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"I promise that I won't be killed in the Avatar State. I promise you, Avatar Ri."
— Ching Xue to Ri.
Avatar Ching Xue
Ching Xue
Biographical information

Southern Air Temple


Air Nomad


88 at death


1914 AG


Ri (as the Avatar)


Mario (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color

Brown (typically shaven)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending (Northern Style), Earthbending, Firebending, Energybending


Air Nomads, all Avatars, Gong Ha, Heron, Monk Huredaeng (formerly), Chief Nakoke (formerly), Earth King Xiao(formerly), Fire Lord Wangzuha (formerly)


Monk Huredaeng, Chief Nakoke, Earth King Xiao, Fire Lord Wangzuha

Chronological and political information

Airbending instructor


Fully Realized Avatar


Air Nomads
Air Scouts (formerly)

Avatar Ching Xue was born as a successor of Avatar Ri and as a predecessor of Avatar Mario. He was a calm quiet man and he joined as the Air Scouts when he was a boy. He became the leader of the Air Scouts at that time and he led his team perfectly.


Early Life

Avatar Ching Xue was born in the Southern Air Temple to the strong airbenders. He was kidnapped by a man from the Earth Kingdom. When he was about to kill Ching Xue, Ching Xue directly goes into the Avatar State at the age of 0. The kidnapper wanted to tell the world but Ching Xue's guardian killed him using firebending. The guardian brought him back to the Southern Air Temple.

Ching Xue was told as the Avatar at the age of 11. 5 years earlier than the usual. Ching Xue meditates and goes to the Spirit World. He met Ri, Avatar before him. Ri began to teach Ching Xue. Ching Xue said, "I will promise that I won't be killed in the Avatar State. I promise you, Avatar Ri." Ri smiled at him and taught him energybending.


He was friends with Monk Huredaeng and began training with him. They were close friends. Monk Huredaeng said, "Just imagine if I killed your reincarnation. That means I killed you!" "Stop it! You're teasing my reincarnation!" "Who knows? I think you will be killed in the Avatar State!" "Enough! I'm leaving! I'm sure one day my reincarnation will defeat you!"

He went to the North Pole training his waterbending. He met Nakoke, the current Tribal Prince at that time. "Hi!" "Nice to meet you, Avatar! Let's begin our training.." "Sure! When I was training airbending, my close friend teased me that I will be killed in the Avatar State!" "Hmm.. That might be happen.." "What!? I promised Ri that I won't be killed in the Avatar State!" "Promising something doesn't mean that it will be true!" "When will we start it!?" "Now!" "Alright.." When they're training, Nakoke suddenly said, "You freak Avatar! Think you're strong enough!?" "Hey! You're 4 years old only!" "But I act as a teenager!" "I'm done with you!" "Yes! Better you leave! I will kill you or your reincarnation!" "Go ahead if you dare to!"

Ching Xue cried. He mastered 2 elements. Now it's his turn to master earthbending, his toughest element yet. He met Xiao, the Earth Kingdom prince. "Hey, Xiao!" "Nice bald head, Ching Xue! I'm having my birthday party! I will be around 20 soon!" "Congratulations!" "You know, I'll kill you someday! Just kidding! Let's train our earthbending!" "Sure!" Ching Xue and Xiao began their training. Ching Xue mastered it in a few years same like the other elements. "You're 20!" "Yes, yes!" "Get lost! Stupid Avatar!" "What!?" "Go!"

He cried again and again. "My last training! Did everyone hate me!?" "No!" "Wangzuha!? Can I train with you?" "Sure!" "I know your feeling, Ching Xue. Let's train!" Ching Xue trained with Wangzuha and mastered it. "I'm 15 now!" "Yay!" "My birthday present would be, the Avatar has to leave!" "But.." "Go away 21 years old Avatar! You Fully Realized Avatar won't be able to see us again!" "Sure!" "I'll kill your reincarnation someday.."


Ching Xue was so happy to see a talented Nun, Gong Ha. He really wanted to marry her but she already had another boyfriend. Ching Xue tried everything but he failed. Ching Xue was so angry but he managed to marry Gong Ha he had 1 child, Heron. Now Ching Xue has 3 grandchildren.


Ching Xue died in a peaceful time. Not being killed. Just because he's old. His death was spread faster than 1000 cheetahs running together and calculate its speed. Avatar Ching Xue's death appear to be an opportunity for Huredaeng, Nakoke, Xiao, and Wangzuha to kill his reincarnation.


Ching Xue is a cheerful and calm person. Different from his predecessor, Ri was a quiet woman.



As the Avatar, Ching Xue could bend all four elements. He is very good at airbending and received his tattoo at 13.

Avatar Ching Xue Elements

Avatar Ching Xue bending all elements using his private spirit with Roku.


Airbending came easy to Ching Xue. Ching Xue mastered it when he was 13. "I mastered it already! Yeah! Let's continue!"


Waterbending came hard for Ching Xue. He was pushed by Nakoke into the ocean and activated the Avatar State. He created a big wave and soon mastered waterbending.


Earthbending came hardest for Ching Xue. Because it's his opposite native element. Ching Xue once got tricked by Xiao. Ching Xue earthbent for the first time when he fell into a valley. He was saved by earthbending.


Firebending came quite easy for him. He was the student of Wangzuha, the crown prince at that time. He mastered it soon and defeat Wangzuha and escaped.


Ching Xue learned this bending from Ri. She transferred the knowledge to Ching Xue. He took criminal's bending at that time.

Avatar Spirit

As a fully realized Avatar, Ching Xue has the ability to connect his past lives including his 'so, very, very great' grandfather, Aang. He created a big wave and destroyed the Earth King's palace because of his anger to Xiao, Nakoke, Huredaeng and Wangzuha. He said, "I will freeze you in an iceberg and you'll be automatically free from this iceberg until my reincarnation is born. Never, ever forget that!


  • Ching Xue appeared to be one of the Avatars that have his mentor as his enemy.
  • Ching Xue was a calm Avatar in the 4 Avatars row; Song, Ri, Ching Xue, Mario but Ri is calmer.
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