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Chong Lee
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Chong Lee is a citizen of Ba Sing Se's Lower Ring in Avatar: Centennial Embers.


Chong Lee lived in a small Earth Kingdom village until about a month before the end of the War. At that time, his village was attacked by the Fire Nation. He was forced to flee and take refuge in Ba Sing Se.

In the short time Chong Lee has been in Ba Sing Se, he has already become a role model to his fellow citizens. His strong-willed ideas have united the peasants as a community, while creating a shared animosity toward the upper class society. He voices his opinions of the state of the lives of those around him. He has spread the idea of waiting for the right moment, and then striking, to improve his own conditions and the conditions of those around him.


Chong Lee has a very strong personality, and believes firmly in his ideas. He is not afraid to resort to violence to get what he wants, and supports when others do so as well. However, he favors strategically using one's strength as opposed to wasting it on trivial efforts. Chong Lee has become sick of the way his community in the Lower Ring is treated, and he has grown to resent those with wealth.


Chong Lee is not a bender, but he is a skilled fighter. He does extremely well in hand-to-hand combat. He also has a talent for Dao Swords, which he used on one occasion to break up a fight between two Earthbenders.

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