By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
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Team Runaway, Dalian

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Fire Nation guard-in-training (formerly)

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First appears in Stowaways

Cheng is a childish guard-in-training with a kind heart and strange sense of humor. He is immature, yet lovable. He is also a moderate Earthbender.


When Cheng was younger, his father often expressed his son's "incompetence." He downed everything that Cheng did. This gave Cheng the impression that his father didn't think he was good enough. He didn't do well in school and this convinced him even more of his stupidity and lowliness.

However, when he decided to train under Dalian, he began to regain some of his self-confidence. Every day he became a better person. When he met Team Runaway, he befriended them and enjoyed being in their company. This is shown when he defends them in The Trap. Unfortunately, this forces him to abandon his dreams. On the good side, he becomes a member of Team Runaway.


Cheng is as childish, immature, and humorous as any thirteen-year-old can be. Yet even though he is young, he has a kind heart and feels other people's pain. This makes him a lovable character.


Although Cheng is a failure as a guard, he is a starting Earthbender. His skills get better each day as he practices his moves.

Appearances and References

Cheng first appears in Stowaways, the ninth episode of Shoji's Journey. He is in almost every episode after that.

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