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Chiye Akatsuki
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8st 6lbs

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Ebony black

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Earthbending, Firebending, Waterbending, Airbending (in the Avatar State)


Deshi Akatsuki (twin brother) Atsushi Akatsuki (uncle) Unnamed parents

Several years after Avatar Zsinji Jinroh, everyone thought that the cycle had ended. It was until Chiye revealed the knowledge of the Avatar's during a private history lesson that the world realised the Avatar had returned. Even to Chiye, it came as a surprise and she was quick to resent it. Her twin brother, however, adored the fact that he was related to the Avatar. What amazed her the most, was the fact that the cycle skipped two places; Air and Water. Why had the Avatar reincarnate into the Earth Kingdom?

Early Life

Born into a high household, by Earth Kingdom standards, Chiye was given the best of everything since the day she was born. She is the younger sister of Deshi by five minutes and he took that opportunity to bully her as the younger sibling. Chiye had always had a love for the world and ethics and ceremonies. She would dress up in different ceremonial gowns that her father brought back from all over the world, after his travels. Chiye wanted to travel too. At the age of four, Chiye began Earthbending.

Her 16th

As it had always been foretold, the Avatar should discover it's true self on his or her sixteenth birthday. When she was fourteen, during a history lesson, Chiye displayed awesome knowledge on the far past and about Avatar Aang conquering Fire Lord Ozai. She was then given a surprise test on all things Avatar. She was asked to give birth and death dates of her past selves, important events through time, and even random trivia upon the past four Avatars. Chiye, as if it were natural, told her teachers that men and women came to her in dreams, showing her little clips of what the world once was.

A day before her sixteenth, she was forcibly engaged to her father's friend's son. She had never met him and was against it at first. On her birthday, she was give the surprise and shock of her life; she was the next Avatar, or presumed to be. It was not only a shock to her, but to all around her. Everyone knew that Fanon:Zsinji Jinroh passed away several years ago, and the cycle was broken because there were no Airbenders left.

She already knew how to Earthbend, so then she had to go the Fire Nation. Her brother went with her.



Chiye was first taught at the age of four and has been a natural ever since. Now, at the age of sixteen, she is considered one of the greatest Earthbenders ever imagined. Chiye Earthbends barefoot and closes her eyes when doing so, imitating Toph Bei Fong. Instead of feeling with her feet, she hears sudden movements with her ears and can supposedly 'smell' fresh earth escaping the ground with her nose. She is at Master Leveland has succeeding in learning Metalbending.


Chiye dislikes Firebending for its lively and destructive nature, so chooses to use it when ever she can. She has succeeded in the basics of the element and is currently training at a Master Level.


The cycle broke because of no Airbenders being around to teach the next Avatar. Chiye can only perform Airbending skills when in the Avatar State.


Chiye finds water as a 'relaxing element'. She studies it last, much to her disappointment. Even though this isn't her natural opposite element, she finds Waterbending tough because she has to keep the water moving, as it were. She only manages the basics of Waterbending before she is confronted with her destiny.

Appearance and Personality


Constantly travelling all the time as taken effect on Chiye and she has come to the habit of buying ceremonial and custom clothes throughout the nations. Her clothes change nearly all the time. However, she's nearly always barefoot.

Fire Nation

She wears a bright red mandarin gown with dark green leggings that crop just below the knees.

Water Tribe

Chiye obviously wears the common blue fur coat and also wears a necklace on the surface of the coat. She always wears the hood up. However, instead being barefooted as normal, she wears thick boots due to the cold.

Earth Kingdom

She wears a dark green vest top and over that she wears a simply jacket buckled with a pure gold button. On her long sleeved jackets is a few yellowy coloured lines that formed various patterns. Upon her back, these lines form the Earth Kingdom symbol. Her hair is tied up, unlike when she's in the Fire Nation, where she had her hair down.


Chiye starts out as a kind-hearted, very intelligent, moral young lady with high standards. She consistently picks on her brother, wanting him to have better hygiene and to stop slacking off when he's needed.

Behind the Scenes


Chiye is to be the main character of a number of Fanon stories. They are yet to be created.

But ... isn't the cycle broken?

The creator of Chiye has decided to add a simple plot twist to create a loophole in this major fact. The plot twist scheme is not open to the public yet.

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