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Part 3: Phoenix Chronicles
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August 3, 2009

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The third part of the fanon crossover story Avatar: Clash of Worlds is based mainly in the universe of Phoenix Chronicles. The chapter begins with all the good guys meeting up wondering how to get back to their own world. This Chapter is the first of the crossover to contain all dialogue.

The chapter and the entire story was conceived in an IRC conversation between SuperFlash, Vaznock, and Waterkai, and pitched to the fanon community weeks later following a massive merge between the Avatar Fanon and the main Avatar Wiki. Several users supported it and helped develop it and the content to be put in it.

The Avatar, wanted this part to be a little serious, but still outline the obvious flaws and issues within the other fanon stories.


Palace de Rebel

"So,everyone I would like to welcome you all to the First Official meeting of the Justice Lea..I mean Fanon Characters"Mian.

In a secluded corner, Takeshi and Selira are about to make out. As their lips nearly touch, Shiungi pops up.

"Who lives in a Pinapple under the sea? Homer Simpson!" screams Shiungi.

"Seriously, somebody go tie her up. Here, I got the rope." said Takeshi.

"I went poop in my pants" said Shiungi as she was being tied up.

"So, wait, I die in your universe?"BW Aang after they tied her up.

"Yep, like a total wimp. You did suicide, and look you made me the new frickin' Avatar" Chen.

"Not in my world, you die like a hero in mine"Zura.


Huge weird purply space portal pops up and sucks in everybody.

Reality Bending portal thingy

"Wait, what the *@3'#$" Chen?"

"Remember, they got kids here." Mina

"Got censored didn't it?" Kaila

Doofenshmitz Evil Incorporated

Heinz:Curse you Perry the Platy...

Mian:Wait, what the crap!

Ami:Wrong Channel, but I like it. Yeah you know maybe we could all move here.

Back in the Portally thing

"Where we going?" asks Ray.

"Probably, our world," says Zura.

"How do you know?" Replies Ray.

"Look up there," says Tia.

Reads Title "Oh, I see," says Ray.

Fire Temple (Phoenix Chronicles)

"So..Um..why are we here?" asks a confused Inda.

"Hey, I remember this place..this was where I first met..." says Aang(BW).

"Wait, we gotta have a better name than Aang(BW) for you, what about Peter?" interrupts Tia.

"Err..Okay, then. So, like I was saying..." starts Peter.

"I went pee in my pants!" screams Shiungi.

"Forget it," says Peter.

"Wait, everyone I have to tell you something very important," says Mian.

"Avatar Mian, I am your mother!"yells a flying Mitsuki.

"Oh, my god mom what are you doing..Wait,no you aren't," replies Mian.

"Yeah, but I totally got you,anyway going over to the Fire Nation Capital to kick the Fire Lord's ass!"

"Wait, what the Shit!. First, we can obviously start cussing now, and you ain't gonna kill my dad" says Zura.

"What the?" says Peter.

Suddenly another huge warp occurs and everybody is at the Fire Nation Royal Palace.

Fire Nation Royal Plaza

Mitsuki: "Wait,what. No, I wanted to use my first invention to get here. I call it the Get-me-to-the-Fire-Nation-inator."

Mian: "I thought you said she was smart."

Chen: "Mitsuki, how much pot did you have today?"

Mitsuki: "none of your business... "5 bags""

So,as Mitsuki keeps blabbing on about her pretty pink unicorn, all the other baddies show up.

"Hello, I am Lian, from Wanted."

"Yello, this is Yino, from BW."

"Hi, guys. Look I made cookies!, I made them out of this white powdery stuff I found in that guy's pockets", says Mitsuki.

"White Powdery stuff?" asks Peter.

"None of your business, you stupid pony," says Giu.

"Come on Yino, let's grab a couple of those," said Lian.

"Here look I found this weird juice..yeah Points to Liquorsays Yino.

"So, all the baddies are here," said Kambi.

"Wait, what about The Phoenix Chronicles?" asked Peter.

"Well, we don't have an official baddie, yet," whispers Mian.

"So, what now? Well, personally I want to go home and Yino's but all BW style .And Mian can go kick any random "Admiral's" butt," says Peter.

"Shut up, or I'll go Avatar State, wait you're an Avatar..crap didn't work out the way I thought it would," says Mian.

"Hey, I think this is the big fight scene. Wait all the baddies are high, let's ditch," said Zura

Wait, a minute I think I am getting a...eyes go white..Hello, er..people of Seatt..I mean Avatar Universe to go back to your home world you must find the super mystical Stone of Drea..I mean the Balance gem. It keeps the balance between the universes. So,please go ahead and find it...faints -Mian

"I think he had a prophecy going there, can he do that?" asked Tia.

"This is fanon,w hich explains all the references to other TV shows", reminds Peter.

"So,then where is it?" asks Kalia.

"Stupid Vague Prophecies, I bet I am a better Avatar then you," says Chen

"Shush, Chen!" scolds Kalia.

"Yes, honey," replies Chen.

"Wait, you cannot escape our wrath!" says Quanlee from almost nowhere, along with her is Tam Mee carrying dozens of shopping bags.

"See, Mian told you I met her,pay up," says Tia.

"Fine, how much was it? 20 gold coins, here," says Mian.

"Chen, how could you love that filth...-Quanlee

Freaky Portally thing is back

"Hey, look it's got a couch now," says Ami.

"Move it, Ami," says Peter.

"Hey, be nice to her," says Zura.

"Why, do you like her?" asks Peter.

"Well,to say the truth.." says Zura.

"Guys, not the best time to confess feelings. Remember crazy portal thing," says Tia

"Hey,look Mian is waking up" says Tia

"Mian, you just gave us all a prophecy that might save us or destroy us, what are you going to do now?" asks Kaila.

"I'm going to Disney World!..De Ja Wu," replies Mian.

Las Veg..I mean Spirt World

"So, what happens, now?" asks Tia.

"I know, it is that stupid dramatic ending, where they just leave us," said Peter.

"Crap, I hate those. That happened at the end of Order of the Phoenix and I was soo.." said Chen.

To be continued'



Avatar: Clash of Worlds was originally conceived without a name on an IRC discussion between Avatar Fanon Wiki users SuperFlash101, Vaznock, and Waterkai. The idea was the make a crossover between every story on the wiki at the time. The idea was still kept but nothing was announced, planned, or designed, and over the next several weeks, a discussion occurred on the canon Avatar Wiki about merging it and the Fanon Wiki in order to raise Google rankings. Eventually, the merge occurred; Vaznock then wrote a blog to pitch the idea to the Fanon side of the community.

After much discussion, a forum was made to talk officially on how to develop it. The stories to use were as well laid out, which were Avatar: Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Avatar: Wanted, The Way Things Were, and Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. The story's authors (SuperFlash, Vaznock, Waterkai, The avatar, Twilitlink, Firelord Hangh, and Zukofan123, respectively) quickly decided that it would be completely humorous, but have a thin plot tying it together, and what stories would be mainly in each chapter.

Ideas and Writing

Avatar originally had a very serious plot, however, when humor being a must was decided, Avatar quickly thought of less intense, stupid, and scenes for the characters to interact in. He then figured to put in almost all dialogue. He got Shiungi back because he could see a crazy old lady in any fanon. He also wanted some interaction with other TV show characters which had Doofenshmirtz pop in very quickly. The chapter was written quite quickly. He then inserted some dirty humor,with other series mention. Also, the fourth wall was often broke, which was not part of the original concept.

Cultural References

Part 3 has several cultural references, almost all to Disney Channel shows. The largest one was when the portal took all the Fanon heroes to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated when the Evil Genius does his regular screaming at Perry the Platypus. Ami notes that it would be interesting to move here, referring that Avatar might no longer be on Nick. Also, during Mian's prophecy state he said "Stone of Drea.." referring to the Stone of Dreams from the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. Another obvious reference was when Chen mentioned Order of the Phoenix, from Harry Potter. This chapter is so far the one that broke the fourth wall the most, happening almost every five lines.


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