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Fanon Samsara- Erasahumi map
Great Chokwuëkai Empire
Physical information

Northern Arte


Amakocho (de jure)
Kawado (de facto)

Form of Government

Absolute monarchy

Head of State





Emperor Akafayai

Chokwuëkai (pronounced "tschyo-kwu-ey-kai"), sometimes also called Erasazhumi, is a state located in Northern Arte. It is bordered on its north by the Polar Sea, on its west by the Tempestuous Sea, on its south by the Daisu Mountains and its east by Lake Akka. The characters in Chokwuëkai's name mean "Land of the Rising Sun over the Ocean", which speaks to the intricate and complicated relationship firebenders and waterbenders have in the country. It is for this reason Chokwuëkai is often referred to as the "Land of Sun and Sea".

According to popular myth, Chokwuëkai was founded almost three millennia ago by twin brothers; Zhui (a waterbender) and Ah (a firebender), who together built the capital city of Amakocho. They supposedly founded the Eionmyokai Dynasty, who continue to rule Chokwuëkai today. Over the centuries however the power of the Emperor has waxed and waned, shifting from absolute monarchs to figureheads for powerful warlords, court officials or foreign invaders. The state's current incarnation began with the Kwosha Restoration, led by the legendary masajun (warlord) Feika Yoshifosu, that ended the earthbending Houng Dynasty and restored the Eionmyokai Dynasty to power under the Tashitsu Masajunate. Though politically the state is a de jure absolute monarchy, in reality the state is governed de facto by the Masajunate, who control the state military and domestic administration.

Chokwuëkai is one of the most populous, industrialized and technologically advanced states in the known world. It is experiencing rapid urbanization, as thousands of rural peasants and laborers are moving to the cities in search of employment and capital. Despite its wars on the frontier, Chokwuëkai's strong domestic capitalist economy continues to grow annually- and it has one of the largest in the world.


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Government and Politics

Fanon samsara imperial chokwukai flag

The national flag of Chokwukai.

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