By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory continuity.
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Spirit World


2 million years


before the Era of Raava

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Ep.7: Old Wounds

Last appearance

Ep.10: Dragon Turtle

Voiced by

Melendy Britt (Voice of Kanna)

Chi was a very ancient, wise female Dragon Turtle currently residing in the Spirit World, living in Kodai Cavern. She refers to the Spirit World and Physical World as 'Realms'.


Chi was shown to be very wise, living for much longer than many others had. She was friendly towards the various spirits, humans and even Qishi that she came across during her travels. In her old age, she does show to occasionally ramble on when a story goes through her mind or after a question was given to her.


Her exact origins are unclear, though she claimed she was born when the ancestors of humans started to eat meat. She had been roaming around both the physical and Spirit World for most of her life, and eventually retired to Kodai Cavern, letting the spirits tell her stories about the world as time went on.

Chi had sensed the return of El Niño, so she appeared in front of Avatar Korra when she tried to go to the Spirit World for help, telling her to go to the Fire Nation Capital to meet her there.

When Team Avatar did arrive, Chi happily greeted them within the cavern, knowing Korra through stories told to her by the spirits around her. She agreed to help them, after reuniting them with Naga. Chi let them all on her back, as she used her Airbending to fly out of the cavern, and off to their destination. On the way, Chi explained various things to the team, such as how different the Spirit World was from the physical world, and the possibility of multi-benders. She flew over the Te-Ao Sea, and landed on a small island known as the Taiyin Pool. Chi explained to the team in-depth about Tui and La's decision to go to the physical world, the reasoning behind El Niño's creations, and Raava sealing him away. Chi later explained to Korra on what to do, telling her to bring him back home, before flying away.


  • Chi is the oldest living creature in the Avatar Universe, being born before the Era of Raava began.

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