By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
Chong playing music
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Lily (wife)


Lily, Moku, Momo

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(A:TR) Ep.14: The Flowers (only appearance)

Chong is a traveling nomad alongside his wife and close friend. He is also the previous owner of Momo, before Momo decided to go with Team Avatar instead.


Chong is, in simplest terms, a hippie in the Avatar World. He is mainly very peaceful, a bit slow at times, and usually doesn't let the bad in life get to him. Since he is a minor character, not much else is known about him apart from this.



His backstory is currently unknown. What is known is that during a trip to Ba Sing Se, he became the owner of Momo soon after visiting the pet shop where Momo was at the time.

Chong appeared while playing his pipa when Ty Lee came over, interested in the music. He thanked her for her compliment on his playing as he and the nomads settled down with Team Avatar soon after being introduced. The nomad saw Sokka still looking over the maps and went over to look, but didn't get the chance to see. While Sokka was explaining on going to Omashu, Chong offered them a shortcut through the mountains and sang the local tune of the Cave of Two Lovers. Afterwards, he guided them over to the cave. After they ended up trapped in though, it wasn't until then that Chong spoke of the curse that came with the cave: anyone who entered it and didn't believe in love would get lost forever, angering Sokka. Chong remained quiet until the group was split up. Sokka asked him if the cave exited one way and Chong responded in affirmation, saying "the whole web went out the same silk". He followed Sokka for a while until the group eventually got out. When he saw Momo on top of Appa's back, he figured out what Momo wanted and let him go. He told Sokka before leaving to not let the destination and plans get in the way of a fun journey. He then went off, singing a love song on his departure.

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