By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.

The Following are Chapters of Child of Destiny written by MightyBrit.

Book One - Fear

Chapter One (Prologue) The First Airbender The first airbending baby in over a century is about to be born into the New Nomads as Zuko battles dangers from within his own kingdom. In Ba Sing Se, a young Earth Kingdom boy discovers his own destiny.
Chapter Two Stolen Liang begins his journey, but not before meeting a new friend, and something is stirring in the dark corners of the Western Air Temple.
Chapter Three Sharks and Sea Serpents A deadly foe has his sights on Liang and Kyoshi Bay is as dangerous as ever. Aang's loss begins to affect his judgement.
Chapter Four Asylum Seeker Aang and Zuko develop a plan to combat the Cult by themselves, while the Cult's mysterious leader seeks asylum elsewhere...
Chapter Five The Swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island Wuoyan meets the legendary swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island. Zuko takes drastic measures to stop the Cult from attacking his allies elsewhere.
Chapter Six Cold Snap Liang, Wuoyan, Sokka and Suki begin their long journey to meet Yue, but danger lurks along the way.
Chapter Seven Due North Yue speaks to Sokka and Liang and explains the fragile nature of the world. Shaoshang draws ever closer to his nefarious goal.
Chapter Eight Better to Have Loved and Lost The Cult's secret weapon against Fire Lord Zuko is revealed as Sokka does everything he can to rescue Yue.
Chapter Nine Wrath of the Blackened Blade Sokka faces Zhao in a duel that will determine the fate of both worlds.
Chapter Ten Water's Fall Disaster has struck and now the world must face the consequences of Team Avatar's failure.

Book Two - Anger

Chapter Eleven The Many Failures of Avatar Aang The world is a changed place without waterbending. Liang finds himself to be more special than he ever believed as Aang's faith in himself is put to the ultimate test.
Chapter Twelve Vacuum An old friend reveals an ancient secret as Diyi's kidnapper is finally revealed. Katara rescues someone who has lost everything.
Chapter Thirteen Sharks in the South The black snow's portents come true as the South Pole is plunged into full-scale war with the Cult.
Chapter Fourteen Distortion Wuoyan explores his childhood as he bonds with his one of his new allies. Elsewhere, Toph has an unexpected reunion.
Chapter Fifteen Shot in the Dark A shadow lurks in the dark corners of Ba Sing Se as Toph's past threatens to topple the future of the entire Earth Kingdom.
Chapter Sixteen Best Laid Plans Hydros struggles in a world without waterbending. Toph recovers from her injuries and debates her next move.
Chapter Seventeen Healed, But Broken Iroh reveals that Yue's death has had wider consequences than just the loss of waterbending. A former ally goes rogue.
Chapter Eighteen Like Father, Like Son Liang's gifts prove to be a double-edged sword. Zhao finally achieves his greatest desire.
Chapter Nineteen Faces of the Mad Aang, Zuko and Diyi venture into the House of Fengkuang, only to discover a terrifying truth. Sokka and Suki put their plans against the Cult into motion.
Chapter Twenty The Great Victories of Avatar Aang It's everything or nothing as worlds are seconds away from colliding... Aang faces his greatest foe as Zuko and Diyi battle for their lives within the asylum's walls.

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