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Part 2: Kyoshi Revolts
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August 3, 2009

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The second part of the fanon crossover story Avatar: Clash of Worlds is based mainly in the universe of Kyoshi Revolts and was written by one of the story's writers, Vaznock. The chapter sets up the plot in which the many characters of Kyoshi Revolts meet a new group of character, all from different stories.

The chapter and the entire story was conceived in an IRC conversation between SuperFlash, Vaznock, and Waterkai, and pitched to the fanon community weeks later following a massive merge between the Avatar Fanon and the main Avatar Wiki. Several users supported it and helped develop it and the content to be put in it.

Vaznock wanted to also include a plethora of humor and puns throughout the story, and to try to have every character from every story interact with a character from another story in some way. The locations in the chapter vary, as well as the plots.


Fire Nation Capital

"And I'm rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and this sucks, and I'm rolling, rolling, rolling, ow!" Lee's rolling head was stopped suddenly by the foot of a tall, shadowed man who obviously kidnapped about two or three children a day. The light eventually revealed the man to be Yino, leader of the Wind Killers. Lee Koisho, both scared and somewhat happy, could only do two things: piss his pants, and wonder how seeing a head was not causing Yino to piss his pants. Yino simply muffled Lee's mouth before he could say anything, stuffed him into a bag, and walked away.

"Wow, I saw your whole face for the very first time. It's so much lighter here! Wait, Yino, what-what, what are you gonna do with me! Please don't kill me again! I can't afford to go back to the Spirit World! I DON'T HAVE LIFE INSURANCE!!" exclaimed Lee as tears began dripping from his bagged head. "You have no idea what those spirits do to you! This one guy with some weird-ass Noah-mask tried to-"

"QUITE!!!!! Even when I try to be diabolical, and put in dramatic silence, you still RUIN it!! IDIOT!!!!" screamed Yino. Eventually, after taking some Lexapro, Yino resumed speaking. "Alright, so now I suppose you are confused about why I'm here."

"Hell yeah, I'm confused about all the crap that has just happened, so I don't think one stupid little explanation is gonna help," said Lee, his voice muffled by the bag.

'Oh, uh.....okay," said Yino. "That saves the writer about a paragraph or two."

Rebel City, Royal Palace

"I'm boooooooooored." exclaimed Mina, as she, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu sit on the steps leading to the Palace.

"Sometimes I wish we were evil villains, so we wouldn't have to be roll models and we could smoke as much pot as Mitsuki does," said Kaila in response.

"Mitsuki smokes pot?" asked Chen, surprised.

"Well duh! Why do you think she constantly endangers her life just to get a small bounty? Because she's tripped up, that's why!"

As Mina and Chen recovered from their shock, Kambi, who seems very stressed, approaches the children. "I'm really stressed," said Kambi under his breath. "We have five new rebels coming in disguised as hookers, and I want to make sure they get a nice welcome."

"Oh, those were rebels disguised as hookers" exclaimed Giu. "That explains why they wouldn't touch m--my hair. Yeah-yeah my hair, because, it's---really silky and......uh, smooth?"

"Pervert" muttered Ray under her breath. Just then, two young men and an elderly woman approached the children.

"Hello, my name is Avatar Mian," said the first.

"My name is name is Inda," said the second young man.

"I have lobsters in my ass!" exclaimed the old woman.

"Sorry, this is Shiungi," said Inda. "She's........kind of a nutjob, but she's really the life of the party once you get to know her.

"Why is this pony holding a clipboard?!" yelled Shiungi as she sat upon Kambi.

"Uh, could someone get this woman off me!" yelled Kambi.

"Ride pony, ride!"

Outskirts of the Fire Nation Capital

"Uh, where the hell am I," said Lian to herself.

"You're outside the Fire Nation Capital," said a familiar voice. "In a different world."

Lian turned around to see Nero. She ran up to him, giving him a hug, and then slapping him.

"Ow, what was that for!" yelled Nero.

"That was for not returning my phone calls!" retorted Lian.

Suddenly, a Royal Jet hovered over to where Lian and Nero where. The jet quickly began to land.

"What the hell is that!" cried Nero.

The jet then landed, and the ramp was deployed. Then, out of the jet came Princess Mitsuki and her friend, Quanlee.

"So, which one of you is the new nobleman," said Mitsuki with her head down. Not hearing a response, Mitsuki, frustrated, looked up again, though she was suddenly dazzled when she saw Nero, her eyes unable to look away from him. "I-I um, was, uh-wond-wonder-wondering if you were the new nob-noblemom-nobleman, I mean. Heh heh. Uh...yeah."

"Azula!" shouted Nero, "I thought you were dead!"

"What? I'm not Azula. I'm her daughter, Mitsuki. And my mother is not dead, she's the supreme ruler of this planet! How do you not know that?"

"What? She's alive? And you're her daughter? But you have the exact physical description of her. You look just freakin like her!!!! And I'm not a nobleman! I'm an assassin. My name is Nero."

"Really, I don't see any resemblance." retorted Lian.

"Oh, well, since I'm such a nice Princess-"

"Oh yeah, she's a real love muffin," said Quanlee, sarcastically.

"Shut up Quanlee. I'm going to give you the chance to be a nobleman, and maybe you can be my assistant," said Mitsuki as she drooled lovingly over the assassin.

"Well I-" began Nero.

"Nero will not be accepting your offer!" shouted Lian.

"Oh, I'm sorry Nero, I didn't mean to upset your mother," said Mitsuki slyly.

"That's it sister!" shouted Lian while getting into a fighting stance.

"Bring it peasant." challenged Mitsuki.

Phoenix City, Upper Ring, Royal Mall

"Shopping, skipping, skipping, shopping. Sing my shopping song!" sang Tam Mee as she skipped through the Phoenix City Royal Mall. "Sing and shop, sing and-ow!" Tam Mee ran into a girl dressed in Earth Kingdom clothes.

"Who are you?" said Tam Mee.

"I'm Princess Tia, of the Earth Kingdom," she said.

"Oh, hi! I'm Tam Mee, I'm heiress to the former Earth Kingdom land! My mommy owns it all, well minus this palace. My best friend's mommy owns this city. She's really nice! But enough about me, what about you?" said Tam Mee with a big, rather abnormally large smile on her face.

"Well, uh........I like to save the world and help people." responded Tia.

"Boooring! I constantly have to help my bestest friend Mitsuki conquer the world. And it's not easy. Well, all in a days work for an heiress I suppose, tee hee," said Tam Mee. She then picked up her shopping backs and skipped away, doing cartwheels, somersaults and a lot of other showoffy moves.

"Wow! Wait until I tell Mian I just met Paris Hilton!" remarked Tia.

Rebel City, Palace Grounds

"So Selira, how do like the statue I made of you, and then set on fire?" asked Takeshi.

"Oh Takeshi, it is, I mean, it was beautiful. I've had so much fun with you today," said Selira.

The two begin to lean closer to each other to kiss, but then- "MR RONALD MCDONALD IS HUNGRY!!!!" screamed Shiungi, getting the middle of the two.

"Sorry, sorry, I'll take care of her," said Inda awkwardly. He tried to grab Shiungi's hand, though she quickly slapped him the face.


She needs to be restrained!

"Oh snap, she's getting away! She needs to be restrained!" cried Mina.

"Not even the Avatar State can handle this old bat!" exclaimed Mian.

"Ha! Can't touch this." yelled Shiungi, running away from Inda and pushing random rebels to the ground.

"What the fu** is wrong with that lady!" yelled Kambi as Shiungi pushed him to the ground.

"I don't know," said Kaila "But I think she's beating up that tree over there!"

"Man, this has been such a weird day," said Chen. "I don't even where to begin."

"Yeah, hey, where's Giu," said Ray. "Did he end up in another universe or something?"

"Oh Ray, that's ridiculous," retorted Kaila.

Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob's house

"Uh, hey Spongebob? I got your bag of flour," said Giu, walking into the house.

"Excellent. Just put it in the bathroom," said the sponge.

"Who puts flour in a bathroom?" retorted Giu.

"Don't talk, just do it, you want your freedom, right slave!?"

"Yessir!" replied a terrified Giu.

"So do it!"

Azula's Throne Room

"Alright, now for the next appointment, we have a potential minor government adviser. He has PHD in.......kissing? Wait wrong one. Here we are. He has a PHD in....kidnapping children....sounds legit, alright, send him in," said Azula. Azula's servants opened the door, and then in walked Yino, with his back in one hand.

"Hello, your supremeness. I am Yino, and I would like a position as a minor adviser," he said.

"You can take my position," said Mai

"But Mai, you're a major adviser. One of the most major of them all!" said Ty Lee.

"I know!" responded Mai.

"What's in your bag?" asked Azula.

"It's me, Lee Koi-" Yino grabbed Lee's mouth and muffled it in the bag.

"It's nothing," said Yino.

"Z.Z., see what's in the bag," ordered Azula.

"But miss, I'm a business associate, not a searcher," replied Z.Z.

"What? You're a business associate!?" said Yino.

"Yeah, so?" responded Azula.

"But, you're the Supreme ruler of the world. Why do you need a business associate. Wouldn't financial adviser be more appropriate? " asked Yino is confusion.

"No, because then Z.Z. wouldn't have a trivia section," responded Azula.

", anyway, what do you think of my request."

"Well, I..." said Azula, deep in thought.

I should help Yino. thought Lee. If I do, then maybe he'll give me life insurance, and the spirits won't taunt me! With that, Lee hopped his head out of the bag and up to Azula, nearly causing her to scream from disgust. "Oh Miss Azula, Yino would be a great choice. He's the best assassin around!"

"WHAT?! I nearly hired a filthy assassin?! Well, good thing that weird head thing told me. Guards, escort this filthy man and whatever this thing is that just talked to me out of this palace, the capital, the Fire Nation mainland, and DISNEY WORLD!!!" screamed an angry Azula.

"Aw crackers! I was gonna go there with my ex-mother-in-law!" Lee said as his head was carried away.

Outskirts of the Fire Nation Capital

Katara and Azula fight

Mitsuki and Lian fight for Nero's "love"

Mitsuki blasted lightning at Lian. Lian barely dodged it, and then launched water whips at Mitsuki. She ducked, and the whips passed over her. Mitsuki then jetted up into air, flying around Lian. She then launched a jet of blue fire, barely touching Lian's ankle. Lian retorts with a huge wave, though Mitsuki vaporizes the wave. She jumps to the ground, and kicks a swirling flame at Lian, which instead hits Nero in the shoulder.

"Ow!!! Ladies, please stop this!" exclaimed Nero. He was cut short, however, when Lian smacked a water whip at Mitsuki. She dodges it, and the whip instead hits Nero in the face. "Ladies!!!" screamed Nero. Mitsuki then fires a massive bolt at lightning at Lian. She puts a huge water shield in front of her, and lighting bounces off and hits Nero in the chest. "Ah!!! Ladies, you're killing me." Nero said as he fell to the ground.

Finally, Lian prepares to use bloodbending on Mitsuki, and (unknowingly) removes all the blood from Nero's body to fight her. The two continue fighting until nighttime, but eventually, they get tired, and stop.

Finally Mitsuki and Lian walk over to Nero's body.

"Is he dead?" asked Lian.

"I think we killed him..." replied Mitsuki.

"You know, I think I'm getting used to him dying," said Lian.

"Well, that's something that didn't go my way," said Mitsuki.

"What do you do when things don't go your way?" asked Lian.

"Nothing. I'm not a very irrational girl," said Mitsuki as she took out a joint from her hair and began to light it with Firebending. "What about you?"

"Oh, I just sweat it out, like any good assassin would," said Lian, bending a bottle of vodka into her mouth.

Rebel City Outskirts

Giu walked down the path to the city with his clothes soaked. Eventually Ray spotted him.

"Giu, where have you been?" asked Ray.

"I don't really know.." said Giu "But look, I made these cookies out of some special kind of flour that you're supposed to sniff or something. Wanna try one?"

"Oooh, don't mind if I do" responded Ray.

To be continued...



Avatar: Clash of Worlds was originally conceived without a name on an IRC discussion between Avatar Fanon Wiki users SuperFlash101, Vaznock, and Waterkai. The idea was the make a crossover between every story on the wiki at the time. The idea was still kept but nothing was announced, planned, or designed, and over the next several weeks, a discussion occurred on the canon Avatar Wiki about merging it and the Fanon Wiki in order to raise Google rankings. Eventually, the merge occurred; Vaznock then wrote a blog to pitch the idea to the Fanon side of the community.

After much discussion, a forum was made to talk officially on how to develop it. The stories to use were as well laid out, which were Avatar: Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Avatar: Wanted, The Way Things Were, and Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. The story's authors (SuperFlash, Vaznock, Waterkai, The avatar, Twilitlink, Firelord Hangh, and Zukofan123, respectively) quickly decided that it would be completely humorous, but have a thin plot tying it together, and what stories would be mainly in each chapter.

Then, a day before leaving, Waterkai told Vaznock he would not be able to help write the special. His only request to Vaznock was to make it funny.

Ideas and Writing

Vaznock originally had simple interactions between characters planned, however, when humor being a must was decided, Vaznock quickly thought of less intense, random, and nearly pointless scenes for the characters to interact in. From the start, Vaznock knew that he would use two characters from each story, and had almost every character planned. However, after seeing SuperFlash101 use a character from The Way Things Were, Shiungi, Vaznock decided to replace Aang (The Way Things Were) with her, and had a great amount of fun portraying her as a crazy old lady.

When Vaznock began writing the chapter, he decided to put in a lot of humor, but to make it less dry and outright than Part 1, and decided to put more hinted, yet totally obnoxious and even some dirty humor in. Many jokes were intended to be easily recognized, though some were more hinted than others. Vaznock also decided that the characters would keep their base personalities, though not totally, as they would obviously be given a more goofy nature and less subtle traits in order to make the plot a humorous one.

The chapter was written quit quickly, as Vaznock very much enjoyed writing with other user's characters. On August 3rd, a day after Part 1 was released, Vaznock released Part 2.

Jokes and Puns

Many jokes and hidden puns are found all over the chapter. Here are all of them or the ones of most notable mention:

  • Having Lee say that the world of Kyoshi Revolts was much brighter was a pun on the fact that the story he comes from, Avatar: Better World, is very dark.
  • Giving Yino the face of a clown is a joke to the fact that his full face is always shadowed and never shown.
  • Giu making the remark about the hookers not touching him is a fairly dirty pun to the fact that he is a womanizer.
  • Shiungi's personality of being a crazy old hag is inspired by the fact that her profile image is that of the crazy old Herbalist Aang speaks to while trying to find medicine for his friends.
  • Lian getting angry at Nero for not returning her calls is inspired by the way real-life couples in the modern day world interact.
  • Nero mistaking Mitsuki for Azula is a way to make fun of the fact that every image used of Mitsuki is an Azula image.
  • Tia and Tam Mee's brief interaction is a joke about how the girls are both extraordinarily similar yet very different at the same time, as well as Tam Mee's similarities to Paris Hilton.
  • Giu bringing SpongeBob crack was a dirty joke about the fact that SpongeBob acts very strangely, and also that Giu isn't all too smart.
  • Yino question Z.Z. being a business associate is an obvious pun to the fact that it makes no sense at all that Azula would have a business associate.
  • Nero brutally being killed is a pun to the fact that he is brutally murdered very early in the series, Avatar: Wanted.
  • Mitsuki smoking pot is a reference to what Kaila said at the beginning of the story. Lian drinking liquor is also a joke about the fact that she drinks liquor in the first chapter of Book 2 in Avatar: Wanted. The two drugs were also used for each respective element (Mitsuki uses Firebending to light a joint, Lian bends vodka into her mouth with Waterbending).
  • Giu and Ray eating the crack filled cookies was merely made as a funny way to end the chapter, and as a way to possibly give future writers something to work on.


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