Zuko's firebending training
Children of Heroes
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Combat Training

Lu Ten stood ready as his two instructors prepared for another drill. They had been drilling him for about two hours. Lu Ten stepped forward and launched a jet of fire at both of the instructors. The two of them each blocked the fire and threw fire disks at his feet. Lu Ten jumped over the disks and threw another fireball at one of the instructors. The instructor moved around it and lunged for the prince. Lu Ten landed then immediately dropped to the floor as the instructor flew over him. As Lu Ten rose the other instructor kicked Lu Ten in the chest. As Lu Ten laid on his back the instructor prepared to stomp on his chest, Lu Ten caught the foot and twisted it as hard as he could. He listened with satisfaction as he heard the instructor's ankle pop out of its socket. Lu Ten shot up as the other instructor shot a blast of fire at him. Lu Ten dispersed the fire with a wave of his hand and countered with his own fire. The instructor raised his arms to protect himself as he flew back from the force of the prince's attack. As the instructor tried to rise Lu Ten moved over him and held a small, contained fire in front of his face.

"I win," Lu Ten said triumphantly.

"Well done, Prince Lu Ten," the instructor said as Lu Ten helped him up.

"Indeed, but next time could you not dislocate my foot?" the other asked as he popped his ankle back into place.

"Sorry about that," Lu Ten apologized as Sora approached the training field.

"Aww man," she moaned. "Did I miss you getting your butt whooped again." Sora had the good fortune to watch one of the few training sessions where Lu Ten was thouroughly thrashed.

"I'm never gonna live that down am I?" Lu Ten asked as he got a drink of water.

"No, probably not," Sora teased.

"Ughh, where's my sister?" Lu Ten asked.

Unmotivated Princess

Ursa II sat on a hay stack as her "instructor" rambled on and on about Proper Throwing Techniques. She already knew all this stuff, Lu Ten already knew all the stuff his instructors taught him, he just went along with it. Ursa just wanted the man to shut up.

"Alright do you understand?" the instructor asked when he finished.

"Huh? Oh yeah sure whatever," Ursa said quickly, nodding her head.

"You haven't heard a word I've said have you?" the man said folding his arms across his chest.

"No, not a word," Ursa admitted with a straight face. The instructor rubbed his temples before coming up with a solution.

"Alright fine how about we have a contest. If you can get closer to the bull's eye of that target you can have the week off."

"My mother always told me not to accept sucker bets," Ursa replied. "But you're on."

Using the technique he spent forty-five minutes explaining the instructor threw a knife and hit the target just outside of the bull's eye. Ursa took her position and with a seemingly lazy flick of her wrist hit the bull's eye dead center.

"See you next week," she said as the instructor's mouth hung open.

"Didn't Mom tell you not to sucker bet your teachers?" Lu Ten said walking up with Sora as Ursa was about to leave.

"He bet me this time," Ursa said with the slightest hint of a smile. "Well now I have the week off."

"Lucky," Lu Ten muttered. "So what do you guys want to do now?"

"I don't care," Ursa said. "As long as it doesn't involve..."

"Let's go cliff diving," Lu Ten and Sora said at the same time.

"Cliff diving," Ursa finished.

Sins of the Father

Nikki stood outside of a tea house trying to decide if she would go in or not. Some of her classmates were in there and she wasn't exactly on the best terms with them. She briskly walked inside the tea house, and almost immediately felt every set of eyes look at her. Trying to ignore the stares she took a seat at the counter and ordered some tea. When the server brought the tea one of Nikki's classmates took a seat next to her and threw his arm around her shoulder.

"Hey babe," he said. "About time you showed up here."

"Get your arm off me Tai," Nikki said while shrugging Tai's arm off.

"Come on, Nikki, lighten up," Tai said, "I know we all give you a hard time about your father."

"Shut up, Tai," Nikki said while throwing Tai across the tea house.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing." Tai yelled as he got to his feet and Nikki turned to her tea. "Sheesh if this is how your mother acts, no wonder your father left."

Nikki slowly turned to Tai as the boy quickly backed away. Without a word Nikki charged toward Tai and grabbed him by the head and brought it down on her knee. As Tai reeled back Nikki did a roundhouse kick that sent him sprawling on the ground. Nikki then turned to the door, not noticing Tai standing up. He shot a fireball at Nikki's back. Before she could react a woman blocked the attack and threw Tai out of the shop.

"I keep telling you to be alert Nikki," the woman said.

"Sorry, Mom," Nikki said.

"Sorry for the trouble, Chan," Nikki's mom said with a bow to the shop keeper.

"Don't worry about it, Miku. I was about to throw him out myself," the shop keeper said.

"Let's go home," Miku said turning to Nikki.

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