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Cici (The Adventures of Qi)
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Water Tribe

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Southern Water Tribe


Republic City



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Aimei, Sha, Wang


Qi, Huo, Maia, Liu

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Old Enemies


Early Life

Cici was born in the Southern Water Tribe and discovered waterbending abilities from a very early age. She soon grew to be a waterbending prodigy and even mastered psychic waterbending. Later on in her life, she decided to move to Republic City where she met Aimei, Sha and Wang.

Joining Aimei

Cici was at home with Sha and Wang when they heard a knock on the door. They opened the door and were delighted to find Aimei standing at the entrance. When they invited her in, Aimei told them of a very important mission. She explained how they were going to destroy the Avatar for revenge and to make sure Qi and Huo never got to him or her. Cici, Sha and Wang immediately agreed, saying that Aimei "had their backs."

Kidnapping Huo

Aimei led her friends to Ba Sing Se where they discovered that Huo was in a hospital in the Middle Ring. In the middle of Huo's treatment, Aimei and her friends burst into the room where they interrogated Huo for information on Qi. When Huo wasn't budging, they knocked the doctor out and mugged Huo.

They took Huo to an old and abandoned house in the Lower Ring where they once again began to interrogate Huo. Seeing that they clearly weren't getting information out of Huo, Aimei decided to use him as bait to get to Qi. Aimei told her friends to keep guard of their prisoner while she went outside to look out for Qi.

When Qi, Maia and Liu came crashing into the house, Cici immediately sent several ice creepers around to attack them. In her duel with Liu, Cici started off by sending powerful ice disks at Liu. Liu tried using a water shield but Cici just ripped the water right out of Liu's grip and used it as more ice disks to attack him. As she was about to defeat Liu, she found Qi and Maia also advancing on her. Maia used Cici's own weapon against her by lifting up a rock with one of Cici's ice creepers and sending it at her. When Cici's body made contact with the ice creeper, she froze on the spot.

Destroying Yi

Cici travelled with her friends around the Earth Kingdom, destroying villages where possible and wreaking havoc. One day, Cici approached Aimei, telling her they were almost at Yi. Cici also asked if Aimei was ready to destroy Yi, and Aimei answered that she was ready.

When they landed in Yi, Cici fought with Maia. Cici fought hard, blocking all of Maia's attacks with a shield of water. However, before Cici got the chance to attack instead of defend, Maia trapped her in a cage of rock so small that Cici couldn't move. Later, she was rescued by Aimei and together, they destroyed the State of Yi and wreaked havoc.


Fanon:The Adventures of Qi

Book One

102. "Old Enemies"

104. "The Walled City"

105. "Rescue Mission"

108. "The Fate of Yi"

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