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"Linked or not, there is always a need for a bridge of the physical and the spiritual. It is the absolute proof that the two are capable of co-existing, so don't doubt yourself."
— Chireru to Korra
Chireru by mageknight007-d75aeeq
Chireru Amakuni
Biographical information
Birth place

Amakuni estate, Planet KuroDama


Jack Sora's Workshop (earth) or Ship "The Oracle"


19 years old


September 25, 2036

Physical description







180 lbs.

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Dark brown (with Shingan deactivated)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Holy sword Kusanagi

Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)
  • Fire (normal), water (Kekkai State 1), earth (Kekkai state 2), air (Kekkai state 3), all four elements (Kyukoku Kekkai State)
  • Expert swordsman
  • Martial arts proficiency
  • KuroHoshi (black star)
    • Requires Kekkai State 3 or Kyukoku Kekkai State
  • Espada Bombarda (sword bombardment)
  • Shingan "Soul's Eye":
  • Akuma Shingan
  • Kekkai State Transformations:
    • Kekkai State 1: Kaiser Chireru ( spirit form one: king Chireru)
    • Kekkai State 2: Infected Chireru (spirit form two: infected Chireru)
    • Kekkai State 3: Destro-Chireru
    • Kyukoku Kekkai: Shikon Chireru (Ultimate spirit form: Four souls' Chireru)

Borero Amakuni (brother), Josefubu Amakuni (brother)


Ryu Shinto, Eva Shinto, Josefubu Amakuni, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin


Borero Amakuni

Chronological and political information



Eva Shinto (fiance)


Ryu Shinto, Onaga Darkside (mentioned only), Korra (forms a temporary joint master/apprenticeship, where Chireru and Korra are both master and apprentice at the same time, Crossover only)


Korra (forms a temporary joint master/apprenticeship, where Chireru and Korra are both master and apprentice at the same time, Crossover only)

First appearance

Chitose Gen (a manga in the works)


Chireru, being of clan Amakuni, had inherited the Shingan (meaning Soul's Eye) and the martial art style ShinganKen-Ryu to accompany it. However, seeing as he was the first born, he also received the Seal of Eternal Flame. The seal itself houses the soul of the Demonic Dragon God Inferno, whom was imprisoned within the seal since the dawn of time. Because the clan Amakuni is Omni Human, they have the ability to house souls outside their own within their bodies. The seal has been passed down through the generations, down to Chireru himself. After years of training, Chireru proved time and again that he was the true heir to the Amakuni. Chireru, however, soon grew bored of his home planet, longing for the enjoyed sense of adventure he had acquired as a child.

Opportunity had soon arisen. Jack Sora, a war veteran, owner and creator of the first interspace travel vessel of planet earth called The Oracle made a stop at the Amakuni home planet of KuroDama. His lust for adventure had Chireru sell his services to the pilot, working as Sora's bodyguard. Not only was he fed well and paid handsomely, his sense of adventure was rekindled as he traveled from planet to planet.

After a few years of universal travel, Sora and Chireru acquired new treasures. Jack's ship was reequipped with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment for his beloved ship. Chireru obtained a sturdy mesh shirt capable of stopping the most powerful of melee and projectile weaponry, and Kusanagi the sword of the heavens. As the duo took a pit stop at Sora's home planet, a youth approached them in need of transport. Jack had made him a bet; the youth would gain free transport if he could best Chireru in battle.

Despite his skill, Chireru took his first defeat since his own childhood. Ryu Shinto was the name of the one who bested him. Chireru gained respect towards his foe and requested to be his apprentice. During the next flight towards the next destination, The Oracle had been raided, with the old war veteran Jack passing away as a result. In accordance to Jack's will, Chireru had gained possession of his beloved ship, seeing as Jack's own family have already been deceased. The eldest of the Amakuni siblings, Chireru fancies himself to be quite the adventurer. It is because of his lust for adventure that he met either Ryu or Eva. Often his adventurous, curious nature can also cause trouble for his companions. Chireru has incredible fighting prowess. He is the only Amakuni clan member to house as many as four souls in a single body.

The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover

After a great many adventures, Chireru and Ryu fought and defeated Borero and halted his desire for power and vengeance. However, things had died down and Chireru, bored of the ordinary life and longing for adventure again, was about get his wish. But, as with any action there is always a reaction. In this case, Borero was once again at large. Ignoring the danger of his youngest brother at large, he and Eva venture into a world not of their own. In a moments confusion, he encountered Korra and Mako and soon learned of the danger at large by an intervening Josefubu, who told the group of the dangers of "Resonance". Once learning that only he and Korra are the only ones of stopping the resonance trigger, the two heroes agree to teach each other of the abilities each one current lack...

Fanon- Chireru Meditating

Chireru(in Cho Kekkai State) during airbending training in the last week of training.

After a month's worth of training, Chireru finished mastering all the elements separately and proved that, in a Kyukoku kekkai state, while proving capable of bending all the elements individually in one form, it is far more difficult to bend them all at once and can, if far too many abilities are active, can mentally overload and cancel out his powers, which would have been the death of him if not for Korra cushioning the fall of his momentary disabled body from landing head first via for airbending. Once Eva put the pieces together of his mental disorientation, Chireru proceeded to teach Korra her own Kekkai State through the same method he learned his first. Through the use of his Shingan, he forced Korra to take his Espada Bombarda head-on, with some of Korra's own spirit energy copied into the attack. Despite holding it off through the techniques learned from Eva and Chireru, after 10 minutes Korra proved at her limit. It was at this time Chireru urged her to activate the Avatar State. Upon doing so, an outpouring of Raava's spirit essence took place, absorbing Korra's copied energies and converged them alongside Raava's own and Korra's reserve. The result allowed Korra to achieve a Kekkai State, which took the form of a spirit cloak enveloping Korra.


Chireru is rather childish more often than not, as well as reckless. Despite this, he is shown to be at times insightful and observing. Rash and direct, he is extremely adventurous and prone to dealing with problems head-on.


  • Firebending: While in a non-Kekkai State, Chireru is capable of fire bending, which is the first bending art acquired during his month of training at Air Temple Island. Both Korra and Mako helped Chireru develop his firebending capabilities.
  • Heightened Spiritual Awareness: Ever since childhood, Chireru always had strong spiritual capabilities above the norm, which have allowed him to access a strong sixth sense that encompasses his surroundings. He has a strong bond with the spiritual side of things.
  • KuroTsu-Hoshi (black-star(黒つ星)) **requires Kekkai state 3 or Kyukoku Kekkai State**: A rather destructive ball of condensed spiritual power. It has the capability to bypass spirit barriers or to negate seals. Its overall power is dependent on its size.
  • Espada Bombarda (sword bombardment): A jolt of spirit energy released through Kusanagi. While it starts as a large, potent wave, the further its target is, the more the jolt will divid and speed up until there are ten energy jolts that are weaker yet faster projectile.
Chireru Shingan

Chireru with active Shingan.

  • Shingan "Soul's Eye": Unique to clan Amakuni and certain few other individuals, soul's eye allows the user to pierce into others' soul through a single gaze into the ones eyes. Soul's Eye wields can then analyze that persons memories and spiritual potential at will. True masters of Shingan can even temporarily mold their own spiritual potential with one another, though in short bursts only.
  • Akuma Shingan: Shingan evolved state, which allows the user to dispel illusions, barriers and magic attacks with an spiritual potential equal to or weaker than its wielder. In addition, 30% of the brains limiters are disabled. Does not cancel bending...

Kekkai State Transformations

A power acquired when ones' spirit and physical powers manifest into a singular form through a catalyst unique to every person. No one person as the same catalyst, this applies to Kekkai state forms outside :

  • Kekkai State 1: Kaiser Chireru ( spirit form one: king Chireru): The form achieved by merging his soul with Kusanagi's spirit. The most apparent trait of this form is the spirit armor Chireru dons. It has the greatest defensive capabilities of the first three kekkai states. After a months' worth of training, it is revealed that this form is capable with waterbending, a bending art taught to Chireru by Korra herself.
  • Kekkai State 2: Infected Chireru (spirit form two: infected Chireru): Chireru's least used Kekkai State, it is achieved by the artificial soul program overlapping Chireru's personality. The result being an inversed version of the spirit armor being donned, which has a consciousness of its own. Earthbending is element used in this form, taught to Chireru by Korra, with assistance from Bolin.
  • Kekkai State 3: Destro-Chireru: Accessing the spirit energies locked in the seal on his body, Chireru gains some dragonic physical characteristics, longer red hair and enhanced speed, strength and regenerative abilities, though gains a more aggressive personality. This form requires Chireru to expends large reserves of his spiritual powers to maintain. However, during the last week of a month's worth of training, in order to properly learn airbending, Chireru wears an arm brace seal Josefubu created, which negates the need to expend excessive amounts of spirit energy. In exchange, the dragon characteristics are receded, retains his original demeanor and dampens the increases in speed, strength and regenerative proprieties marginally, allowing for ideal airbending training conditions. Chireru was trained in the art of airbending by Tenzin himself.
    Kyukoku ultimate kekkai state shikon chireru by mageknight007-d77chvu

    Kyukoku Kekkai State: Shikon Chireru

  • Kyukoku Kekkai: Shikon Chireru (Ultimate spirit form: Four souls' Chireru) A power acquired prior to the opening of Borero's Resonance portal. In Chireru's case, the form is achieved when converging all four souls (Chireru's, Kusanagi's, ASP's, and Inferno's) into a single form. The mass of spiritual powers is then outpoured and condensed, resulting in the Kyukoku Kekkai State. The physical characters are comprised of that of all 4 differing souls. Despite its overwhelming powers, it is limited by a time restraint of 15 minutes because of the fact that all four souls are competing to mentally manifest. After a months' worth of training, it is demonstrated that in this form Chireru can bend all four elements individually. While proving he can bend all four elements at once, as he demonstrated to everyone by bending his way out of Korra's elemental sphere, because he simultaneously had his Shingan and 4th stage Kekkai State while bending all the elements, the combined mental strain canceled out his Kyukoku Kekkai State, thus proving the dangers and difficulty for anyone but the Avatar to bend all the elements at once.

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