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(Author note: A good portion of this pages' and characters information came from the canon article: Earthbender captain)

Captain Chu is a vengeful man who wants the Fire Nation to pay for what they have done to the world. He fought against Iroh and the Fire Nation army during the 600-day siege of Ba Sing Se. He does not consider Iroh as anything but an Earth Kingdom enemy. He will do anything to protect his nation and especially the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se.

After the 600 day siege

After his strong resistance to Iroh's infiltration, Captain Chu was repositioned to the front lines with the task to develop an elite militia to safeguard the borders from Fire Nation infiltration. Once he had relocated to General Fong's forward base, positioned nestled in mountains by the coastline between a mining village and Senlin Village, Chu founded a group he dubbed the Ridge Riders, under direct command of General Fong.


After meeting Katara, Aang and Sokka at General Fong's Base he was assigned a scouting mission by General Fong. There were reports that a Fire Navy ship had been seen off the cost just north, close to Senlin Village. He and his crew of Ridge Riders were dispatched to intercept and capture any stragglers who may attempt to set down.

Having left the base, he discovered Iroh peacefully enjoying a steamy sauna and captured him. While captured, Iroh attempted to convince Chu that he was nothing more than a harmless old man by acting weak. He pretended to fall asleep in his saddle, leaving behind his slipper as part of a trail for Zuko to find. He made an escape attempt when he complained of his handcuffs being too loose. When one of the soldiers attempted to tighten it, Iroh heated it up to scalding temperatures, burning the soldier's hand.

Iroh rolled off the Ostrich Horse and down a mountainside. Chu and his soldiers caught up to him quickly to recapture him through the use of Earthbending. Due to his actions, Chu decided that it was too dangerous to transport him to Ba Sing Se as he was, planning to crush his hands as a precaution. However, his attempt to do so was interrupted by Zuko, and the two of them fought against Chu and his Ridge Riders.


Chu prepping an Earthbending move

After his team of Ridge Rider's were subsequently defeated, Chu valiantly fought on single-handedly against the two Firebenders. He blocked a blast from Zuko, before prepping a powerful Earthbending technique to bring down the young Firebender. Before he could finish setting up this move, Iroh tripped him up so that his summon earth fell atop him, knocking him unconscious. When he next woke, his captive had escaped.

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