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Cixi was a young Fire Nation noblewoman who at some point during her teenage life became the girlfriend of Crown Prince Iroh.


Cixi was born in 36 AG, a few months before Iroh and almost a full year before their best friend Jiuan's own birth. Her parents were Fire Nation nobles, her father being a high administrator in the Ministry of Education, in the section of Propaganda for Youth.

Raised in a misogynistic society, Cixi would come to long for freedom of doing what she wanted. This clashed with her mother's own classical views of the role of the woman.

First years with Iroh

In 52 AG, as she was 16 and studying at the Royal Academy for Girls, she attended an underground party where she was approached by Prince Iroh, who had secretly been in love with her for weeks, if not months. Although she at first agreed to date him because she saw him as a way to escape her condition, she would start to develop true feelings for him about fifteen minutes later, when he valiantly protected her from thugs. Even though they were eventually saved by Iroh's old tutor, this was the beginning of a deep love story.

Their relationship remained a deep secret, as Iroh was afraid of his father's reaction shall he learn his reasons for neglecting his studies. Unfortunately, Azulon did eventually find out about the relationship and forbade Iroh to put too much attention to it, or otherwise he would relocate Cixi's family in the colonies.

This began a new period in their relationship. Cixi, although saddened by the fact she saw her boyfriend less than before, became startled and annoyed with the fact that Iroh was still acting as if their relationship was clandestine. She grew irritated with all the secrecy and slowly started to partly resent Iroh.

In the summer of 54 AG, she, along with Jiuan, came on Ember Island in order to see Iroh. However, after one wrong moment with Chan, a freak ride in a cart driven by a crazy old woman, the disinfection of Iroh's wounds, she was stranded by Iroh when Azulon specifically asked to meet her. Her exasperation reached its summit when she became (or at least saw it like this) the prize of an Agni Kai between Iroh and Chan. Furious, her boyfriend and her quarrelled and broke up. However, after one deep convesation with Jiuan, she talked with Iroh of their issues and they started back their relationship, even more in love than before.



Cix adored her father, who was very kind to her and made sure her voice was heard in the household. However, her relationship with her mother was rocky at best, as Cixi's mother saw her daughter's aspiration for freedom and self-expression as something to be ashamed of, some kind of mental disease, an obvious proof of rudeness. Indeed, Cixi's mum had been hammered the sexist visions of the Fire Nation into her head from early childhood and truly believed women had to behave and stay quiet.


Cixi's relationship with Iroh always was passionate. Although at first she was more interested in the freedom he could indirectly give her, she quickly fell in love with him. During the first month of their relationship, they would spend each night wandering in the city together.

However, after Azulon's warning, she became irritated and bitter towards the efforts she had to provide to be with him and Iroh's obliviousness of her feelings in the matter and over-complaining attitude. The situation reached its climax with the infamous Agni Kai between Iroh and Chan, when they temporarily broke up. After one moving conversation where he reaffirmed his love for her, their affection for each other became even stronger.


Although at first Cixi was weary of the kleptomaniac boy who happened to be her boyfriend's best friend, after a few thefts of wallet she started to love him deeply as a friend. She had such trust in him that she confessed her reasons for breaking up with Iroh in "The Beach - Part 2" and actively sought his advice on the course of actions to follow.

Unknown to her, Jiuan was madly in love with her.

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