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Cheng is a Ba Sing Se University student who is upset with his lack of excitement in life.


Born to a middle-class family in Ba Sing Se, Cheng has had a relatively easy life. He was destined to go to Ba Sing Se University due to his father's income and desire for his son to follow in his footsteps. During Fire Nation occupation, the university was shut down in fear of Fire Nation interference. After the liberation of Ba Sing Se, the school opened back up. While at school, Cheng typically hung around with the same group of friends whom he very much enjoyed being around, partly because he dreaded having to be around his parents.

Cheng went to dinner one day after classes, and met a girl named Lian. Cheng took a quick liking to Lian because she also seemed to be reserved and laid back. When walking Lian and his friend Cai home, he was met by a robber. Instead of just submitting to the robber, he fought him off. Lian acknowledged this, and immediately got Cai to safety, and went back to help Cheng. The ensuing fight resulted in a heavily bruised right hand, as well as a deep cut in his left leg. The cut resulted in his use of a crutch for a short time. The fight made his realize that he really wanted some sort of excitement in his life. He decided to start training physically, as well as with broadswords so that he could take the alias of The Blue Spirit. When purchasing his broadswords, Smellerbee approached him and suggested that he join the Freedom Fighters. He accepted, and started to learn how to use the broadswords from a fellow Freedom Fighter named Bolt.


Cheng is a very smart but lazy student. He often struggles to pay attention in classes at the university because he doesn't always see the value in them. He is generally very reserved when talking to people, but does get very nervous talking to attractive girls.


Cheng is skilled with stealth as well as tactical analysis. This is shown when working with the Freedom Fighters, he is able to sneak in to a flower shop and assess the situation to know what to do. He is also learning to be skilled with dual dao broadswords. His skills are still weak, but he is learning.


  • Cheng's physical appearance is never stated in the story.
  • The relationship between Cheng and Lian is never actually stated, but rather just alluded to.

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