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City of Rebellion
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Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1

City of Rebellion is the eighteenth chapter of the fanon series Kyoshi Revolts.


When the team finally makes it to Kein Forest, they scurry around the forest, looking for the famous Rebel City. The three kids are all very excited, even Kaila is optimistic. They still aren't safe, however, as General Yi is still willing to try one more attempt to capture the three kids, and the kids' luck just might run out. Meanwhile, Mitsuki unfolds her most diabolical plan yet: a massive attack on the Rebel City!


The chapter opens with Mina, Kaila, and Chen as they realized they've finally reached their destination. Chen says that maybe they'll finally be away from danger, but Kaila tells him that until they get to the Rebel City, they are very much in danger. Mina adds on that they might as well, not dawdle, and the team all runs, with Momo flying above them. Unknown to them, General Yi is in a watchtower near them. He sees the kids through a telescope and one of his men then asks him if he wants to pursue the kids right then and there. Yi finally loses his patience, and says yes. He orders that a tank be deployed, while he has some servants dress himself up in battle armor.

Meanwhile, two engineers are shown dumping fuel into a massive metal case, connected to an even more massive Royal Jet. The guards have a conversation, in which one of them says how they wish they could be back with their families, and not fueling this vehicle of murder. The other guard then asks why so many airships are being deployed, but he is interrupted by sound of footsteps. One of the engineers, very irritated, screams at the person who interrupted his work, though he quickly bows down in fear as he sees the person he yelled at is none other than Princess Mitsuki and her friends. Mitsuki merely rolls her eyes, and tells the man that the reason is for just her, her mother, and her friends to know. Tam Mee, confused, asks Mitsuki why so many airships are being deployed. Quanlee and Mitsuki both sigh in annoyance. Mitsuki, with little time to spare, tells Tam Mee that she is going to attack the rebels in Kein Forest. Tam Mee is still a bit confused, so Mitsuki simply leaves.

As the three young rebels and their lemur walk through Kein Forest, they start to hear footsteps and the sound of wheels on the ground. They turn around only to see Yi and his five men. They all take a fighting stance, though this time they are confident in themselves. They quickly lose their confidence, however, when they see a tank from behind Yi. Chen tells Mina that now it would be the perfect time for some Earthbending, though Mina loudly replies that she's not an Earthbender. Yi and his men then fire at the kids. The three kids work together to deflect the flames. Kaila says she'll try to destroy the tank, and Momo goes over to help her, while Mina and Chen are forced to fight Yi and his men. Chen goes to fight four of Yi's men, while Mina fights Yi himself and another one of his men.

Kaila, with no knowledge of machinery, can only perform futile efforts against the machine. Chen slowly starts to lose against Yi's men, while Mina also loses the upper hand on Yi and another man. Suddenly, just before the three rebels lose, about twenty people jump from some trees, all of them either armed warriors or benders. Yi soon finds himself out numbered, and the people quickly defeat and incapacitate his men. One earthbender destroys the tank and Yi attempts to perform his special move and blow the people to bits, though he realizes the best thing to do would be to flee. Yi gets out just in time, barely escaping the fury of the mysterious people. Mina then asks the people who saved them who they are, and they tell the kids they are rebels just like them. Mina, Chen, and Kaila all beam in excitement, realizing they are now in the Rebel City.

Momo climbs a tree

The outskirts of the Rebel City in Kein Forest

The three kids are then escorted in through the city's barriers, and are brought to the leader of the rebels' (small) palace. The leader, named Kambi, happily welcomes them, and says that they are finally safe from the evil Fire Nation. Kaila is skeptical, and asks if the Fire Nation is really unable to get into the city. Kambi assures them that they are protected by the strongest warriors and benders in the world. Mina is amazed by the city, which has Water and Earth Nation emblems all over. Kambi notices this, and tells Mina that the city is the only standing place where you'll find Waterbenders and Earthbenders that aren't slaves or spies. Momo quickly adapts to the place, rubbing his body on Kambi's royal carpets. Kambi and the three rebels all laugh, and Kambi then asks the earthbender to find the children a nice room in the palace, as they are to be his guests of honor. The kids follow the earthbender, who introduces himself as Giu and tries to flirt with Kaila, leaving Chen with a mad look. Giu, however, quickly regrets it because Kaila doesn't react friendly to this.

Meanwhile, Yi finishes swimming to the Fire Nation Capital shore, only to find Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai waiting for him. He tries to explain himself to Azula, though Ty Lee happily tells him not to worry, as Mitsuki is taking care of the kids, along with all the other rebels in Kein Forest anyway. Azula is not in as much of a good mood as Ty Lee is, and she angrily tells Yi he has "No. More. Chances." Before Yi can defend himself, Azula orders her soldiers to arrest General Yi and take him into custody, and the three ladies leave the scene as Yi is taken to prison by Azula's guards. At that moment, Mitsuki's armada of ships, airships, and her personal Royal Jet take off into the sky.

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