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Chon's Affairs
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1st of All...

I've realized that this fanon will be short, I plan to do 3 chapters for the first book and probably four of five chapters for the second book. Enjoy!! Renata Talk - Survivor 22:57, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

Chon's Affairs

"What am I going to do?!"

Chon was in his bedroom, alone.

"Why did nobody tell me that Avatar Roku died..." Chon put his hands in his face and remembered:

Today, I am officially announcing the beginning of the war, a war that may take centuries to end, but it will be worth it, with the power of the great comet, the Fire Nation will be the ultimate nation, all the others will bow to us and who doesn't must-


"He didn't mean to make them suffer to death, right?"

What Yang presumed was truth, it was a really important speech that Sozin had done, he had announced that the Fire Nation would begin a war with the others nations, and their first strike would be in all Air Temples.

"With the power of the comet...we will be able to kill the Air Nomads."

"And Yang."

"But I suffered too much in the past to be a soldier, and I can't disappoint the Fire Lord like that...I can't"

Chon raised his head and saw his pet.

He had an idea.

At the Southern Air Temple...

Southern Air Temple outlook

The temple.

"It seems that there is no other apple left, Amma"

"Hey, Yang, there is one left here, take it."

"Thanks Aang."

"There you go buddy." Yang said, giving the apple to his Sky Bison

"What's wrong, Aang, you look strange." Yang asks, noticing Aang's sadness

"It's nothing" Aang responded, looking down

"You know that you can tell me anything right?"

"Yes, but there is nothing wrong, I just...don't want to talk to anyone." Aang left the courtyard

"Okay..." Yang thought, he looked to Amma, who had already finished eating the apple.

"Imagine Amma."

"What if I was the Avatar, it would be so amazing."

Yang began to walk to the edge of the courtyard.

"Bend all the elements, travel around the world"

Amma approached.

"With you, of course. I don't know why Aang doesn't like to be the Avatar."

Suddenly, Amma began to scream, but not too loud. And at the same time Yang looked at her.


Yang turned his head where Amma was looking.

"Hey, what's that?"

A kind of bird appeared through the clouds.

"It's a messenger hawk, but...Chon is not here." While Yang was talking, the hawk landed on his shoulder.

"You have to go buddy."

Yang tries to set the hawk free, but he landed again on his shoulder.

" odd, well, if you're not going, I guess I better read it."

Yang picked the message and freed the hawk.

It was written:

Hi Yang, come to the Fire Nation Capital as fast as you can, I have a surprise for you.


"A surprise! I love surprises! Let's go Amma!"

Yang hopped on Amma and they began their travel to the Fire Nation Capital.

To be continued...


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