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August 2, 2009

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The first part of the fanon crossover story Avatar: Clash of Worlds is based mainly in the universe of Avatar: Better World and was written by that story's creator, SuperFlash101. The chapter sets up the loose following plot of Lee Koisho returning from the dead and causing chaos in all of the universes.

The chapter and the entire story was conceived in an IRC conversation between SuperFlash, Vaznock, and Waterkai and pitched to the fanon community weeks later following a massive merge between the Avatar Fanon and the main Avatar Wiki. Several users supported it and helped develop it and the content to be put in it.

SuperFlash101 attempted to make part one an extremely dry and humorous dialogue driven chapter that would allow for the following chapters to continue it and make readers laugh. He also inserted a plethora of pop-culture references and ridiculous events to further allow the reader to laugh and enjoy the chapter.


Spirit World, at the bridge to the mortal realm

Baboon spirit

The monkey spirit sits annoyed as Lee babbles on.

The muggy swamp of the Spirit World was not all that unpleasant. For the spirits in it, it was actually lovely, a home to call their own. It didn't really matter if the vines made you trip when you attempted to find the bathroom, which everyone always seemed to forget didn't actually exist in the realm.

Though like probably expected, not all spirits found the world so tolerable, especially those who weren't naturally formed there – those who were once mortals and died, entangling them into the retched swampy terrain. One so was Lee Koisho. Yes, the Lee Koisho who tried to kill the Avatar but conveniently lost his cool and was drowned in a bay in Ba Sing Se...even though in the time it took he was probably able to escape and slit his apparently incompetent thuggish captors' throats. But I digress.

Lee definitely hated the Spirit World, constantly sitting disgruntled in front of the bridge to the mortal realm, looking at his dead body through it and blabbing on and on to a much older spirit in the form of a monkey with a thick Indian accent. Today was no different, in fact.

"Look at my body, man, just sitting there, rotting, like-like that piece of cheese, you know, that you drop in the kitchen and you go searching for it for, like, for like an hour, getting all this dust you-you can't even truly identify as dust, until you just give up. Then, like, a month later while you're just sitting - you're, you're enjoying some leftovers your mother-in-law left you that you despise so much but can't help but-but eat anyways, and BAM! You smell it! Rotten, dirty cheese! And of course you can't find it so y-y-you-you-you just open the godforsaken window shades and pray for a miracle, that-that somehow that pint-size piece of cheese will-will-will just evaporate in midair. But it never does and when you have-you have guests over and they're like, 'What is that terrible spell' you're like 'IT'S THE CHEESE, MAN!!! IT'S THE GODFORSAKEN CHEESE!'" Lee got into the face of the monkey spirit who was sitting annoyed, "When will the cheese stop rotting, man?! When?!"

The spirit slowly moved his hand to Lee's sweating face and flicked him undemonstratively. He then turned his head to match Lee's and spoke exclaimed. "Who do you think you are?! You Jodie Foster? No! The lambs ain't gonna shut up if you don't! Look-look-look at me, 'man'! I'm talking to a deranged lunatic who couldn't kill a twelve year old because of some cooky deus ex machina! Man, you make every day feel like-like-like filming Sixth Sense for me, a simple spirit who hasn't meditated in years because of a urinary contraction and is not feeling any better with the General Grevious of bounty hunters blabbing in my ear all day long!!!"

"..." Lee was silent for a few moments. "Well you're no Anthony Hopkins yourself, bub. And fine! You know you're right. No cheese can stop the power of the General Grevious of bounty hunters!"

"That wasn't a compliment, you retard!"

"Silence!!! Lee Koisho isn't gonna stand any more muggy swampy days, living life alongside talking monkeys and parrots and no GODFORSAKEN BATHROOM! I mean, no wonder you all have urinary contractions, no one can take a freaking leak!!! That's right, Spirit World! The Lee-man is out! Wah-ha-ha!!!!" He jumped throw the gate then and there and slid himself into his decrepit body, standing up smiling and laughing insanely. He then ran off into the distant, laughing still. The monkey spirit looked flat into the distance as Lee ran. "He does realize he's going to start falling apart in like, two hours, right?" Nero, another infamous bounty hunter of Team Avatar, appeared beside him. "Nope."

"And I'm also gonna take it you're the sign of his negligence of tearing up the entire time space continuum?"


Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice – I mean Team Avatar's apartment, Ba Sing Se

Aang unhappy

"Angst, angst, angst, angst, angst."

Aang lay down on his bed, his long black hair askew...even though it's only been around three weeks since he stopped shaving and he should really just have a bit of fuzz, but I digress again. He looked flatly at the ceiling.

"Angst, angst, angst, angst, angst." Suddenly, an explosion created a large whole on his room wall. "Ah, come on! That's, like, the eighth time this has happened! I may be the Avatar but I'm not rich, man! Jeez!"

Lee's slightly rotting body sauntered in through the hole. "Here's Johnny!!!" "Lee Ko...Lee Koi-e-oh, K-K-K-Koi fish? How, I'm sorry, how do you pronounce it?" "It-it's Koisho. Like-like-like 'Koi,' ya know, like a Koi fish, and then-then-then-then 'sho,' like-not like 'shoe,' like-like that Dane Cook joke where's he's like, 'Mom, where's my shoes?!,' not like that, like 'show,' ya know, like 'The show must go on,' a-a-a-a 'show' with, like, jazz hands and, uh, whatever, like BAM! Like, like BAM! Ya know, that guy – like that one guy, what guy is it, the...the chef with the – with the 'BAM!' What, uh, what's his name again?"

"Oh, isn't it, uh, like 'Crystal' or – or like-"

"You mean B-B-Billy Crystal? That, uh, actor, are, are you sure it's him, it's like-"

"No, no, no, no, not like – not Billy Crystal, like a jewl, sort of like, uh, a gem, a, uh-"


"Yeah! Emeril! Sounds like 'Emerald,' yeah, yeah."

"His pasta – that pasta he made that one time, it was, it was delicious," Lee remarked leaning on the wall.

"Oh yeah," Aang said, sitting back on the bed. "Have you-have you made that casserole he did last week?"

"Oh, no, that must've...must've been while I was dead and-and stuff..."

"Oh, too bad, it was, like, salty but not too salty, sort of in between." "Ah, yeah."

Aang jumped up again and posed, "Okay, back, uh, back to the fighting and overdramatic stares. "

Lee did the same with a knife. "Yah!"

Aang propelled himself forward and Lee did the same. Everything went extremely slow as they jotted forward. To leave out all the repetitive description of slow motion, I'm just gonna say it was slow mo. Yeah, just like The Matrix. They both shouted slowly and deeply, "RAH!!!"

Then suddenly, they just missed each other and were sent flying out to the other side of the room. "Noooo!! Curse you, Morpheus!!" They both shouted concurrently, colliding into the opposite walls.

While Aang simply hit his head on the wall, Lee's head was knocked off his neck when he hit his wall. The disembodied head spat as it rolled on the floor, "Buh, d-d-d-d...WTF, man?! What the-wha-j-GAH! Don't, don't stand there, Aang, help – help get my disattached rotting head reattached to my rotting body!!"

Aang walked over and picked up the head, walking not to his body but to the wall. "What-what are you doing? Ah, Aang, c-come on! Have a heart, have a-" Aang kicked the head far off into the sky. "CURSE YOU, PERRY THE-I mean, AANG THE AVATAAAAAARR!!!!"

Lee's body ran through the wall hole drunkenly, passed Aang, who was laughing hysterically, and tried chasing after his head at great, attempted speed.

Lee's head flew over Ba Sing Se, screaming angrily. Below, as he flew in the sky, Takeshi Sagara whooshed into existence next to a newspaper stand and looked up slightly to see it, wearing a flat expression.

Hm, a disembodied head, he thought, I should use that as a model for my Rorschach mask. One of these days, I tell ya, one of these days..."

As he continued to fly over the city, screaming, Avatar Mian suddenly appeared and looked up at it. You don't see that every day, he thought. Wait, WTF?! Aren't I supposed to be in the Southern Water Tribe, like, fighting and stuff?


Shiungi appears alongside Mian.

Shiungi appeared beside him, remarking inside her head, Even through my senility I can tell we're only here to break up the action and make barely funny remarks.

Now at this point it's pretty likely either Lee would simply stop, likely, miles before this moment, or catch ablaze at the ludicrous speeds he is going, even though Aang merely kicked him. Maybe he used some Airbending to send him flying farther then usual to move on the plot? Hm? But I digress once more.

Lee's head finished it decent and started crashing far out of the outskirts of Ba Sing Se. Some figure started to take ship, and revealed itself to be the vast, [Kein Forest, the tops of the buildings in the beautiful rebel city. "What the-? Where'd the wooden Metropolis come from!?" Suddenly, he started bouncing off from tree to tree, shouting "Ow!" every time until he landed, surprisingly, back on his body. "Yes! I'm back in bl-" But the rebel guards swiftly chopped of his head with a lean blade, sending his head flying again.

Lee finally crashed and landed through the roof of Avatar Chen. Chen heard the crash and turned around, screaming loudly at the site. "AHHHH!!!!"

Lee screamed back, startled by his screaming, "AHHHH!!!"







Lee quotes The Princess Bride.

"Okay, shut up!" Lee shouted, annoyed.

"Alright!" Chen retorted back, startled and shaking. "You, uh, you-you know you're just're just a head, r-right?"

"Ah, jeez, man no way? I-I-I-I-I never even, never even noticed that - OF COURSE I KNEW THAT, YOU IDIOT! One doesn't just become a disembodied head and not know about it!"

"Well, excuse me," Chen muttered.

Suddenly, Lee's body crashed through the wall, and Chen started to scream again. Lee's tongue slapped him across the face, "Don't start that again." Chen stuttered, "How did you just-"

"I got by PHD in KISSology," he answered being placed back onto his body. "Ah, this is-this like in those, um, reality shows, ya know, when they-when they put...when they bring back together the father and daughter and there – and there both all happy and like, 'It's great to be with you again.' You, uh, you get the analogy. Oh, forget it." He pulled out a long blade, "Wa-ha! Hello! My name is Lee Koisho. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

"What? What-w-w-what are you-you-you, w-what are you saying? I've – I've never even met your-your father, let, uh, let alone killed him."

"Yeah, I-I-I-I-I know, I-I just, I saw it in this movie once, and I – and I just thought, 'Why n-' Y-you know what, just-just forget I said. Just, just forget it. I-" The rotting arm in which he was holding the blade then fell off and dropped to the floor. "Oh, come on! No spirit ever tells you when you come back as a zombie you-you-you fall apart of all things..." He leaned down to pick it up and reattach it to his body.

"Wow, uh, you seem to – seem to have serious connection issues."

"Oh-oh, ha-ha, very funny, I'm falling apart I'm laughing so hard," He remarked sarcastically, putting his arm back on. He muttered, "Stupid modern kids with their Facebook, and Myspace, and their Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." "You ramble a lot..." Chen said in the midst of the awkward conversation occurring.

To be continued...



Avatar: Clash of Worlds was originally conceived without a name on an IRC discussion between Avatar Fanon Wiki users SuperFlash101, Vaznock, and Waterkai. The idea was to make a crossover between every story on the wiki at the time. The idea was still kept but nothing was announced, planned, or designed, and over the next several weeks, a discussion occurred on the canon Avatar Wiki about merging it and the Fanon Wiki in order to raise Google rankings. Eventually, the merge occurred; Vaznock then wrote a blog to pitch the idea to the Fanon side of the community.

After much discussion, a forum was made to talk officially on how to develop it. The stories to use were as well laid out, which were Avatar: Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Avatar: Wanted, The Way Things Were, and Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. The story's authors (SuperFlash, Vaznock, Waterkai, The avatar, Twilitlink, Firelord Hangh, and Zukofan123, respectively) quickly decided that it would be completely humorous, but have a thin plot tying it together, and what stories would be mainly in each chapter.

Writing and style

SuperFlash took on the role to write the first chapter of the story (which was officially given the name Avatar: Clash of Worlds) due to it being decided as being set mainly in the universe of his story, Better World. Over the new two weeks, SuperFlash conceived few ideas for the story. In another IRC discussion with Vaznock, this time about guest writing for Kyoshi Revolts, and told him about the ideas, which he enjoyed.

The next day, SuperFlash officially started writing the chapter, keeping the idea of making it completely humorous and making fun of the flaws in his story. He also decided to employ extremely dry dialogue, using the animated sitcom Home Movies, which was heavily improved and drew on the kind of dry, subtle humor, as reference in his head.

He also decided to work in several pop cultural references throughout the chapter in order to make it even more humorous. He took issue trying to incorporate a character from each story and do them justice. SuperFlash also tried to give the title a name, The Phantom Menace, referring to Lee and referencing the Star Wars film of the same name, though he eventually decided to do otherwise.

SuperFlash finished writing and published it later that day on Avatar Wiki.

Cultural references

The chapter employs several cultural references in order to add humor to the plot. Lee shouts "When will the cheese stop rotting," which is referring to the title of Silence of the Lambs; the spirit he is talking too then remarks that he is not Jodie Foster, the lead actress of the film, and Lee tells the spirit that he is Anthony Tompkins, the lead actor. Lee also uses the word "frak," a fictional curse word from Battlestar Galactica. The monkey spirit calls Lee the "General Grevious of bounty hunters," referencing the character from Star Wars. Nero yells the famous line from Forrest Gump ("Run, Forrest, run!") as Lee's zombie body runs off into the distance.

The introduction to Aang and Lee's fight accidentally calls it the "Hall of Justice" from the animated series Super Friends. Aang's repeating of "Angst" is taken from the famous internet series Potter Puppet Pals, which in turn is a parody of the Harry Potter series. Lee shouts "Here's Johnny!!" the famous line from The Shining. Aang and Lee try to figure out the name of the chef Emeril Lagasse, confusing him at first for actor Billy Crystal. The two as well do a parody of the famous slow motion fighting sequences from The Matrix and even exclaim "Curse you, Morpheus!" after colliding into the wall.

Lee begins to shout "Curse you, Perry the Platypus," a repeated line in the animated series Phineas and Ferb. Takeshi thinks to himself that he will make a "Rorschach mask," which is from the graphic novel Watchmen. The use of the reference was because Takushi was heavily inspired by the character. Lee calls Kein Forest a "Metropolis," referring not to the description of a metropolis city but of the fictional city from Superman comics.

Lee explains that he can extend his tongue to great extent because he got his PHD in "KISSoligy;" KISS was a famous rock band who became famous for one of their members, Gene Simmons, wiggling his long tongue. He later quotes a line from The Princess Bride and mumbles about "modern kids and their Facebook, and Myspace, and their Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, an oblique reference to a similar line in "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series."


Twilitlink, author of Avatar: Wanted, stated that while the comparison between General Grevious and Lee was "messed up," it was still humorous, and as well stated that the portrayal of his character Nero was out of character but "all in good fun." Zukofan123, author of Avatar: The Legacy of Fire, enjoyed the Watchmen reference used for his character, Takushi. The avatar, author of The Phoenix Chronicles, felt it was "nicely done" but was at first confused on the way all the characters were blended together. SuperFlash cleared it up for him soon after his review. Vaznock, co-author of Kyoshi Revolts, said he would "have some trouble following this up. It's so good."

SuperFlash has been nominated for "Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series" at the 1st Annual Fanon Awards for the chapter. Other nominees in the category include Vaznock and Twilitlink for Clash of Worlds' second and fourth parts, respectively.

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