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Chores and Sand Snakes
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July 13, 2014

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Chapter 1

"Give it up Avatar!" Standing proudly with her hands on her hips was a short, black haired girl, dressed in an emerald green Kimono top and dark brown Haori bottoms.

"Never, I will fight to the bitter end!" Unfazed by the emerald girls confident words, opposite her stood a tall, long haired girl and slightly older than her enemy, she also wore a similar outfit, but the top seemed a few sizes to big.

"Okay Avatar, have it your way then." Quickly, the tall girl moves her right hand up, a flow of white sand moves suddenly upwards from the ground. A large sand funnel forms and sculpts it's self into a large snake. "Say hello, Avatar Mariko, to my little friend." Pushing both her hands forward, the sand built snake dives, head first, towards Mariko. With a gasp, she rolls out of the way, as the snake smashes into the ground missing her by inches.

"Ha, your little friend wasn't very effective, Kyoshi the Conqueror," Mariko shouts with a smug grin filling up her face.

Smiling back, Kyoshi calmly and slowly, raises both arms into the air. "You sure about that?" The sand snake, newly formed, peaks up from behind Mariko, as she turn to look at the creeping snake, it slams down hard on top of her, submerging her in sand.

"KYOSHI!" Mariko cried.

"Sorry Mariko," said Kyoshi apologetically, moving her hand, the pile of sand dissipated and revealed her sister.

"Suure you are." Scampering to her feet, she brushing off the remaining sand from her shoulders. "One time that's all I ask, just one, so I can have my earthbending fantasies, but nope, big sis has to ruin it!"

"I said I was sorry."

"Kyoshi, we need your help for a few minutes!" Standing on top of a hill, a man shouts down at the two girls.

"AGAIN," yelled Mariko in frustration. "BE RIGHT THERE! I'm sorry Mariko, but the Conqueror's Army has chores."

After her temper had cooled, Mariko walked with her sister up the hill, the two come up towards a towering tree which stood at the peak of the hill. Jumping at the chance, Mariko charged towards the tree with the ambition to climb it, "Honestly, I don't know what you're complaining about? I'm the one with chores," said Kyoshi as her hyperactive sister attempts to leap up onto the trees lowest branch. Kyoshi continues, "and if it's not chores, it's conquering the Earth Kingdom, if not the Earth Kingdom, it's chores!"

Startling her big sister, the upside-down, mimicking monkey Mariko appears from her newly adopted habitat. "But you're good a conqueror!"

"Really? Kyoshi responded, "is that why I always seem to get defeated by the Avatar, each and every time?"

Mariko, still hanging upside-down from the branch interrupts, "that's because I'm an awesome Avatar!"

Speaking of which, do you ever get tired of always being the Avatar?" Kyoshi asked.

"It's the Avatar, the most powerful bender of all, I mean, who wouldn't want to be the Avatar!" stated Mariko.

Kyoshi paused. "Are you kidding me!" Kyoshi turned, just in time to see her little sister fall to the ground in a thud of disbelief. "Are you CRAZY! Why wouldn't you want that?" She yelled, flaring her arms in the process.

"Why are you yelling at me, I'm just saying, I wouldn't want that kind of responsibility. Also, people would 'expect' me to save them, and the Earth Kingdom from Chin," Kyoshi said, with the hope it would calm down her crazed sister.

"Well... You might have a good point there. Though personally, I would love to give Chin a piece of my mind," Mariko said as she hooked the air and took a fighting stance, ready to face her invisible opponent.

"Really? You would?" questioned Kyoshi as walked up to a tiny wooden house.

Kyoshi and Mariko filter into the first room of the house. Sitting down on the dusty wooden floor, Kyoshi attempts to pull off her boots as Mariko slips easily out of her sandals. Stopping in her tracks, Mariko places her left hand on her chin, thinking hard on what her older sister had previously said, "you know, that would be quite a lot of people to save in the Earth Kingdom, maybe a few hundred or a few thousand," said Mariko.

Struggling with the prizing of her boot, Kyoshi looks over to a middle aged woman with long black braided hair, wearing a mint coloured, leaf patterned Kimono, chopping up some carrots in preparation for a meal. "Ergh, Mum, I think I might need some new boots!" Kyoshi said as she finally and violently pulls off her right boot, giving her both her feet the well need fresh air they desired,

"Already?" Her mother said in stunned amazement, "Honestly Kyoshi, how do your feet are grow faster than you?"

"And considering how tall you are, that's no small feet," Mariko blurted as her chuckle evolved quickly into a burst of hysteria.

"My feet aren't that big," said Kyoshi timidly.

"Don't be so 'modest', they're huge!" said Mariko, still in a fit of hysterics.

"Mariko, stop tormenting your older sister - it's not a problem. Kyoshi, we'll figure something out," said their mother. She continues chopping up the carrots. "Oh, by the way Kyoshi, your father needs you for a few minutes."

"Awgh, I just got my boots off!"

After Kyoshi finally pulled on her boots both her and hyena sister opened the sliding door and walked outside, leaving the door open behind them.


"Sorry mum," Mariko said after running back to answer her mother's bark. Outside, both Kyoshi and Mariko walk to meet up with a bearded man, working hard in attempting to dig the solid dirt.

"Hi Dad," said Kyoshi with a defeated sigh.

Looking relieved and wiping the sweat from his brow, "Ah, Kyoshi, thank the spirits, could you dig out some channels for me please, the dirt's rock hard."

Without a word, Kyoshi took place near the field and began pulling the earth from one side to the other, creating a long and wide groves up and down the field. As Kyoshi worked on making the channels needed for the next harvest. Climbing up onto the ridge, their father sits gingerly on top of a parked hay stack, joining him was his daughter, Mariko. "Hey Dad!"

"Hi Mariko, what's wrong with your sister?" he asked Mariko.

"Her feet, they've already out grown her boots."

"What! Already?" he reacted.

"MY FEET AREN'T THAT BIG!" Kyoshi screeched as a massive spike of solid rock sprouted out from the field.

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