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Southern Water Tribe



Physical description


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Eye color


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Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Water Tribe Warrior style, Swordsmanship (Jian-fencing)


Mian, Ami, Tia, Zura, Hokui, Mizu, Southern Water Tribeetc.


The Phoenix Islands

Chronological and political information


  • Warrior
  • Planner
  • Map reader
  • Strategist
  • Swordsman
First appearance

The Soutern Prince

Chief Mizurai is the father of Mizu and Mian. He is also the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He's the son of the famous Sokka, and nephew of both Katara and former Avatar Aang. Like his father and mother, he was not a bender, but a warrior.


Chief Mizurai was born to Suki and Sokka. At the time, his grandfather Chief Hakoda still ruled the ailing tribe. Mizurai, like his predecessors wanted to see his tribe grow successfully. He soon joined the navy of his tribe, and rose in its ranks. During this time, he also met his soon to be wife, a daughter of a Waterbender from the north. Soon, his grandfather passed away, and his father took the throne. It was during this time, that Mizurai got married. Together, they often went on missions for the tribe to help colonize the rest of the South Pole. As years passed, his first son Mizu was born, a fine young warrior and strategist. Soon, Chief Sokka and his wife died, in just 2 weeks from each other. He then became the chief of the tribe. Several months later, his second son Mian was born. He soon found out that his son was the Avatar. Mian found out in several years, and began training at a young age. When Mian was 15, he left to infiltrate the boundaries of the new enemy, The Phoenix Islands.


  • Mizurai's name sounds a lot like his son, Mizu.
  • Mizrurai, though the first leader of a nation and parent of a main character, was the second to get a name and page.
  • In Japanese, Mizurai literally means "Water Lightning".

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