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The Lieutenant devastated
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United Republic of Nations

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Electrified kali sticks


Benders, Amon

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Equalist (formerly)

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"Welcome to Republic City"

Choden is the name of the second-in-command lieutenant amongst the Equalists back in Republic City, long before Taar destroyed it. He is a loyal man, yet only to those he trusts.


Choden was once a high-ranking member of an anti-bending group known as the Equalists, working under Amon back in 170 AG, one of the first enemies Avatar Korra faced upon her arrival. However, when he found out about Amon's bloodbending, he lost trust in his leader but was easily defeated. After Amon had disappeared, he and many of the other Equalists were put under arrest, in his case a death sentence. He was brought to a high security prison hold nearby the city of Zenshu, where he remained since the Anti-bending Revolution

For the next five years, Choden remained imprisoned within the place until the day Korra, Asami Sato, Mako, and Ziyou arrived in order to find and retrieve Rikuu, as apart of their deal with "Big Momma". Choden recognized Mako soon after spotting him and soon confronted him and Ziyou (who he mistook for Korra). He reminded them both of who he was, though when told of Amon, Choden stated that he no longer liked him, and he still had a spite for benders after so long. A little bit later, when he saw them break out, Choden snuck out and managed to get his hand on some firecrackers. When he revealed himself to them, he threatened to blow their cover if they didn't help him escape. Not having much choice, they helped him out and got him out of prison. He split off from the group before they arrived back in Zenshu.


  • Choden has the longest time gap between appearances of all the characters present, only appearing in Book One: Air before reappearing in Book Seven: Order.
  • His name comes from Air Nomads origin, despite not being an airbender himself, or related to the Air Nation.

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