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Clash of Worlds 2, Part 3: Phoenix Chronicles is the third chapter of the non-canon fanon crossover, Clash of Worlds 2. The story mainly revolves around the wacky, action-filled, and even bizarre interactions between the fanon characters from Kyoshi Revolts, Better World, The Phoenix Chronicles, Guardian, and Wanted. The chapter is written by The avatar. The setting will be in multiple locations, across several fanon universes.

The idea of a sequel to Clash of Worlds was a common discussion on IRC. Eventually, SuperFlash101 pitched a blog to the fanon community. The results were that four of the five users (minus Zukofan123) would return to do the sequel, while a new user, The Bos, would participate instead. Soon, Part 1 and 2 were released, and The Avatar prepared for his own part.


With Kama as Supreme Fire Lord..Ami defeating Mitsuki...Lee about to die..and tons of explosions..what can happen, now? Nothing, except..


Earth Kingdom Palace Outskirts (BW)

"We should really stop poking her..." said Nero.

"Yeah, well screw you. She fainted after her huge fall, and I want to make sure she's out before I do" said Lee.

"Dude, that's sick...really sick...I mean, come on they're like 15!" replied Nero.

"What do you...Oh. You sick perv, I meant use the bathroom!" yelled Lee.

"Oh, so...behind that tree?" asked Nero.

"Yeah, it's a nice pine tree." replied Lee.

"Know, what I hate?" Asked Nero, randomly.

"Death?" Answered Lee.

"Well...yes...but also, in TV shows when someone is saying something...and then they just fricking cut his line...just like that...I mean.."

Fire Nation Palace (KR)

"Ah, so...let me get this straight? She said that I had died...and left her in charge?" asked Azula.

"Yep," said the Guard.

"But...I'm right here.=!" Yelled Azula

The Guard sighed. "Damn you crazy bitches, Supreme Fire Lord Azula that? Dead. Man, I'll need to call the Special Forces on this one."

"You'll call nothing, slave! Let me in my palace at once!" Demanded Azula.

"Uh-huh, hey see this...ya it's my rifle...and I am officially authorized to kill." Retorted the Guard.

" you're not! Look there's a picture of me...right there." She pointed out.

"Nooooo..that's a picture of the late Supreme Fire Lord" He answered.

"...screw you" Said Azula, and burnt the poor guard into a crisp. She opened the gates, and marched into the palace. She then found "The Supreme Fire Lord", an old lady, jumping up and down like a kangaroo. Next to her, was a..Water Tribe man..and...and...he

"So, Mr. is the Water Tribe?" She asked flirtatiously.

"Uh..cold? Wait, how..didn't the guards drag you away." Asked Mitros

Randomly, Kama tackled Azula. "Get AWAY FROM MY HONEY BEAR!"

Phoenix Island Restaurant (PhC)

"Hey, I have a question, why haven't we broken the fourth wall, already? And what happened to the purple portal, eh?" Asked Hoshizu.

"Damn it, I knew it all this time!'re a.." Began Zura.

"..traitor? Been there, done that, right?" Said Hoshizu.

"'re a what? I was going to say..Canadian..this is much worse." Answered a surprised Zura.

"What..I tried to kill you, how the heck do you not know that I'm a traitor?" He said.

"Well, in answer to your question, it's because Ami broke the fourth wall" Said Mizu, pointing towards the collapsed wall of the restaurant.

"Wait..who the hell are you?" Asked Mian.

"...Your brother," replied Mizu.

"No...I would know if I had a come I've never seen or heard of you?" Asked Mian, confused.

"Remember, I saved dad in the battle for the south..going to play a major part of book 2?" Said Mizu.

" keep telling yourself that..." Said Mian, he then turned to Hai. "Hai, I'm sorry, but we have a new stalker, you're fired."

"What the hell! I'm not a stalker, I just wanted to help you guys defeat the Phoenix King..!" Yelled Hai.

"Yeah, sure, and you're also not...a stalker..that's are a stalker. So, I don't know..what are we talking about?" Asked Tia.

"Who here thinks I'm a stalker?" Asked Hai.

"Me" Said Mian, Mizu, Zura, Hoshizu, Hokui, Mizurai, Tia, Ami,Sky and everyone else in that universe.

Random Purple Portal Opens

"Ya, me too." Said Peter, who was Avatar Aang from the BW Universe.

"How did you.." began Hai.

"Purple Portal can only be used I'm suppose..." realized Peter.

"Anyways, I came here to say that Hai, you're like a stalker/emo-king," said Peter.

"'s Sasuke Uchiha," said Mian.

"Oh, that's right, my bad, stalker/emo prince," corrected Peter.

"So, by a unanimous vote of the Phoenix chronicles universe..and Peter, is Hai a stalker?"

"Yes" was suddenly heard from all 32 and ½ directions.

"Screw you , all." Said Hai, leaving the universe.

" minor guys from the Phoenix Chronicles..ya, I just got a memo from The avatar, Glory be him, he doesn't want your personalities to be revealed, so you're now ordered to STFU." Said Peter.

"Awww.." said Mizu.

"Shut up, stalker." Said Mian.

"No..I'm your bro..Oh forget it.." Replied Mizu.

"Hey, guys, guess what! Mitsuki left some white powder for all of us...why do I feel like I want to stick it up my nose?" Yelled Sky.

"Epic Win" Said Peter.

Some Town (ATLE)

", I just..Oh my God a Portal!" Yelled Genesis, as he was sucked in.

"Ah hah, Genesis, I finally found you..after months...and months of tracking." Said Choy.

"The town's only 2 miles away from the battle field," said a villager.

"Shut up!" Yelled Choy "Hey..what's that..Oh My God...what the..." He said, as he was sucked into the portal.

Ozai's House (Guardian)

"Sha Sha Sha

I probably shouldn't say this

But at times I get so scared

When I think about the previous

Relationship we shared..." Sang Ozai in the bath tub.

Jiang Rha, walked in...there was some business he had to do..and then seeing Ozai..he just stood there...and left.

Ozai didn't even notice.

"It was awesome, but we lost it

It's not possible for me not to care

And now we're standing in the rain

But nothing's ever gonna change

Until you hear, my dear" He continued.

Fire Nation Palace (KR)

"Now, heathen, give me my crown...and the key to his heart." Said Azula to Kama, pointing to Mitros.

"Listen...ladies..I really don't like any of you in that way...I was just.." Began Mitros.

"NO...JUST SHUT UP..WE'RE GONNA FALL IN LOVE..AND HAVE KIDS...OH YES...THE KIDS..." Interrupted Azula " take care of you," she said looking at Kama.

Azula taunting Zuko

Azula trying to flirt

Kama had no idea what was going on, and went over to the radio, and turned it up.

"This is my sam," she said, rocking out.

"Special Radio turns out that neither Ray nor Lian is the best Waterbender, a shame, a shame indeed. Well, not really, since nobody knows who they are..and..hey, am I getting paid for this? What do ya mean no? God Damn it, so for the last fricking 5 years, I've been doing this..and not even a single penny? Oh, not even a single nickle? Screw this, I knew I should have been a ballerina, thanks a lot dad. "

"Ray..why does that name..sound so..familiar.."Said Kama, then she gasped and yelled "The BABY!" and ran out the door.

"Wait...what? Well, it's just you ..and about the kid's names...I was thinking..Chad..or" Asked Azula.

"Listen, I'm flattered..but I have..things to do.." Began Mitros.

"Wow, Thanks." Said Mitsuki, having heard everything.

"Oh, Mitsuki..dear..go away now..mommy has some business she has here..right.." Began Azula in an erotic tone, and turned to look at Mitros, but he was gone. "Damn it, every time! Order a full all out, all universe searches for my man-candy!

"Umm..gross." Said Quanlee

"'s a wonder full thing...a magical..wonderful.."Began Tam Mee, and then realizing what everyone was talking about, "ummm..isn't this a kid's show?"

"Pllleeease..with all of the pervs around here..this couldn't be a kid's show.." said Mitsuki.

Fire Nation (LoF)

"She didn't have to cut my head off...again, and then put me here!" Yelled Lee.

"Thank god, I ran off, eh?" Said Nero.

"Thanks, buddy, now go get my body" Said Lee.

"Yeah,'re just..stuck here, right?" Asked Nero.

"Yes, obviously! Now go and get my..hey...hey...GET BACK HERE" Yelled Lee, as Nero made a break for it.

"It's so quiet..and lonely here..." Lee whispered.

"Sha Sha Sha..." Began a sound.

"NOOOO! Curse you Fanon Authors, Curse you all..." Yelled Lee.

Omashu (PhC)

"So, peter..could you teach me some Avatar moves?" Asked Mian.

"Ya, sure..why not," Peter replied.

' A Cloud of Dust comes up from no where, revealing KR Characters "Yo guys, how's it hangin!" Yelled Chen.

"Damn it...he's here!" Yelled Mian.

Alarmed Sokka

Mian screams, when he sees Chen, again.

"Evasive Maneuvers!" Shouted Peter "Code Chen is annoying!"

"...Are you trying to tell me something?" Asked Chen, naïvely.

"No..honey..they're not.."Said Kaila

"At least you guys can avoid the pain..."Mumbled Ray, with a nod from Giu.

"So, I heard you were fighting Lian, how did it go? And weren't you in New Ozai?" Asked Sky.

"I still don't know how I'm alive after Jiang..killed me.." said Chen, confused.

"It's Fanon, honey, we don't need explanations. As my grand pa used to say: Screw the rules and laws of the universe, I'm not real." Said Kaila.

"Yah, but this is your universe..wait..weren't you guys supposed to be high?" Replied Ray.

"Oh, actually it turns out it was just flour..yeah..good thing only Sky was dumb enough to try it" Said Ami.

"I don't need this! I'm the only Sky in this whole wiki! Hah!"Said Sky.

"Isn't there one in Wanted?" Asked Chen.

"Screw you." Retorted Sky.

Cabbage Alley, Omashu (PhC)

"So, Ami, are we now..official?" Asked Zura, in a secluded corner.

"Not in Canon, we're not." Replied Ami.

"Great, because I love you too...What...darn it.." Began Zura.

"Maybe, next time.." Said Ami, feeling the awkwardness.

Omashu (PhC)

"So, like I was saying, we just ditched her in her own puke, turns out she suffers from fail-Titus" Said Ray "Poor, poor, thing."

"Oh, well, so Peter..avatar training?" Began Mian.

"I'm coming, too!" Said Chen.

"Dang it." Said Peter and Mian.

The three went into another street where Peter began showing them some Airbending.

"Hey, Peter, can I learn some air bending too?" Asked Ami.

"Avatars only, Bitch!" Yelled Chen, from across the street.

"I'm going to kill him." Said Zura.

"Get in line, first." Said Sky.

Katara glares angrily

"Yes..the baby is fine"

A scream is heard from down the street,surprising Ray, who turned around

Suddenly, and completely random as usual, Kama tackles Ray. "Is the Baby okay? Is she?"

"What? I'm not fricking..and how did you even.." Began Ray, then seeing the stubborn look on Kama "Yes, it's fine."

"Oh good, now where's that good for nothing grandson of mine?" Asked Kama.

"In jail," replied Giu.

"Darn it! I told him to always use safety!" Yelled Kama.

"Umm..sick." Said Zura.

"Ponies are pretty", said Kama.

"Why so serio..nope..wrong series..I mean loud?" Asked Zura.

"I'm not..I bet I can be silent for the rest of this chapter...I bet on...this girl right here." Said Kama, pointing to ray.

"I don't think that you should be.." Began Ray.

"SHUT UP! The baby will hear you.." Said Kama, rubbing Ray's tummy.

"Deal." Said Zura.

"Yes, finally! how are things at Kein Forest?" Asked Tia, curiously.

"Well, to the say the least, we're..." Began Ray.

Another Cloud of Dust, appeared revealing Mina

"GAH! Finally, I'm here..hey, it's you guys..hey..where's your cute Avatar?" Asked Mina.

"Damn it, I thought we lost her to the bear! So close..." Whispered Giu.

"What..Cute Avatar?" Asked Tia, suspiciously.

"You know" Winked Mina "..oh wait..I hear him, Oh Mian!" Yelled Mina, heading for Mian.

"Bitch! What the Hell, you can't just go after my love interest. He's mine, get the hell back here!" Chased Tia.

The Purple Portal Opens throwing out two characters

Choy and Genesis suddenly popped up, random, as usual.

"Okay, why is everyone just popping up randomly here?" Asked Ray.

"Ray, for the last time, read the title." Said Zura, as he did last time. Ray looked up at the title then Oh! ed. "That still sense."

"It doesn't need to." Said Ami.

"Okay..anyways, Hi, I'm.." Began Genesis.

"We know who you're Perry...Perry The Platypus!" Says Kaila, breaking into song.

"What are you.." Asked Choy.

"Hey, everyone look! It's M.Night! Hello, there Mr. Night, now about the casting..of The Last Air bender" Began Sky.

"What are you...Oh my's not supposed to bend like that!" Yelled Choy.

"What..this? Oh, this is a rubber bone..." Said Giu.

" are you sure..that...OH MY GOD..I BELIEVE I CAN FLY..." Sang Chen as he was launched into the air, and then hit the Omashu Microsoft Building.

"Chen..honey, are you okay?" Asked Kaila.

Another Purple Portal opened, revealing Mitsuki

" he's not." Said Mitsuki.

"Hey, you owe me money, from last time! Drugs aren't free ya know..unless you're in.." Yelled Kama.

"Wait..what? You didn't exist back then.." Retorted Mitsuki, interrupting the old lady.

"Kama, you owe me Ray." Said Zura, looking at Ray.

"Pervert." Said Ray, as Ami slapped him.

"Tell me about them..Chen, did you know Mom was a perv?" Said Mitsuki.

"Yep." Replied Chen.

"Really?" Asked Mitsuki.

"Yes, really." Answered Chen.

"Can't argue with that." Said Mitsuki.

"Now..about me..and taking over the universe." Said Mitsuki.


Nero stumbles in

"Wait, how the hell did I end up.." Began Nero

Fire Nation (LoF)

"So, where am I ?." Asks Hai, to himself.

"Sha Sha Sha..."

"NOOO. It's starting again" Yelled out a voice, Hai followed it, and soon found a head screaming.

"Hey, I'm Hai."

"Hai, I am your father!" Yelled the head.

References and Humor

  • Clash of Worlds 2, like its predecessor, is purely comedic, and The Avatar, tried to keep it that way. There were several references to abridged series, including "Avatars Only, Bitch!" coming from Naruto Abridged and Sasuke Uchiha being the Emo/Stalker King.
  • Kaila almost says a famous line from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged "Screw the rules, I have money."
  • Zura almost says "Why so serious?" A famous quote from Batman.
  • When Genesis, shows up, Kaila thinks he's Perry the Platypus, a character from Phineas and Ferb.
  • Also, Sky thinks that Choy is M. Night Shymalan and wants to "talk" to him over casting.
  • While Chen is flying he hits the Omashu Microsoft Building, singing "I believe I can fly".
  • Miley' Cyrus's famous song " The 7 things I like about you" made several appearances, from Ozai singing it, and Lee being tortured by it.
  • At the end, Lee yells out the famous: "Luke, I am your father" line.
  • It is interesting to note, that the 4th wall wasn't broken as much this time, as last. Lee, makes the most obvious one by "cursing" all the fanon authors when 7 things begins to play.
  • The Legacy of Fire, written by Zukofan was also pulled in, even though it wasn't in the list of participating fanon.
  • Nero, who states that he doesn't like interruptions while people are talking, is interrupted several times.
  • Mina is shown to be massively infatuated with Mian, angering Tia.
  • Kaila keeps on calling Chen honey, referring to their relationship.
  • Peter mentions that The Avatar, only wants the main PhC characters to talk, so that book 2 personalities are not revealed.
  • Zura tells Ray to read the title, when she asks why everyone is in PhC World, as he did last time.


The Chapter was well liked by most authors, though they noted it was hard to follow. Thus, The Avatar, added more location and character entrances in bold to make it easier to follow. For full review, please see the talk page.

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