarity of Ozai's antics. Vaznock also was amused at the drunken Mitsuki. For the full reviews, see the talk page.

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