Leaving the Spirit World
Part 1: Better World
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March 10, 2010

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Part 2

The first part of the non-canon fanon crossover Avatar: Clash of Worlds 2 is prominently focused on and set in the universe of Better World,and is written by that series author, SuperFlash101. In the chapter, Nero and Lee Koisho return from the dead and set out to finally assassinate Avatar Aang.

Creating a sequel to the original Clash of Worlds had been discussed frequently on IRC since its publication in the Summer of 2009, but was not officially conceived until March of 2010. Certain authors of the aforementioned story decided to abandon the project, while two other users—Waterkai and The Bos—joined it for the first time. SuperFlash decided to abandon the extremely dry dialogue he had utilized in the first story, in place of a broader amount of cultural references and self-referential gags. Certain elements of the chapter were altered to avoid it from becoming two obscenely profane and graphic.

The chapter was released on Avatar Wiki on March 10, 2010, a day after Flash completed it. SuperFlash has rated it 14-DLV, for suggestive dialogue, some strong language, and graphic depictions of violence.


Spirit World

Lee being emo

Lee "in his little emo-hour" in the Spirit World.

Yeah, yeah, this is starting off in the same shit-hole at the first story. Big whoop. Is it that big of a surprise to you? Let me answer that for you: no. What is surprising? Someone saying James Cameron can write, French toast would beat Jesus in a fight, and Samuel L. Jackson isn't the most badass motherf***er in this our world. Yeah; put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Now off we go, kiddies! You see, after the last stories' chaotic outcome from him escaping the Spirit World, Lee Koisho decided to never leave the discomfort of his resting spot in the Spirit World, where he had a clear view of his rotting body. The swampy world was still as uncomfortable as Where the Wild Things Are. It was dark, there was a weird smell, and everyone around you looked as if they wanted to kill you. Just like Hot Topic. And unlike last time, Nero had begun to tag along with Lee in his little emo-hour and sulk beside him. For some reason, his old body was lying, besides Lee's body.

"Dude, seriously, what-what is this, All About Steve? Stop stalking me!" Lee exclaimed one day. "And I'm still pissed off at you for freaking kicking my ass last story."

"You deserved it," Nero said blandly. "And I'm not stalking you. Frankly, if anyone wanted to stalk you they'd have to be retarded. Like Forrest Gump or something." Ya get it? 'Cause he made a Gump reference last story? Huh? Funny, right? Huh?

"I actually was stalked by Forrest Gump once, and he's a very nice man, thank you very much!" shouted Lee, sounding very insulted. "So, if you're not stalking me, then why are you here?"

"Oh, right, because I'm splitting," Nero said, standing up and getting ready to sprint off. "Lates!"

"Wait, wait!" Lee called, grabbing Nero by his leg and stopping him in his tracks. "Wh-wh-what the hell, man? Don't you remember what happened last time I did this?"

"An award winning, critically acclaimed story with too many pop-culture references for its own good?"

"Yes!" Lee exclaimed. "Oh, that and the whole universe collapsing and crap, but, uh, th-that was actually pretty c-cool, so, uh...not really a downside...But anyways, the point is I'm saving my award shelf for an Oscar, so I don't have any space for some online bullshit. Therefore, I declare, NO SEQUELS!"

"Whatevers," Nero said, and he leaped through the spiritual portal and into his body. "Just stay here and be all outcasty and stuff."

Lee shook in frustration and then exclaimed, "GAH!!! F*** you, peer pressure!", before diving though the portal and into his body. He and Nero's bodies had been rotting in the middle of the forest which was surrounded by puddles of water. Lee looked into one of these puddles and saw that his body had strangely stopped rotting. "Holy crap-nuggets, Ner-man; I look like freaking Halle Barry. In Monster Ball. None of that Catwoman bulls-"

"First off, call me 'Ner-man' again and you'll find yourself looking like Gary Oldman in Hannibal," Nero began. "And second, I made a deal with some, uh...friends to keep our bodies preserved."

Two months ago...

The "friends" Nero had made a deal with were, believe it or not, Mitsuki and Lian. While Mitsuki applied the last bit of magic to the bodies to keep them preserved, Lian stood watch.

"Alright, that should do it," Mitsuki said, standing up.

"Excellent; now once Nero returns from the dead, he will undoubtedly love me more than Jose Canseco loves steroids!" Lian exclaimed happily.

"Shut your face, whore," Mitsuki said glaring.

"Not until you do, bitch," Lian replied, getting all up in Mitsuki's grill.

They each glared at each other, looking as if they were about to start a cat fight, for a good minute and a half. But then they just drank a glass of vodka and high-fived, laughing, "Ah, good times."

"So, who gets to bang him first?" Mitsuki asked, taking a sip of vodka. Lian stared at her, aghast. "Oh, uh, oh, I thought-I thought we were doing that. Wow, uh, t-talk about awkward. Man, uh, oops. Guess I was...misinformed..."

Back in front of the gate

Lee sweater

Lee is chastised for wearing a pink sweater.

"Alright, let's transform and roll o-" Nero was about to say, shamelessly ripping at the Transformers completely out-of-character-like, but a voice called out from the gate, interrupting him.

"Hey, you guys can't just leave!" the voice said. "It's against the rules!"

"Screw the rules, I have money!" was Lee's rebuttal.

"You're dirt-poor, ya hobo!" another voice came from the portal. It was the monkey spirit from last story with the Indian voice; yeah, callbacks!

"*sniff* Thanks for pointing that out, dick," Lee sniffled before weeping softly. Nero groaned.

Suddenly, a shrill voice called from the portal, "Hey, lobsterheads!!" It was Shiungi: oh snapz!

"Shit, cheese it!!" Nero exclaimed, and he and Lee darted out.

Nero and Lee ran until they reached the walls of Ba Sing Se. Inside, they quickly blended in with everyone else.

"Lee, get that f***ing sweater off!" Nero yelled at Lee as they walked through the market place. "You're ruining our image!"

"Oh-oh, don't be complaining 'cause you can't pull off this color," Lee said, giving what was quite frankly his gayest look ever.

"You see, this is why people think we're gay..." Nero said, shaking his head. My thoughts exactly, man.

"So, what are our plans anyways? Ya gonna send me in to go all badass on Mr. Jesus, I mean, 'Aang'?" Lee said, striking many unnecessary poses.

"Not even in your wildest dreams, Lee," Nero said flatly. "We're doing this my way; a.k.a., the good way. Now follow me. But, wait, first I think I see something on your sweater. Here let me get that for you..."And then he quickly drop kicked him to the ground and pulled the terrible sweater off of the helpless undead assassin. He then rolled up the sweater and tied it to the nearest messenger hawk, which flew off into the sky. "Now what have we learned...?"

"Don't wear gay sweaters when I'm with you..." Lee said, frowning and picking himself up from the ground.

"Good boy," Nero said, patting him on the head. "Now, let's roll."

Nero and Lee went down past the marketplace into another marketplace (man, this city is more consumerist then just about everybody in America). They each dove into the bushes as an Earth Kingdom soldier strolled by.

Lee interogates soldier

Lee confuses reality for The Dark Knight.

"Now, be quiet while I sneak up on this guy and-" Nero started to say, but Lee had already leaped from the pushes yelling. Lee tackled the man to the ground, put his knife to his throat, and shouted in a grisly voice, "WHERE'S HARVEY DENT?!"

"IDIOT!" Nero exclaimed, throwing Lee off the soldier. "I apologize for my retard of a companion over there. Now, WHERE IS AVATAR AANG?"

"What?" the soldier said, still completely in shock from what had just happened two seconds ago.

"'What' ain't no country I ever heard of," Nero said, getting more in the man's face. "They speak English in 'What'?"

"What?" the soldier said again, still very confused.

"Say 'what' again, say 'what' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherf***er, say 'what' one more goddamn time!!"

The soldier then broke out into tears. God, what a baby...

Anyways, then Lee stepped in and decided to play good cop. "H-hey, sorry for, uh, attacking you like that, uh, earlier. It was just my ways, I've...I've been told I'm a regular Jackie Chan in, uh, some circles...Anyways, my friend Nero here just wants you t-t-to tell us where Avatar Jesus-I mean Aang, is. M'kay?"

"I, uh...I think he's at the Earth King's palace in the upper ring, being emo and, uh...and stuff," the soldier said, shaking.

"That sounds about right," Lee said, nodding.

"Now go," Nero said, glaring at the man. And the soldier jetted out.

"Good teamwork man," Lee said, going to high-five Nero. But Nero merely lit it on fire with his black Firebending. "Alright, so, what now? Tacos?" Nero once more lit him on fire, before walking away.

"Screw this," Nero said, walking back towards the direction of the Spirit World, "I'd have better luck working with GIR from Invader Zim..."

Meanwhile, in Kein Forest...

Mina Sweater

Mina wearing Lee's sweater.

Giu, Ray, Chen, and Kaila were sitting inside a tent, discussing...whatever, it's not important, when Mina came in, sporting the same light pink, wool sweater Lee was wearing.

"Hey, guys, check out what a messenger hawk just dropped off!" she exclaimed happily.

"Pink is so not your color, darling," Giu said, looking very serious.

"Wait a minute..." Chen got up and sniffed the sweater. "I know that scent! That's the smell of Lee Koisho! This is from Better World's world!"

"Why do you know what Lee smells like?" Mina inquired puzzled.

"I have many talents," Chen responded, then winked at Kaila, adding, "Many talents, he-he..." Kaila looked uncomfortable.

"Remind me to never take a pick-up line from Giu ever, ever again..."

"Wait, then this must mean the universes are collapsing again!" Ray exclaimed.

"Scores, sequel time!" Giu exclaimed, standing up. "Man, sequels are awesome! Just look at Speed 2!" The room then fell silent. "...On second, uh...don't see that...ever."

Too be continued...


Background and conception

In the Summer of 2009, a community-wide fanon crossover entitled Clash of Worlds was published on Avatar Wiki. This series was based around the fan fiction stories Avatar: Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Avatar: Wanted, The Way Things Were, and Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. The series was critically acclaimed and won two Fanon Awards in 2010. Multiple discussions began to surface on IRC after that story's conclusion about creating a sequel, but no official discussion began until March 2010, when SuperFlash101 wrote a blog announcing plans for the project. Multiple users supported it and decided to join as authors; Zukofan decided to pass on the project, while The Bos and Waterkai, who each were unavailable for the first story, joined in. Very little discussion went on after that, but it was decided that SuperFlash would write the first chapter.


SuperFlash101 had previously wrote the first chapter of the original Clash of Worlds. In that story, he utilized an extremely loose and dry dialogue style. While writing the sequel's first chapter, he decided to abandon the heavy utilization of the chapter. In its place, Flash incorporated an obscene amount of cultural references, more profanity, and a far more cynical narrative. Dry dialogue is still used in the chapter, but far more sparingly, in a style Flash hoped allowed it to seem more natural and less boring.

Though Flash wanted to use language and dirty jokes in the chapter, he did not want to make it seem too profane and grotesque, so throughout the chapter he purposely altered certain scenes and removed certain uses of vulgarity. During the flashback, Mitsuki was originally supposed to say, "So, who gets to f*** him first?" but was changed to "bang him." Nero was originally supposed to tell Lee "Not even in your wildest wet dreams," but Flash quickly changed it as he felt it was far too vulgar and off-putting. He was unsure if he should censor the word "f*ck," but after a quick conversation on IRC he was informed it was of best interest to certain young users who might possible read it; "shit" is still used in the chapter uncensored, as he believed it was still a light curse word.

Part one is highly self-referential, and parodies both Better World and the original Clash of Worlds. The first bit of narrative in the chapter says that though the chapter opens in the same setting as the original story, it still grasps a form of originality and opines that there are more crazy things in the world. Characters frequently show a complete disregard for the fourth wall; Lee and Nero's first conversation constantly refers to what is happening as a "sequel" (as does Giu's statement in the ending) and mention how the original series was praised and won an award. Nero's violent battering towards Lee and the dialogue he uses references Slythrin's actions towards the Committee crew member Lee in Better World. Shiungi calls to Lee and Nero from the portal, implying that she is dead; this is a reference to her story's (The Way Things Were) author being almost entirely inactive.

Flash was uncertain about the little amount of characters outside of Better World and Kyoshi Revolts featured in the chapter and considered adding more in, but was unable to come up with any ideas and merely came to the conclusion that they would be used in future chapters of the crossover. He also decided to conclude Nero and Lee's part differently as he did not want his predecessors to feel constrained while writing future chapters. He decided to have a scene with Mina in a sweater after seeing an image of Kagome (the character used to portray Mina in images) on Inuyasha Wiki, sporting a pink, wool sweater.

Although Flash finished the chapter on March 9th, he was unable to release it on the wiki until the following day. When he did, he gave it a guidance rating of "14-DLV," signifying suggestive dialogue, strong language, and graphic displays of violence.

Cultural references

SuperFlash included a large assortment of cultural references in the chapter, and portrayed them in a much more unsubtle manor then in the first series. The beginning narrative notes that setting the chapter in the Spirit World is not as crazy someone calling director James Cameron, who has been criticized for his weak screenwriting abilities, a good writer, holy icon Jesus Christ would loose a fight to a piece of French toast, and that actor Samuel L. Jackson "isn't the most badass motherf***er in this our world." Jackson has portrayed several "badass," rouge characters throughout his career. Lee refers to Aang as Jesus several times throughout the chapter as well.

While describing the atmosphere of the Spirit World, the narrative compares it to the film Where the Wild Things Are and the clothing store Hot Topic. Lee compares Nero sitting by him everyday in front of the Spirit World portal to the film All About Steve, where Sandra Bullock plays an insane stalker. Nero opines that anyone who would stalk Lee would be retarded, such as Forrest Gump, a mentally disabled character from the film of the same name. Nero previously made a Gump reference in the first story, which the narrative cynically notes. Lee says that he is saving room on his shelf for an Academy Award. Later, he notes that he resembles actress Halle Berry, though adds that he is referring to her appearance in the film Monster Ball and not Catwoman.

Nero threatens to make Lee look like Gary Oldman in the film Hannibal, where Oldman portrays a homosexual man severely disfigured after tearing his face off upon request by cannibal serial killer Hannibal Lector. Lian says that Nero will love her more than former major-league baseball player Jose Canseco loves steroids, a reference to the player's admitted use of steroids. Before going, Nero almost says "Transform and roll out," a line from the Transformers franchise. Lee says "Screw the rules, I have money," a famous internet meme started by the YouTube series Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Lee attacks the soldier and yells at him in a grisly voice "WHERE IS HARVEY DENT?" which Batman screams in the same manner in the film The Dark Knight. Nero's entire interrogation is what Samuel L. Jackson says during an interrogation in the film Pulp Fiction.

Nero mutters that he would have better luck working with the dysfunctional and unstable robot GIR from the animated series Invader Zim. Giu declares that sequels are "awesome," using the critically-panned film Speed 2 as an example; however, once realizing how terrible the film actually was, he tells everyone to disregard his claim.


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