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The Sons of Azulon Pt. 2 - Wisdom of Iroh

Cheng is a young Earthbender from a neighboring farming village to Omashu. His dreams of being a master Earthbender are constantly put down by his parents, who want him to have a good education and live a peaceful life as a scholar.

Early Life

Cheng was born into a poor farming family, as are many children in the Earth Kingdom. His family's once flourishing farm land was burned and salted while the Fire Nation approached Omashu, leaving the family's main means for survival destroyed. Cheng's parents, having already lost their first son in the war, and wanting their son to live a more stable life, refused to allow their son to cultivate his abilities. While he practiced in secret, he possesses admittedly horrible form, yet due to repeating the motions, he has incredible raw power. Cheng and the rest of his family lived out the rest of the war in quiet hiding, trying to make the most they could off of their small amount of food growing on their land.

Journey into Omashu

Meeting the Dragon of the West

On the grand opening day of Iroh's new tea shop in Omashu, the Jasmine Dragon of the West, Cheng snuck away from his chores to ask the legendary hero for advice. He engages in a deep discussion with Iroh and Bumi, who agrees to teach him Earthbending. Bumi also sends his family money along with a note telling his family of his arrangements: Earthbending training along with scholastic endeavors.

Learning to Earthbend

Cheng goes to his room in the palace, waiting to begin his studies. Bumi emerges from the floor, and attacks Cheng, before retreating and telling Cheng to meet him in the palace arena. Cheng manages to break through many of the walls, and finds a woman in the palace. She reassures him, giving him directions on how to get to Bumi. Once he arrives, Bumi attacks him, telling Cheng to defend himself by using the motions he already mastered by getting through the palace. Cheng masters them quickly, and Bumi has him repeat the motions twenty times.

Saving the city

Cheng is the Omashu when it is attacked by the Dai Li. He rushes to the aid of the citizens, immediately engaging several Dai Li agents at once despite his inexperience with Earthbending. He does well, but is eventually overwhelmed. He is saved by Bumi, who arrives and knocks the agents attacking Cheng off of the city. The pair then jump up to the top of the city, since they heard a loud crash.

Bumi earthbends

Bumi saves Cheng from the Dai Li

Cheng arrives at the city's palace, and watches the battle between Long Feng and Team Avatar. He is unable to do much, but stays around to listen to where Ursa had been in her years of absence.

A Bright Future

One day soon after the Dai Li had been repelled from Omashu, Cheng is summoned into Bumi's throne room. The guards are sent out, and Bumi asks Cheng is he wants to be the King of Omashu. Cheng is immediately humbled by the request, and begins listing many reasons that he would be unqualified to lead a city. Bumi retorts, saying that all of those reasons are necessary to lead a city effectively. Cheng eventually accepts.



Cheng is an incredibly powerful Earthbender, able to move large boulders with devastating force. Unfortunately, due to his family situation, he has never been able to find a master to teach him, and such, his form leaves a lot to be desired. His favorite move is where he creates a complete gap in the ground, something he learned from emulating an earthbender soldier who he saw doing a very similar move.

After training with Bumi, Cheng's Earthbending powers increased exponentially. His newfound skills make him a potent threat in battle, as he is able to now move large masses of earth with greater speed and accuracy. He is shown to be able to duel almost on par with several Dai Li agents for an extended period of time, before being rescued by King Bumi.


Cheng is very intelligent, having studied all his life to be a scholar. He is able to pull from this experience to think about strategies for battle.


Cheng is likable, but also is over flattering. His parents, being poor, taught him to appreciate everything that was given to him or that he earned, and as such, he has a tendency to be over-complimenting towards others with much more than him. Since he has never actually fought anyone, he is also reluctant to attack first, but is dangerous once provoked. Cheng also seems to have self-esteem issues, as he is quick to find flaws in Bumi's plan to make him the eventual King of Omashu.

Non-Canon Appearances

"Shouldn't we help him?"
"Eh he'll be fine."
Cheng and Peter in Clash of Worlds 3

Cheng appears in Avatar: Clash of Worlds 3, where he is seen frequently at Ihop. He is portrayed as a character who doesn't really care about anything other than his pancakes. When Giu pulls Tengu to a strip club, Peter asks him if they should help, to which Cheng ignores to eat his pancakes. When the heroes continue complaining, Cheng brushes off their concerns to focus on his pancakes, saying that the villains are already where the plot of the chapter is.


  • He was originally created because the writer needed an excuse to delve into Iroh's past.
  • His struggles with his parents over fighting and education mirror Gohan's with his mother in Dragonball Z.

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