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After creating the Equalists, I decided to train the new members in the art of Chi Blocking, over the years, we have grown together, but there's just one step left.


That night, the training regime to become a Water Warrior, echoes in my head as if yesterday has only passed. The next morning, I got up an hour early to explore the tunnels, to locate the training venues, and its facilities. Then five in the morning, I managed to get everyone out of their sleep, refreshed and ready to begin a new way of life.

"Everybody up! Training begins now," I excitedly told the group.

To my surprise, no one moaned, or groaned. Everyone get straight on their feet and approached me.

"We're all going for a run around the tunnels today. Follow me!" I told the group.

The group and I took an hour run around the tunnels, constantly pushing ourselves to up our stamina. Next, we had an upper body work out, a simulation of an attacker intruding a house, and finally played a game of hide, tag and explode, before we had our first meal.

"So how did you find the first workout of the day, was it too intense?" I asked the group.

"No, it was great. I finally feel like myself again," a man called out.

"Yeah, Amon that was a great training session. You really inspired many of us," Talon said.

"Talon, will you be my Lieutenant, for the Equalists? That is my way of thanking you for the favour you did yesterday," I asked Talon.

"It would be my honour to serve under your wing, as Lieutenant. You may call me that from now on," the Lieutenant said.

"As you wish, Lieutenant," I told him.

As for the rest of the group, we set up breakfast, which was potatoes from the garden, and some street gruel. After that was done, I taught them the concepts of waterbending, redirecting your opponent's offense to your defence, to your offence. We practiced a couple of forms before Lieutenant taught us how to defend ourselves with kali sticks.

Six years has passed now, and we have nearly ten times more people than we started off with. We now even have the support of the Captain of Industry, Hiroshi Sato. Lieutenant now wields the state of the art kali sticks, which are now electrical. Another man named Shooty taught us the art of throwing bolas, and evasive maneuvers.

"We have done it my brothers and sisters! I am pleased to announce that a new secret chi blocking school has been open underneath the bookshop in the Dragons Flat Borough, thanks to the fundings from Hiroshi Sato," I spoke over a radio channel, specialized for my followers.

"I remember that speech you made because I dropped in on it," my brother said.

"So that's how you know all about our secret training facility then. Not bad," I told my brother.

Hiroshi Sato also helped us upgrade and expand our tunnel territory, even adding in some security, helped us build a prison, and even invented so many things for my men. We used to talk a lot until recently.

"So why did you join the Equalists in the first place?" I asked Hiroshi.

"Three years ago, the Agni Kai Triad broke into my home, and killed my wife. Luckily the Police came in time to save my daughter, Asami. I still cannot forgive the firebender, and the Police for their slow response, causing the death of my love," Hiroshi told me.

"I'm so sorry, but I promise you that together we will make an equal Republic City, an equal world, where non-benders will finally have a voice again," I told Hiroshi.

"Thank you Amon," Hiroshi told me gratefully.

From there, Hiroshi has been working extremely hard for us, inventing, and redesigning new technology for us, for which we were all grateful for.

Every morning for the next ten years was the same, except for this one. Today was the dawn of a revolution, as more members of the public have heard about our organization and ideals, a massive crowd of non-benders protested outside City Hall. Then several members of the Metalbending Police Force came, attempting to detain us into their custody. Luckily, they didn't know we were Chi Blockers, so most of us managed to get the upper hand, and flee City Hall. However, a few of us were caught in the crossfire. Even few benders were fighting alongside our cause, but I couldn't turn my words around to the Equalists.

As soon as we got back to headquarters, the Lieutenant took me to the radio room, where we overheard the threat made by you, later passing it through the intercom through the maze of tunnels.

"Good evening, non-bending citizens of Republic City. This is Councilman Tarrlok. As you all know this morning's violent riot was seen as the biggest uprising ever seen in the United Republic of Nations. We know who you are, and if all of you continue to create more chaos in our city, then the Council and I must take necessary actions. Good evening," Tarrlok announced.

"Republic City was meant to be the beacon of freedom, more like the the beacon of freedom for the benders I see," a Chi Blocker said.

"Violent? You guys attacked us first," another Chi Blocker said.

"I can't believe Councilman Tarrlok covered up the entire story. Hand me the radio, I need to create a public announcement.

"Good Evening Republic City, this is Amon. As of this morning's incident, we didn't provoke violence. The United Council only uses brute force, and metalbenders to defend their 'ideals'. We will not be stopped, as our number grows by the day. We will return," I announced.

"After we listened to your announcement, an argument broke in the Council," Tarrlok told me.

"How could you provoke the non-benders to retaliate even more!" Councilman Tenzin angrily told Tarrlok.

"We need to show that we have more power than them," Tarrlok told Tenzin.

"This would just provoke an even bigger rift between the people of the United Republic. Now look, you caused an even bigger problem for the United Republic," Tenzin stated.

"Good day," Tarrlok told Tenzin.

After Tenzin left, I contacted Chief Beifong.

"Chief Beifong, I need you to mobilize the entire Police Force if this ever happens again," Tarrlok told her.

"Copy that. We have been able to identify most of the rioters, and we'll put them under our custody if this ever happens again," Lin told Tarrlok.

"Good, that's the kind of news I like to hear," Tarrlok told Chief Beifong.

"That was certainly an intense day for the both of us, you not knowing that I was Amon, and the word that came out of your tongue, I never remembered you being like that. You would always help the weak, but you turned into a leader, one who I wanted to go against," I told my brother.

"Why did you even hide in a mask?" My brother asked me.

"That was because people like Team Avatar, and the United Council knew who I was. By doing that, everybody would know what kind of threat I was, even you knew," I replied to my brother.

"Thank you all for joining my quest for equality, my brothers and sisters. Today, every one of you showed the courage of a dozen benders! Sadly, we lost a few, but you kept on fighting, and feared not your beliefs, but safety, which everyone should. As of now, Hiroshi Sato has invented the new chi blocking dummy, an invention used to simulate chi blockers in a real battle, against benders. Thank you Mr. Sato. Lieutenant here has been working hard to recruit many more members for our cause. We thank you both for your service to the Equalists, and may we strive to become stronger by the noon hour!" I told my audience.

Everyone applauded, and chanted their beliefs out loud in open spaces. That was truly a start of a revolution. Everything was clear, until...

"Amon, a group of earthbenders broke into our training facility!" An Equalist said over the intercom.

"That's the Terra Triad! All Chi Blockers head to the training facility now!" I told everyone.

All of us then sprinted to the nearest tram, before heading to the training facility. Everyone, including our trainers were taken out by surprise by a dozen earthbenders.

"What do you want, Terra Triad?" I asked the group.

"We want nothing, but your money and the tunnel system," the leader of the Terra Triad tole me.

Suddenly, more earthbenders dropped in from above, surrounding all of us.

"If that's a fight you want, that is the fight you'll get!" I told the Terra Triad leader.

"Men, attack the chi blockers!" The Terra Triad Leader commanded, as his men earthbent several boulders, getting ready to attack.

All of us then defended ourselves. Lieutenant took out many of the earthbenders, rendering them unconscious. This reminded me of how he fought several years back, saving my neck, with his life. After all the earthbenders were taken out, I stripped them of their bending abilities. That was the end of the Terra Triad.

"We never heard of their existence ever since. But that caused the uprising of the Triple Threat Triad. You changed many lives, for the better, and worse. You sparked a huge revolution for the technology industry," my brother told me.

Then out of the blue, Lieutenant and I were called in by an Equalist to the radio room, for something important. The two of us rushed, as we heard the interview.

"See, I'm still in training, but, look, all I know is Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world, and I believe we can make history a reality. I look forward to serving you! I'm so happy to be here. Thank you, Republic City!" Korra told the City.

"All right, that's all the questions the Av–" a radio broadcaster announced.

"Amon, how do you wanna handle this?" The Lieutenant asked me.

"So, the Avatar has arrived early. It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans," I told the Lieutenant calmly.


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