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  • Fire Nation
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  • Ryu
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  • Soldier
  • Recruitment officer
  • Tracker
  • Student of Master Wen
  • Former frontline sergent
  • Raw Recruitment Officer

Fire/Earth Alliance

Choy is the newest member of the Fire/Earth Recruitment Officer Corps. He shares a rivalry with man named Ryu.


Witnessing His Father's Death

When Choy was two years old he witnessed the death of his father, Ken, at the hands of the newly self-proclaimed Dragon King Lao. The experience scarred him for life, but at the same time it made him realize that in this world the strong rule while the weak die. Instead of repressing the memory like a normal shield at that age would do, Choy embraced the memory and used it as motivation. For the next seventeen years the memory of his father motivated him never to lose.

Training with Master Wen

When Choy turned ten he was sent by Dragon King Lao to study under the great Master Wen, the man who'd taught his father. The training was harsh and unforgiving, but Choy excelled, mastering many martial art forms as well as the use of his duel katanas. While training Wen taught Choy one of his most secret techniques. Unknown to Wen however is Choy had managed to learn another of his techniques purely by instinct. When Choy had finished his training five years later, Wen told Choy that he was one of his greatest pupils, even stronger than his father.


During Choy's training he befriended a student from the Southern Water Tribe named Ryu. Despite them being from opposing forces in the war the two became fast friends and kept a healthy rivalry. The two were evenly matched in all fields and were often pitted against each other in sparring matches. When Ryu finished his training he told Choy that he was going to use his training to help end the war, Choy voiced a similar wish. The two knew that they would meet each other on the field of battle, so they made a promise to give each other an honorable battle when they met again.

Military Career

For the next two years Choy would fight in the war as a sergeant. The young warrior fought ferociously in every battle he took part in, often winning the battle for his forces. By the end of his first year Choy had already killed over 300 enemies over the course of 6 battles. Throughout the years Choy continually crossed paths with Ryu, and every time they met their rivalry grew more and more brutal, while their friendship became more and more strained. The friendship finally snapped when they met at the Southern Water Tribe.

Friends no More

Kya, Yon Rha and young Katara

Choy disobeys his orders

At the beginning of Choy's third year in the army, Choy's division was sent to raid the Southern Water Tribe. Upon arrival Choy was ordered to find and kill Chief Gua and his family. Choy went around the forces sent to repel the invaders and infiltrated Chief Gua's palace. Silently taking care of any guards he came across, Choy eventually found Gua, his wife Sei, and his two daughters, Allana and Moon holed up in a bunker. Gua attacked Choy to protect his family, but was no match for Choy who easily avoided all his attacks. Choy merely knocked the Chief unconscious and decided to save him for later and moved on to the women. But he is unable to bring himself to kill the defenseless women. Allana begs Choy to just leave them alone and for him not to harm her brother. When Choy is about to ask who her brother is a giant fireball crashes into the room launching Allana and Choy out of there while killing Gua, Sei, and Moon instantly. Once Choy recovers he moves to check Allana's pulse but is interrupted by numerous ice shards that almost plunge into his back. Choy turns to face Ryu, who demands to know why Choy murdered his family. Before Choy could explain however Ryu explodes and attacks Choy.

The two battle throughout the palace, with Ryu madly attacking Choy without pause. Ryu lands numerous hits on Choy while taking several himself. Eventually however Choy was eventually stabbed through his chest by Ryu's ice sword. As Ryu formed another, several more Fire/Earth soldiers burst in and struck Ryu down, leaving him for dead. The commander of the raid forced one of the captured waterbenders to save Choy's life. Once he regained consciousness, Choy was given an extended leave of absence. He never returned to the formal military.

Recruitment Officer

When Choy finally recovered he was offered his old rank in the army. Choy turned it down and joined the recruitment officers instead, feeling the position would be more peaceful... he was wrong. Choy passed the Recruitment tests easily. When word reached Dragon King Lao about the last stronghold of the Energybenders Choy was put on the team sent to "recruit" them. When they arrive in the Energybender stronghold Choy's team is almost instantly repelled due to the cowardice of their leader Quin. Once outside the caves Quin orders an attack and Choy incapacitates one of the Energybenders sent to escort them out. When the group reentered the caves Quin immediately set fire to a house. After being to leave the residents after he moved to save them, Choy moved throughout the stronghold, fighting any Energybender he encountered with non-lethal force. After a brief encounter with Genesis, Choy faced Cal, the Energybender who'd stopped them earlier, and quickly defeated him. Then Quin arrived and slew Cal with Choy's sword.

Tracking Genesis




  • The rivalry between Choy and Ryu was based on the rivalry between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow from G. I. Joe
  • Choy's name along with Lay and Fut was derived from the martial arts form Choy Lay Fut
  • Choy has a habit of being blamed for murders he didn't commit, Ryu's family was killed by a stray flaming rock launched from out side. Genesis' father was killed by Quin using Choy's sword

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