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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Chi Fu
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Book 1: Water Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi

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Book 1: Water Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi

Chi-Fu is the historian who appears at the Thirty Year War festival. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Chi-Fu begins to lecture the comers to the festival in Taku, about the war.


Born to a mercantile family, Chi-Fu basically, had almost everything he wanted as a child. Chi-Fu's hometown was actually Liaoning Village, where Jia Mei currently resides in.

His parents, enlisted Chi-Fu into an earthbending academy, while also in education. Chi-Fu had greatly loved the history of the Earth Kingdom and wanted to know more. Highly excelling in history, and earthbending, Chi-Fu graduated from the earthbending academy at 17. And was done with his education by 19.

He traveled to the Ba Sing Se University, to get a master's degree in history. He finally graduated from the university at the age of 22. Chi-Fu came back to Taku, and got a job at the same earthbending academy he attended at.

After four years of teaching children earthbending, he decided to leave and get a job at the school there. Finally getting into the school, he taught Earth Kingdom history and that of the Thirty Year War. He was 19 when the war had ended, and was always deeply fascinated by its history, and when Avatar Ku Tei, ended the war in one final battle, in defeating the traitor General Senlin and throwing him in prison.

When Taku would have the annual festivities of the war, Chi-Fu and a few students of his would bring a straw stuffed dummy of Senlin and burn it on the stage.

The Rebels Attack Taku

During Avatar Rong Yan's visit to Taku, he represented the history on stage. That is when afterwards that the Water Tribe rebels attacked the city. He wasn't seen earthbending but he fled with his students to defend them. Though he was at the school fighting them off, even though it wasn't mentioned that he did.


Chi-Fu, was born an earthbender, and was enlisted into an academy by his parents. Years passed by, as he finally graduated at the age of 19. Chi-Fu is considered a master earthbender. Because, he taught children for four years while he worked at the academy he attended.


  • Unknown Merchant Parents (Father and Mother)



  • Chi-Fu is named after the Emperor's consul in the Disney movie called Mulan.
  • Chi-Fu will resemble like the one from Mulan, just a little bit different once his picture is drawn.

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