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Air Nation, Air Republic


Air Nation


Western Air Temple

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Honni, Olila, Linjon, Xinya, Tehang, Biyuru and Jazoh



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Airbending master

Chonyi is an airbending master who became a member of the Order of Wan and later the Air Republic. In her later life she became for her teaching in a form of Airbending and as a spiritual mentor.


Chonyi was born in the Western Air Temple, the daughter of an Airbender and an Air Acolyte. When she was younger, Chonyi was friends with both Honni and her sister Olila when they would visit the Western Temple. She also made many friends on Haiqo during her many journeys there.

After hearing about the attack on Haiqo by the Bouchang Pirates, Chonyi and a few of her friends left the Western Temple and headed to the town. Chonyi was deeply saddened when she discovered that a few of her close friends had been lost in the attack, and went to stay at the Southern Temple there after.

Joining the Order of Wan

Chonyi settled into the Order very well, finding new friends and even starting a romantic relationship with Jazoh.

Later life

Chonyi would go on to become one of the Air Republic's greatest teachers, both in airbending and in spirituality. She attracted many students from the United Republic, even with the rise of cultural conflict that arose between the two nations.


Chonyi is an airbending master, mastering the art in the Baguazhang and Jeet Kune Do styles.

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