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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Child of Destiny
"All our hopes and dreams lie with a girl, who isn't even three days old."
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Child of Destiny is a fanfiction story depicting the future of the world ten years after the end of Sozin's War. The story revolves around Aang's search for Diyi, the first Airbending child to be born in over one hundred years, who has been kidnapped by an unknown party. It also chronicles Zuko's struggles against the Cult of Sozin, a group of Fire Nation rebels who still eagerly pursue the goal of Fire Nation supremacy and are led by Admiral Zhao, who was believed to be dead.


This story started out as a setting for an Avatar-based role-playing game MightyBrit ran for his friends. After the campaign was successful, as a quiet fan of several Avatar Fanons, he decided to write out the story for the Avatar Fanon wiki.

There will be thirty chapters in the story, consisting of three books of ten chapters. The first book - Fear - is now finished and is all available right here on Avatar Wiki. The second book - Anger - is currently halfway finished, and while it suffered had a long hiatus in the beginning of 2011, MightyBrit is currently releasing the chapters every two weeks.

Story Introduction

Ten years has passed since Avatar Aang ended Sozin's War and Prince Zuko claimed the throne of the Fire Nation. The small group of heroes who defeated Ozai and Azula have grown up and gone their separate ways. Compared to the times of war, there is peace in the world.

After ten long years of hard work, Aang has successfully revived the Air Nomads by bringing members of other cultures into his own. His belief that by restoring the spirituality of his people would return the gift of airbending to the world proved true and Diyi was born to a devout New Nomad couple. She is the first airbending infant in over a century.

Fire Lord Zuko faces the strife in his own kingdom. The Cult of Sozin is terrorizing his people and his lands and there is little he can do to stop it. The terror they cause is only increased by the rumors that the Cult is being led by the late Admiral Zhao, who has apparently discovered a way to cheat death.

And there is something else wrong with the world... like it is somehow splitting in two...

Book 1 - Fear


As Aang works tirelessly to retrieve the lost Diyi, the world is forced to deal with the rising threat of the Cult of Sozin. But, with Yue's help, Sokka discovers a graver threat than simple conflict looming as worlds threaten to collide. As the book comes to a close, the Cult deals a death blow that changes the world and plunges the world into war once again.


  • Liang - A young Earth Kingdom boy who discovers his unique origin and the abilities and responsibilities that go with it.
  • Wuoyan - A teenager from the Fire Nation who neglected his firebending talents to focus on his martial abilities.
  • Sokka - The legendary swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island who is determined to save the world.
  • Aang - The current Avatar who is working desperately to retrieve what he lost.
  • Zuko - The current Fire Lord who struggles against the ongoing threat of the Cult of Sozin.
  • Suki - The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors traveling with her husband and helping him on his quest.
  • Toph - A blind earthbending prodigy who serves as bodyguard to the Earth King.


  • Zhao - The leader of the mysterious Cult of Sozin, who has somehow returned from the dead.
  • Shaoshang - Zhao's right-hand man in the Cult of Sozin. He has shark-like pointed teeth and only firebends using his mouth.

Book 2 - Anger


The Cult has scored a major victory against the rest of the world and now send their warriors to battle against the weakened Water Tribes and the unsuspecting Earth Kingdom. Meanwhile, the breach between the worlds is widening and the most hostile of spirits threatens to enter the physical world.


  • Liang - A young boy who is a remnant of the former moon spirit and doesn't understand his destiny.
  • Wuoyan - A Fire Nation teenager and student of Sokka with a hidden motivation.
  • Sokka - A nonbending son of the Southern Water Tribe and their best hope of survival against the Cult.
  • Aang - The current Avatar who is realizing his mistakes and attempting to set them right.
  • Zuko - The current Fire Lord. He travels with his best friend Aang to try and save the world.
  • Suki - A gifted Kyoshi Warrior trying to save her husband's tribe from war.
  • Toph - An incredibly powerful earthbender who protects the Earth King from harm.
  • Katara - A formerly gifted waterbender who must deal with the loss of her powers.


  • Zhao - The leader of the mysterious Cult of Sozin. He craves the return of his original body.
  • Shaoshang - A general for the Cult who leads their vicious attacks against the Water Tribes.
  • Xiani - An archer prodigy sent to infiltrate the city of Ba Sing Se.
  • Koh - A terrifying spirit with a taste for the faces of mortals.


"Wow. Just wow. This is amazing!"
"I can tell this is going to be an excellent story."

So far, Child of Destiny has received glowing reviews from several notable fanon authors, including Vaznock of Kyoshi Revolts, The avatar of The Phoenix Chronicles, and The Bos of Avatar: Guardian. Its positive reception led to MightyBrit being asked to participate in Avatar: Clash of Worlds 3 despite being a member of the community for only a short time. Thanks to the support of many users here on Avatar Wiki, Child of Destiny was voted featured fanon in August, 2010.

Other fans of the series include Evatar114, Dragon of The West, Firelord Avatar Suzon and SSJ-Trunks.


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