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August 4, 2009

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The fourth part of the fanon crossover story Avatar: Clash of Worlds is based mainly in the universe of Wanted.

The entire story was conceived in an IRC conversation between SuperFlash, Vaznock, and Waterkai, and pitched to the fanon community weeks later following a massive merge between the Avatar Fanon and the main Avatar Wiki. Several users supported it and helped develop it and the content to be put in it.

Twilitlink, wanted this chapter to be mostly action oriented but still maintain some comedy and interaction between the other fanon stories.


The Undead Assassins

"Come on Yino let me out of this bag, it's getting stuffy in here." Lee's dismembered head cried from inside the sack Yino carried. "Look I'm sorry I ruined your meeting with Azula, but I thought she would be impressed with you being a highly skilled assassin. You could have at least shared one of those cookies with me!"

"Would you shut the hell up!?" Yino yelled as he slammed the sack into the ground. "All I want is a little peace and quiet for five minutes, but you never stop running that rotting mouth of yours!"

Lee was quiet for five minutes before he started talking again. Yino began to violently slamming the disembodied head into everything he could. As he assaulted the head, Nero came limping out of the forest, followed by Lee's rotting, headless body.

"Ugghh. When I find those two women I'm going to kill them." Nero groaned as his own undead body recovered from the assault of Lian and Mitsuki. Nero looked up and saw Yino swinging a sack wildly trying to shut up whatever was inside.

Suddenly Lee's body started jumping up and down while pointing at the sack. It then started moving its hands around where it's head was supposed to be.

"Your head's in the sack?" Nero asked. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what the hell the headless corpse was trying to tell him, Nero walked over to Yino and grabbed the sack as it was swung by his head.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Yino asked Nero as he pulled Lee's head out of the sack and threw it to his body.

"Helping out an idiot." Nero answered as Lee reattached his head.

"Hey I'm not that stupid." Lee objected. "As for you Yino, it's payback time."

Lee circled Yino as a random voice cried. "Test your Might." As the two moved closer the same voice yelled, "Mortal Kombat!" and loud fast music started playing as the two battled each other.

Nero is very angry

"Guys this is counter productive." Nero said as Yino tore Lee's leg off and started beating him with it. "Guys this is getting us no where." Nero yelled as Lee took his leg back and rammed his rotting face into Yino's. "You know what? I don't care anymore." Nero said turning around and walking away. As he walked a stray fireball hit him in the back of the head. Nero slowly turned around and faced the now frozen in fear Yino and Lee. "That's it. I'm pissed!" With a great yell Nero leaped at the two.

The following battle is far too graphic to even write about so lets move on to the next section. We'll check on these guys later.

Avatar Training

Avatar Chen walked quietly through Kein Forest thinking about how he was going to learn airbending if they were all dead. It was quite the dilemma. He supposed he could ask Avatar Mian if he knew any Airbenders where he came from. As he was thinking he didn't notice the old man walking in the opposite direction. Chen accidentally bumped into him and the old man turned and blasted him with a massive jet of air.

"Watch where you're going kid." The old man scolded before continuing .

"Wait a minute." Chen cried as he got up. "Are you an Airbender?"

"Yes I am. The names Lu Ming, what do you want kid?" Lu Ming asked as he slowly turned.

"My names Chen, I'm the new Avatar and I need someone to teach to me Airbending." Chen said all in one breath. Lu Ming thought about it for a moment then pulled a scroll from his robes.

"Very well but first I need you to sign this contract." Lu Ming said also producing a brush and ink.

"What's this about?" Chen asked as he looked over the contract.

"Oh the usual, liabilities, can't be held responsible for injuries, insuresyourcompleteloyaltytotheBlackLotusAssassins, etc" Lu Ming informed him. "You know basics."

"Alright then." Chen said signing it let's get to work.

"Excellent, now your soul is mine." Lu Ming whispered.

"What was that?" Chen asked.

"Oh... I... uh said glad to have you as my pupil. Yes that sounds believable." Lu Ming said quickly. "Now then. Montage!"

For the next few hours Lu Ming tried to impart the knowledge of Airbending to Chen. First he tried to teach Chen how curve a thrown object using Airbending, then he taught Chen to run at super speeds. Chen somehow managed to hurt himself in each part of training, and each stage of training was more painful than the last.

Finally Lu Ming took Chen to the top of a large building. "Alright Chen, even though you practically failed everything I tried to teach you, it's time for the final lesson. Jump from this building to that building over there."

"You're kidding right?" Chen asked nervously as he looked over the edge.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" Lu Ming asked seriously. "Now do you want me to show you how it's done?"

"Yes please."

Lu Ming backed away from the edge of the building and broke off into an Airbending-enhanced sprint, once he reached the edge he jumped and flew over to the other building. Landing gracefully on the roof.

"Whoa." Chen whispered after Lu Ming landed. "Alright. I can do this. I can do this." Chen repeated those words over and over as he ran to the edge. "I can't do this!" he screamed as he flew through the air and plummeted to the ground.

Lu Ming approached Chen's prone body shaking his head in disappointment. "Didn't even make it half way."

"I'm in a lot of pain right now." Chen groaned.

A Psycho, a Cheater... and a Senile Old Lady

Hyaku sat in the lounge of some big building with a symbol of a black lotus on the door. As he sat many people walked past and looked at him strangely, like they've never seen a guy just sitting in here. Eventually one of them walked over to him.

"Hey. My name's Gao." He said introducing himself. "I'm a crazy, schizophrenic murderer."

"Good for you. I don't care." Hyaku responded. There was a long pause before Hyaku said. "Is this the part where we start fighting."

"Probably," Gao said before blasting Hyaku with a fireball.

The following battle took the two all throughout the base. As the two fought they, most likely on purpose, killed every other person in the base until they reached the top. Hyaku threw Gao across the roof of the base and pulled out his dagger. He slowly advanced towards Gao as the young assassin laughed.

"Why so serious?" Gao asked noticing Hyaku's frowning face. Gao then lunged toward Hyaku. The young thug grabbed both of Gao's hands and the two began to push towards each other. Gao had the clear advantage of strength, so Hyaku decided to even the playing field. Hyaku quickly brought his knee to Gao's groin, causing immense pain. As Gao dropped Hyaku took his dagger and placed it on the back of Gao's neck.

"Tell me friend, You ever dance with Koh in the pale moon light"

"Tell me my friend," he began, "Have you ever danced with Koh in the pale moon light."

"I have!' a loud shrill voice called from nowhere. "He sucks at dancing." Gao and Hyaku turned to see Shiungi standing in some ridiculous fighting pose.

"What the f### is going..." Gao began as Shinungi leaped at them. She proceeded to beat the holy living crap out of them and left them dazed on the roof.

"Did we just get our asses kicked by an old lady?" Hyaku asked.

"Let's keep this between us." Gao said.

Mission: Gem of Balance

Nero sat on top of the beaten Yino and Lee after giving them a severe thrashing.

"Alright then are we clear on the mission?" Nero asked the two under him.

"Yes." They both said at the same time.

"And we're not going to try and kill each other?"

"No." they both said again.

"Alright then lets go find this Avatar Mian kid and figure out what he meant by the Gem of balance." Nero said getting off of them.

"I still want to at least get back at Yino for the pain he's caused me." Lee complained as his eyeball fell from its socket.

"Fine." Nero sighed. Without warning Nero punched Yino as hard as he could, stunning him where he stood. "Finish him."

Lee's arm moved against his will and pulled the skin off of his face leaving only his skull, and then he breathed fire all over Yino who burned to a crisp before dropping on the ground.

"Fatality!" the random voice from earlier cried.

"Can we get to work now? Yino asked, as he lay there burned.

"Yes." Lee said reattaching his skin.



Avatar: Clash of Worlds was originally conceived without a name on an IRC discussion between Avatar Fanon Wiki users SuperFlash101, Vaznock, and Waterkai. The idea was the make a crossover between every story on the wiki at the time. The idea was still kept but nothing was announced, planned, or designed, and over the next several weeks, a discussion occurred on the canon Avatar Wiki about merging it and the Fanon Wiki in order to raise Google rankings. Eventually, the merge occurred; Vaznock then wrote a blog to pitch the idea to the Fanon side of the community.

After much discussion, a forum was made to talk officially on how to develop it. The stories to use were as well laid out, which were Avatar: Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Avatar: Wanted, The Way Things Were, and Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. The story's authors (SuperFlash, Vaznock, Waterkai, The avatar, Twilitlink, Firelord Hangh, and Zukofan123, respectively) quickly decided that it would be completely humorous, but have a thin plot tying it together, and what stories would be mainly in each chapter.


As mentioned above Twilitlink wanted to write a mostly action based chapter, but still maintain the comedy theme of the story. As such he made a few pop culture references throughout the chapter. He also tried as hard as he could to fit at least one character from each of the stories involved in one way or another. (This proved to be harder than he thought).

Pop Culture Reference

  • Lee's and Yino's fight made numerous references to the popular fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat.
    • Before they started a random voice cried "Test your might" before fast music began playing. This is how the theme for the Mortal Kombat movies begins.
    • Yino tearing off Lee's leg and beating him with it was inspired by a fatality of Quan Chi.
    • After Nero stuns Yino he tells Lee to "Finish him." this phrase was always muttered at the end of the last round in every Mortal Kombat game.
    • The way Lee finished Yino off was a direct reference to Scorpion's famous Toasty Fatality.
    • In addition the same random voice from earlier cried Fatality.
    • Another Mortal Kombat reference is after Chen signs a contract with Lu Ming, the latter states "now your soul is mine", Mortal Kombat character Shang Tsung often said this when he stole souls, and is a direct reference to the image of Lu Ming being said character. It could also refer to people selling their soul to the devil to get what they want.
  • During Chen's Airbending training Lu Ming tries to teach him to Curve the stone. This is a reference to the movie Wanted which shares a name and theme with Twilitlink's story.
  • At the end of Chen's training Lu Ming tells him to leap from one building to another, this was a direct reference to a similar scene in The Matrix.
  • Gao and Hyaku each used famous lines that each of the two Jokers (Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson respectively) used in their respective movies, although Nicholson's line was slightly changed to fit the world of Avatar.


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