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The Phoenix Islands

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  • Governor of the Fire Nation
  • Retired Admiral

The Phoenix Islands

Chen, or Governor Chen, is the Governor of Phoenix Fire Nation, mainly in the Northern part of the Nation.


Chen was born into a noble family of the Phoenix Islands and soon, as his friends did, joined the military the navy to be exact. He soon progressed to Rear Admiral, and when the Phoenix King took power with his help was promoted to a full admiral. At some point during this time, he got married and had a son. Chen mainly defended the Islands for a main part of his career, however was given the amazing opportunity to lead the siege on the Fire Nation. He did so with several Generals, and High General Raiku. As he was planning the invasion of the capital itself, in his offices, he was ambushed by a small group of powerful children. [1] Though he took one down, they overpowered him and fled with plans. He then changed the plans to benefit the Islands. After several long and steady hours the Islanders held the upper hand. All seemed lost when the Avatar went into the Avatar State however [2] but for some reason he left the state. Chen's men took the city and over the next month, the Northern Fire Nation. For his actions he was promoted to Governor of the Fire Nation, despite promises to former Fire Nation general Hoshizu.


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