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Cho is a character in Avatar: Guardian.


Early Life

Cho was born to a pair of military parents on a central Fire Nation island. When he was 14, his parents were killed during a mission in the Earth Kingdom. His age forced him to be placed in several homes that fostered a desire to wipe out the Earth Kingdom. As soon as he turned 16, he joined the Fire Nation military in hopes of avenging his parents.

Military Service

Cho took part in several important missions in the Earth Kingdom, including the burning of several villages, as well as the original force that took control of Gaipan. Cho was also in the occupying force that took control of Omashu during the later stages of the War. The stresses caused by his careeer caused the loss of his hair, something he is known to be very touchy about.

Joining the Phoenix Warriors

Cho eventually follows another officer into the Phoenix Warriors, joining the organization as soon as he discovers its purpose. He takes several towns for the Phoenix Warriors, rising through the ranks as his exploits became more bold. He is part of the invasion force that attacks the Northern Air Temple, battling fiercely and killing several Fire Nation soldiers, though he is eventually captured.


"They are giong to attack what you love." - Cho to Team Avatar while being interrogated.

After being detained by the Fire Nation military, he is identified as a leader and placed in a room for interrogation. Fire Lord Zuko and his friends enter, and Cho begins taunting them. After the end of the verbal battle, Cho accidentally brings up that the Phoenix Warriors are plotting another attack. Toph deduces that Cho is not lying, and tells the groups that they are "going to have some problems."

Cho is kept in his prison until several guards arrive to take him to the Fire Nation. He attempts to make conversation with the escorts, but the soldiers only give him basic details. As they unlock his bindings to allow him to be led away, Cho attempts to escape, headbutting one guard into another while Firebending at another. After kicking the unconscious leader of the group, he slowly exits the room. Before he can get too far, he is slammed into a wall by an unknown source. Boreas, the Airbender who defeated him, moves him back to the room, putting him in the handcuffs that he was initially to be placed in.

Escape from Captivity

Cho is placed in a room on a ship bound for the Fire Nation. After a few days imprisoned, he had formulated a plan to leave the cell. When the guard brings him his meal, he knocks him out, using his keys to open the door. After leaving, he overhears several sailors talking about their new captain, a man who no one had seen before.

Cho creates another plan and moves through the ship to find the Captain's room. He passes a room with a sleeping old man, though he does not enter since it was not the captain. Eventually, he finds the Captain's room. He opens the door, closing it behind him. The Captain repeats orders that forbid entry by any crew members. Cho declares that he isn't a part of the crew before attacking. The Captain puts up a fight, though Cho throws him out of his window, sending him to his death at sea.

Cho looks through the Captain's closet, finding clothes that fit him. He looks into the hall, attracting the attention of a soldier walking through the hall. He orders a meeting with the crew before returning into his room, remembering how convenient his new position is.

A New Role

"Men, recently we have lost a prisoner. He escaped from the ship's brig and ran through the ship. Eventually, he found my room and stated that he was going to take command of the ship. I dueled against him for some time, trying to capture him. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep him down and I had to resort to more fatal measures." - Cho lying to the ship's crew.

When the ship's crew assembles, Cho recounts the nights events. He changes the outcome of the story, lying to say that he was the true captain of the ship. After silencing the crew's murmurs, he adds a new detail: that his face was horribly scarred. He says that it was the prisoner who burnt his face, increasing his sympathetic appeal to the sailors. Cho continues, changing the ship's orders to allow for his destination. He orders that the ship be redirected to the Fire Nation Capitol. He leaves the group with a resounding "Long live the Fire Nation" before exiting the room and waiting for their arrival.

The Capitol

"I hope you said good bye to your girlfriend, because you're never going to see her again." - Cho threatening Zhentu before their Agni Kai.

Upon receiving news that the ship has docked at the Capitol, Cho exits the boat, walking across the deck and taking in the sight of the city. He doesn't see someone approaching from behind, and that person knocks him out before continuing on into the capitol.

When Cho finally comes to, he sees the destruction of the plaza, with Phoenix Warriors captured all throughout the area. He turns his gaze to three teenagers running into the city, eventually attacking them while their backs are turned. One of the teens is a Firebender, and he blocks the attack. Changing tactics, Cho decides to deceive the group. He tells them that he is a soldier who was ordered to defend the capitol from and unknown attack. Unfortunately, Mai ruins his story by pointing out that he didn't know the Capitol was under attack before he talked to the group, so he decides to forcibly capture them.

He attacks her, but Zhentu stops him. After deflecting the blast, the young Firebender challenges Cho to an Agni Kai. Cho accepts after the teenager insults his receding hairline. When the duel begins, Cho is the first to attack. The two duel for a prolonged period, with Cho holding the offensive for the majority of the battle. Eventually, Zhentu gets a critical blow, sending a fire blast into Cho's torso. Thinking the battle was over, the group began leaving the site of the duel, only to have Cho reemerge, trying to kill Zhentu. Mai, however, reacts too quickly, throwing her knives into Cho's chest, stabbing the Warrior through his heart. Cho falls to the ground, plunging the blades deeper within his chest, hastening his death.


As a former officer in the Fire Nation Navy, Cho's personality is comprised of several attributes that allow him to survive difficult situations. His quick thinking abilities allow him to consistently come up with plans that give him the upper hand, such as taking out the ship's captain to control the ship's course. His plans are typically effective; the only failed example lead to his death.

Aside from his calculating personality, Cho is a sensitive person, taking great offense when a foe insults his age or appearance. He reacts violently to those who insult his age or lack of hair, often burning or wounding those who dishonor him. As a soldier, he is also offended by disloyalty, hating those who disregard the Fire Nation's propaganda.


Fire blast

Cho Firebending.


"To beat him? He wasn't a master or anything." - Zhentu speaking of Cho's Firebending abilities.

As an officer in the Fire Nation military, Cho had a great deal of Firebending skill. Despite his experience, Zhentu still aptly notes that he is not yet a Master. His full bending prowess is unknown, but since he participated in the Siege of the Northern Air Temple, it is likely he is a Firebending master. He quickly defeats several guards who try to detain him prior to his attempted escape, though he is soon defeated by Boreas. Cho's abilities are further shown when he defeats a ship's captain, quickly killing him with a ferocious display of his bending prowess. When battling Zhentu outside the Fire Nation Capitol, his abilities are displayed in their fullest, with the Phoenix attacking with various bursts of flame. He also displays defensive capabilities, blocking and deflecting Zhentu's various attacks.


  • Cho was initially an unnamed character. His role was expanded when a villain was needed to combat Zhentu when he attempted to return to the Fire Nation Capitol.

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