Childhood Love
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And the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb



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Finally Going Home

Chapter 1: Childhood Love

It all started back in my childhood days when I was ten years old.

"Zuzu, I would like to introduce you to my new friend. Her name is Mai. She is nine years old," Azula said, presenting a girl. When I got a better look at her, I felt a spark inside. A spark of love.

She was beautiful. Ever since, I could think of no other girl but Mai.

One day, I was bonding with Mom and we were walking back to the palace when Azula came up to Mom.

"Mom, can Zuko play with us?" she asked.

"I don't want to do cartwheels," I grumbled.

"You won't have to dum-dum," she said annoyed.

"Go on Zuko," Mom encouraged. Reluctantly, I went.

"Okay, so you place an apple on her head and you see how long it can burn," Azula said, placing an apple on Mai's head. She then lit the apple on fire. I got scared. If I didn't act, Mai would burn.

"No!" I shouted, pushing Mai into the fountain. We got up, soaking as Azula and Ty Lee laughed. I glared at Azula. How could she?!

Despite that incident, my love for Mai remained strong. However, it all ended when I was thirteen and I was banished. Throughout my exile, I still thought of Mai. I hoped that one day, I would finally reunite with her.

Author's Note

This is the beginning of their romance

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