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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

" It is also more important to control the air currents around yourself and the glider at all times, to continue to glide in the air. Or you will plummet to the ground, and most likely die. Reason I am, saying death is the consequence because many of you probably do not know how to use the ability we call the air cushion."
— Instructor Chuandan shouts to his entire class of monks in Chapter 16: The Airbending Master
Instructor Chuandan
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Air Nomads




706 BG


614 BG (Age: 92)

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Bald; Brown Goatee

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Airbending, Staff


Air Nomads, Monk Yong Ten, Avatar Rong Yan, Monk Senge, Council of Elders, Aloi, Monk Jampo

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Gliding Instructor




Air Nomads Apprentices

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Book 1: Air Chapter 16: The Airbending Master

Chuandan is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Instructor Chuandan, is the gliding instructor at the Southern Air Temple. Chuandan teaches all the Air Nomad apprentices how to glide using airbending and the staff, which is a sacred Air Nomad tool.

The staff, transforms into a glider, which can be used to fly in the air. Chuandan, though an airbender he acts more like a drill sergeant of the other three nations armies. Rather than a polite peaceful monk, though he mention death a lot during his gliding lectures as well.

Avatar Rong Yan, Monk Senge, and Monk Jampo, all encounter the instructor on day three of Rong Yan's airbending training. As they all have the class to take for that day, and pass it continue to their respective levels of airbending.

Chuandan, only mentions death to those who do not pay attention in his class. The consequences to their fooling around, and talking instead of listening to his lecture, results in death. Chuandan, had only two students who had plummeted to their deaths during his teaching career.

Chuandan, never mentions the boys who died, so he does not worry his students, who all think that the whole dying thing is joke. Though Chuandan, is a serious man, but he has his fair share of passion for gliding.

Chuandan, instructs them to do what he says, because, they're the three main rules of gliding, that everyone must follow. First one, to glide, everyone begins to follow after Chuandan, and begin to glide.

The instructor, sees that Rong Yan, is a natural at gliding, seemingly as Rong Yan had mastered gliding 993 times, making this the 994th time mastering the skill. During the lesson, Chuandan is seen breaking one of the rules of gliding, as he accidentally swallows a bug while gliding.

Chuandan, along with Yong Ten inside of the meeting room with the Council of Elders begin to review Rong Yan's skills in the first five levels of airbending. Giving Rong Yan, a positive review, it is known that the Avatar had passed level five of airbending.

Chuandan, teaches Rong Yan airbending the day before the festival as well. Teaching him levels six to ten of airbending, the use of the staff as a defensive tool and offensive tool. As well as teaching him one or two dodging moves.



Like all Air Nomads, Chuandan was born an airbender. Mastering the element at the age of 25, he received his airbending tattoos.


During his early years, after mastering the skill of gliding. Chuandan, has always had a passion for the airbending skill. After becoming a master, his old instructor had passed away.

Chuandan, had been made the new airbending instructor and held classes for older monks and taught them unique and advanced tricks.

Staff Combat

Not only being the gliding instructor, Chuandan is also known as the staff combat instructor. He teaches monks through the sixth to tenth levels of airbending which deal with having to use the staff as combat.

In the next chapter, Chuandan, teaches Rong Yan to properly use the staff not only as his glider like in chapter 15, but also as a weapon, if needed to be used when he is going to fight someone.



  • Chuandan is Chinese for "flyer".

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