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"I know the terror my mother has caused, the people who have lost their lives, and the need for peace in this war torn world."
— Chen to Mina and Kaila
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Fire Nation


113 AG

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Fire, Air (in Avatar State), Water, Earth

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Firebending, Airbending (in Avatar State), Waterbending, Earthbending

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The Fire Lord's Son

Chen is the son of Supreme Fire Lord Azula, the current Avatar, and former heir to the imperial majesty. He is the only being on the planet with the ability to bend all four elements, bringing a heavy burden upon his shoulders. Chen is also a member of Team Rebel.

When Chen was a boy, he was very close to his father Yin Lee, who died when he was four. After finally being overwhelmed by all the abuse and cruelty his mother directed to him, Chen ran away from home, in which he met former slave Mina and weapon specialist Kaila. During their journey, after a failed Fire Nation invasion on the Rebel City, Chen entered the Avatar State, and discovered that he was the long lost Fire Avatar. Following this, he was nearly killed by his sister during a conspiracy against the Rebel City.

Chen is a skilled Firebender, as well as a talented Waterbender. His skills took a drastic turn after joining Team Rebel and discovering her was the Avatar. According to prophecy, it is Chen's destiny to bring down the current government of the Fire Nation.



Born to the Fire Lord

Chen was born in 113 AG to Fire Lord Azula and Yin Lee. His mother, Azula, wanted him to begin Firebening training as soon as he started walking, but Yin Lee did not allow that, saying he did not want to take away the boy's life. Due to Fire Nation custom, Azula was not able to over rule him, ergo Chen fell behind in Firebending.

A New Family Member

When Chen was two years old, his mother once more became pregnant. During Azula's pregnancy, Yin Lee started to fall ill. Chen started to lose his father, and despite his young age, he knew what was happening. Azula soon gave birth to a beautiful, strong, and intelligent baby, Mitsuki. Azula knew Yin lee was dying, and that she had the power of what her kids could and could not do, so she made sure that Mitsuki started her training very early.

Soon Yin Lee died, and Chen became very depressed and moody, but the death made him want to impress and be loved by his only parent left even more. Azula, however, became very close to Mitsuki, and the two constantly trained. Chen would never get to speak to his mother, and if he did he would be punished for interrupting a "prodigy at work". Chen fell far behind Mitsuki in Firebending, causing his mother to treat him even worse.

School Years

Chen was enrolled early into the Royal Fire Academy for Boys due to Azula wanting him far away from her. His peaceful nature caused him to fail at all his military classes, and he was not capable enough to take advanced Firebending classes, despite his title. He made a good amount of friends, but he had to leave them behind, as his mother thought they were all terrible influences on him. His mother felt extremely angered at his poor grades, and her respect for Chen went even more downhill.

Team Rebel

Running Away

Capital Temple at night

Chen leaves the Palace

After once more failing to impress his mother, Mitsuki soon sees an opportunity to convince Chen to run away. At night, while Chen remembers his difficult past, Mitsuki comes into his room and berates him over his mother's hatred of him. Chen argues back, but he finds himself speechless, with any bit of his self-esteem at the mercy of Mitsuki. She finally gets the facts into Chen's head, and then leaves. Chen decides to take his sister's advice, and sails away from the Fire Nation Capital to a wild forest, becoming a traitor to the world, with his own sister appointed to be his bounty hunter.

Joining Team Rebel

After running away, Chen overheard two girls walking through a forest. He snuck closer to them to eavesdrop, but they soon discovered him. Chen immediately recognized them as the "young spies" that escaped from the Earth Kingdom. Mina and Kaila ask him how he knows this, and Chen informs him of his status as Fire Prince. Enraged, the girls attack him and easily defeat him. Kaila holds her blade to Chen's throat, refusing to let go until Mina persuades her to just leave "the loser Prince" to sulk. Chen remains confident, however, and tells them he's disowned his mother, and that he wants to join them. Kaila once more attacks him, and nearly kills him, though Mina pulls her back, and the two discuss their new "visitor". Mina finally tells Chen they do not think of him as a threat, though they still can't trust him. In sadness Chen leaves.

It is not long, however, before Chen is forced to save Mina and Kaila, now weaponless and helpless, from a gang of robbers. He attacks them using Firebending, giving Mina and Kaila enough time to retrieve their weapons. The three defeat the robbers, and, after another long discussion, Mina and Kaila let Chen into the group. Happy, the kids walk off into the sunset, though they are quickly torn inside when they find a wanted poster of Chen, with Azula's signature on it.

Chen and the girls come to a town full of old people a few days later, after escaping from a group of Fire Nation Soldiers. Chen and Mina try to catch a thief that has been "terrorizing" the village, though the thief captures them and lies to the other villagers that Mina and Chen are harboring gold. Mina and Chen, however, are saved by Kaila, who defeats the villagers, allowing the children to escape unharmed.

Run from Enemies

A few days later, while telling Mina and Kaila his life story, Chen and his friends, are attacked by Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee. Chen, knowing of the girls' amazing powers, had Mina and Kaila run away with him, barely escaping Mitsuki's wrath. However, Chen was eventually forced to fight her on a train. Despite giving his best effort, Mitsuki was able to defeat Chen without breaking a sweat, though Mina was able to throw Mitsuki and her friends off the train by making it come to a sudden halt.


Chen talks to Kaila after his traumatic experience with the Haizi

Chen and his friends then come across a mysterious lake, that was said to have mystical powers. Chen dismisses it, though he soon finds himself feeling a weird feeling toward Kaila, while Kaila returns such feelings. Eventually, Chen finds himself blushing when around her. Before Chen can dive into this odd feeling more, Mina has him and Kaila help her free group of slaves who were forced to work on the dam, saving everybody. That night, Kaila thanks Chen, though Chen is puzzled what its for.

After staying at the lake, Chen, Mina, and Kaila eventually find Mango City, a prosperous, lively, tropical city in the Central Fire Nation. They don Fire Nation disguises to keep safe, though General Yi, who was appointed by Azula to kill Chen and his friends, finds them anyway. The team battles Yi, and Chen is forced to simply redirect Yi's superheated air back at him. Eventually, Yi is able to get a hit on him, though Mina saves both him and Kaila by pushing them into the bay. While Mina fights and defeats Yi by observing his technique, Chen holds on to a branch with Kaila for dear life. Eventually, they get out of the river, and the now mediocre Yi is forced to leave.

Chen and the rest of team, however, remain in danger. In an eerie village, they find themselves pursued and attacked by a group of torturous spirits called the Haizi. Chen is the first to realize the team is in danger, as he remembers his father telling him about the spirits, though the team is too late. Three Haizi attack the team and harass Chen on his father's death. Chen gets very angry, and eventually he is able to defeat them while they are in solid form, almost completely destroying them. That night, Kaila tries to comfort Chen, though he simply blushes and dismisses her.

Journey to Kein Forest

After encountering the Haizi, Chen (who seemed to have been feeling better) and his friends stumbled upon Kaila's old village. After finding out it was burned to the ground due to Kaila's revolt, Chen at first plays the skeptical one, pointing out it was sort of Kaila's fault. He soon softens up, however, when Kaila tells him and Mina of her life story, such as her abusive parents and loving master. Eventually, Mina and Chen convince Kaila to move on, and the team leaves the village.

Chen and the team then go on a ferry ride away from Kaila's village to a "random island". The team eventually finds out that the "random island" they are on is actually the less tropical side of Ember Island. Chen, along with Kaila, is skeptical about the benefits of being on such a popular island, though a Seedy Merchant offers them fake tickets to go to Kein Forest, the last free rebel city in the entire world. They except, and they wait out the night before the ship sails in a rented house. Chen, unable to sleep, sits out and looks out into the beach, though he is soon jouned by Kaila. The two discuss their lives, and their families, in which they start to lose their control and lean forward to each other, possibly to kiss, though Chen and Kaila both realize what they are doing, and retreat back into the house. The next day, Chen and the team go to pick up their tickets, though they are instead shocked to find Mitsuki in the place of the merchant. Chen is unable to fight, as he is quickly paralyzed by Tam Mee in a surprise attack. Chen can only sit with and have a quick conversation with a Quanlee, as the two watched Mina fight and lose to Tam Mee. Kaila was no more successful with fighting Mitsuki, though she was saved by the long lost Momo. Chen and Mina are eventually saved by Kaila, and the team leaves for Kein Forest with a new pet.

On the ship, Chen, along with Mina, quickly embraces the luxurious life on the ship. He is hurt by Kaila's bitterness toward the whole idea of relaxing, though that does not stop him from enjoying the journey with Mina and Momo. Eventually, Kaila loses her temper, and tells Mina and Chen they are being fools. Chen loses his temper as well, and tells Kaila to "stop being a bit***. Kaila is very hurt by this, and runs away crying, causing Chen to run after her. He catches up to her, and the two apologize to each other and hug. They are soon attacked, however, by General Yi and his men. Chen fights the general, who is restricted to bending only regular fire due to Chen knowing his weakness, while Mina, Kaila, and Momo fight and easily defeat Yi's men. In their duel, Yi starts to gain the upper hand, though Chen is able to break Yi's footing, gains the upper hand, and eventually defeats the general. Kaila pins Yi to ground, and the team then leaves, as their ship ends up sailing off without them.

Spinning flame kick

Chen saves Mina and Kaila

Chen and his friends then scurry the island they are trapped on, making money by having Mina perform exciting stunts with her archery skills. Mina, however, eventually makes a terrible mistake when she shoots a man's finger off. The man challenges her to an Agni Kai, and the offer is taken up by Chen. Chen and the man at first fight evenly, though the man is obviously a full blown master, and he is able to gain the upper hand against Chen. He is also able to use his skills to sneak up on Mina and Kaila, and have them at flame point. Chen loses his temper, and brutally attacks the man, injuring him terribly. Chen still has many injuries from the battle, and he flees, limping, with Mina and Kaila by his side.

While Mina and Kaila plan out their final route to Kein Forest, Chen seems to be recovering well from his injuries. When Momo leaves with Mina and Kaila's clothes, Chen follows Momo to an old woman's house. The kind woman sees Chen is injured, and lets him sit on one of her good chairs. When Chen sees Mina and Kaila, he can't help but laugh in their faces.

Chen and the gang then receive a ferry ride to the Earth Kingdom from an undercover rebel. In little to no time, Chen and his friends come across an odd gypsy woman, who predicts that Chen will discover something amazing about himself and that danger is nearing. That night, Chen, as well as Kaila, both have terrible nightmares, only to be forgotten when they wake up. At that moment, Chen and his friends are captured by two Dai Li agents, who trap Chen and his friends in a tight block of earth and proceed to arrest them. Momo is able to temporarily incapacitate the two agents, and somehow, after the children squirm, the rock is somehow destroyed, and Chen and Kaila suspect that Mina may be an Earthbender. The rebels then flee the scene.

Finally, Chen and his friends find Kein Forest. In just no time later, they are attacked by General Yi, his men, and a tank. Chen fights four of the general's five men, while Mina and Kaila fight the remaining persona. Just before each kid loses against their respective opponents, a group of rebels saves them, arresting all of Yi's men (but not Yi) and destroying the tank. Chen and his friends are then brought to Kambi, the leader, who warmly welcomes them. Their Earthbender escort, named Giu, then attempts to flirt with Kaila, leaving Chen upset, but not visibly angry.

Battle at Kein Forest

A few days later, when Chen and Giu are talking, an injured man, revealed to be one of Kambi's scouts, stumbles out of the bushes. Chen, along with Giu and Kaila, then bring the scout to Kambi. The man can only tell Kambi of the impending doom heading for them Ray, a Waterbending rebel, then arrives to try to heal the scout, in which Chen states that she's beautiful, receiving a deadly glare from Kaila. The scout dies, and Chen and the other rebels then prepare for the fight of their lives. Chen, as well as Kaila, stays on the city grounds, while Mina, Giu, Ray, and Kambi fight on the front lines.

As the airships land, the ships reach shore, and the Fire Nation soldiers are deployed, Chen and Kaila prepare for the soldiers heading them. Sooner than expected, an area of the front lines is breached, and some soldiers leak into the city grounds, in which Chen and Kaila struggle to hold off. Eventually, Chen is able to defeat a good amount of men, and he sees Mina heading towards him. Before Chen can discuss their battle "strategy" with Mina, Tam Mee and Quanlee head toward the rebels. Chen, along with Kaila takes a fighting stance, while Mina leaves to fight Mitsuki on the Royal Jet.

Aang breaths fire

Chen in the Avatar State

Chen readies to fight Tam Mee and Quanlee, though Tam Mee just flies right past him and Kaila, and only Quanlee is left to battle. Kaila then fights Quanlee, though just as Mitsuki planned, Chen is too hesitant to fight alongside Kaila, due to his and Quanlee's history. Chen all in all refuses to take a side, saying he can't bring himself to fight and maybe kill Quanlee, his first friend. As the duel between the two ladies continues, Chen still stands and doesn't fight. It's not until Tam Mee's intervention that Kaila is defeated. To save Kaila from death, Chen briefly attacks Quanlee. He tries to apologize to Quanlee, though she tells him she hates him, and Kaila is also quite bitter towards him, hiding the fact that she is touched he chose her.

Chen then tries to encourage a badly injured Mina and a paralyzed Kaila to keep up hope, though they are not at all optimistic. Chen can only helplessly watch as Kambi surrenders. Just before all hope fades, a foolish rogue Fire Nation soldier grabs Chen and harasses him about his lose, and that all his little rebel friends are going to die. This infuriates Chen, and suddenly, in an array of spectacular events, his eyes begin to glow. He grabs the soldier, and burns him alive. Chen then rises into the sky, and the rebels conclude he is the Avatar.

Chen, still in the Avatar State, approaches Mitsuki's Royal Jet with the goal of destroying it and killing her. Mitsuki, eager for an "even match", goes to the top of the Royal Jet to confront Chen. Chen attacks her jet with a massive flame, though Mitsuki counterattacks with a massive flame as well. Even though Chen is in the Avatar State, Mitsuki's flame begins to overwhelm his own, and he retreats. Tam Mee, Quanlee, and most of the other Fire Nation troops escape, though Chen kills the small remainder of them. Seeing all the airships, war ships, troops, his sister and her friends leave, Chen slowly floats to the ground, and faints.

Time in Kein Forest

Contacting a Past Life

After fainting, Chen fell into a deep slumber for many hours. Finally, he woke up to Ray. She took him to the others, in which Chen reunites with his friends, though he is in utter shock by what he has just discovered. As he and his friends sit around s fire, they try to comfort him, though Chen acts very bitter, refusing to listen to words of comfort. Eventually, Chen fury reaches it's max, and Chen ends swatting Momo away from him and snapping at Giu. In total frustration, Chen angrily leaves. After his outburst, Chen overhears his friends discussing his Avatar abilities, in which he hears Kambi express worry over the fact that Chen's Avatar connection is so dampened he couldn't even slay Mitsuki despite all the power he gained.

Chen runs into his room. For a moment, without thinking, Chen picks up a knife, and nearly stabs himself to death before he realizes what he is about to do. Suddenly, he faints and falls asleep. In his dream, Chen finds himself up in a cloud. Suddenly, he sees his dead father before him. The two briefly reunite, but then Yin Lee is replaced by the fallen of Team Avatar. They introduce themselves to Chen quickly, and then Aang tells him a shocking announcement; Azula mis planning to conquer the Spirit World, and that it is Chen's destiny the master the four elements, even Airbending, and to defeat the Fire Nation government.

Chen is obviously overwhelmed, but Aang assures him that he can do it, and that it is his destiny to finish what he (Aang) started. The six spirits bid farewell to Chen, and then, abruptly, Chen awakens to all his friends beside him. Now in acceptance of who he is, Chen smiles, and asks Ray when she can teach him Waterbending, causing all his friends to smile.

Waterbending Training

Zuko melts the ice dome

Chen Waterbending

After a bit of relaxing, Chen and Ray finally decided to begin training. Early one morning, the two of them go on a long journey through the forest and the mountains surrounding it. Chen is exhausted in just an hour, asking Ray how much more they have to travel. Much to his dismay, they are still far away. Finally, they reach the hot springs. Ray tells Chen that because Fire is the opposite of water, he'll have a great deal of trouble. Chen's first exercise is pushing and pulling the water. Much to his and Ray's surprise, he is amazing at the task, and Ray assumes it is because he is so soft, which slightly offends him.

Ray then has Chen do another, more challenging exercise that employs more focus: walking on water, in which he must focus hard on bending the water under his feet constantly. Chen tries, and he quickly falls into the water. Ray leaves, and Chen continues attempting to master the complex art. Finally, Chen succeeds in walking on water, and eagerly calls for Ray. Ray, however, is no where to be seen. Chen calls again, though he is pushed into the bushes by Giu. Chen asks what he's doing, and tries to protest, but Giu points to Ray, who is naked and taking a bath in the springs.

The second Ray gets out however, she whips hot water at Chen and Giu, and the two fall out from behind the bushes. Ray says she never excepted something like that to Chen. He tries to protest, but he gives up. Chen asks how Ray saw them in the bushes, and Giu nearly reveals the reason to her, though Ray silences him. Giu, however persuades her to tell Chen. Ray agrees, and, as Giu leaves, she reveals to Chen that she is deaf. Chen is shocked, and asks her how she can converse with them despite her hand-cap.

Ray tells him that she has a sixth sense, in which she can "feel" the water around her, so she can decipher the movement of people's lips because of the moisture on them, and that she was able to sense him and Giu were behind the bushes because they're made of mostly water.
Katara stops her attack

Ray defeats Chen in an attempt to get him back to his normal self

Chen is amazed by this, and eagerly asks Ray to teach him this complex technique. Ray is reluctant, and tells Chen that he will never be able to master the technique like she has, but agrees. Chen is very excited, though he soon bumps back into reality when he realizes the long journey ahead of them.

When his training once again starts when they're back in the forest, Ray attacks Chen in order to "test his skills", causing him to move backwards. Eventually, he's forced to hide behind a tree and desperately tries to trigger Ray's ability where she has told him about. Suddenly, he manages to do it, causing him to control the water in Ray's body, making her fall on the ground and blood coming out of her mouth. When Giu tries to stop him, Chen attacks him as well, unable to control what he's doing. He's eventually stopped by Ray, making him regain control and apologizing to Ray and Giu.

Later, the trio goes back to Kaila and Mina, whom are training as well. He interrupts Kaila's lesson, causing him to fall into a trap and Kaila to fall, angering her. Then, in a desperate to seduce her, he asks Ray out, by Giu's advice. This leaves Ray amazed, and Kaila furious. Chen doesn't understand, and then they go to pick up Mina, whom has been training hard all day, and she asks them how their trainings went, causing them to quickly say that "they went well".

Meeting an Old Friend

Mai confronting Zuko

Chen is interrogated by Quanlee

A few days later, Chen and the other members of Team Rebel set along a campfire, all of them eating meat-except for Chen. Giu asks Chen why he isn't eating the meat, and Chen, embarrassed, tells him he's a vegetarian. Giu makes a joke about him being a vegetarian, which angers Chen, causing him to storm off into the woods. He begins to have a series of flashbacks from his past, such as being bullied by Mitsuki and berated by his mother. As Chen runs through the woods, he comes across a ferocious lion bear. The animal knocks Kaila unconscious, and nearly kills Chen, though he slays the animal with Firebending. Before he can get back up, he is again attacked - this time by Fire Nation soldiers. They chain him to the ground, drug him, and take his unconscious body away.

Chen awakens to find himself in a metal room completely immobilized by chains. He looks up, and to his surprise, sees Mitsuki standing in the doorway. He asks her where she is, and she tells him that he is on an island separated from the mortal world and the Spirit World, meaning that both his bending and contact with his past lives and have been disabled. Chen asks Mitsuki if she intends to kill him, though the Princess is smarter than that, and tells him that if he dies, he will be reborn again. She reveals an ulterior motive: torture. Chen asks his sister how she can torture him without bending. Mitsuki reveals that she has no intent on carrying out the task, and that she's leaving the job to Quanlee. Chen tries to explain himself, though Quanlee remains incredibly bitter.

Chen is stabbed in the shoulder by her, and begins screaming in pain as the blood pours out. He asks Quanlee why she is hurting him, and brings up their years of friendship. A furious Quanlee tells him that he ended their friendship the minute he chose the rebels over her. Chen begins to try to fluster her, but Quanlee is not easily tricked. Chen tries to tell her that things have changed since he realized he was the Avatar, and that it is his destiny to rid the world of his evil sister. Quanlee bitterly tells him that he will only get killed like his father did. This infuriates Chen, and he tells Quanlee never to talk about his father like that. Quanlee cuts off his part of his hair as means to brand him, and begins crying for their friendship. Then, without thinking, she embraces Chen in a kiss.

After enlisting the help of a physic, Mina and Kaila arrive at the island. They find Chen unchained and alone in his chamber. The three children run through the building, while being pursued by a number of guards. Chen, however, spots a large container of blasting jelly and throws one of Kaila's Kunais at it. The three kids jump out of a window as the building explodes. They are blocked in their tracks by Quanlee. She moves to the side though, and says "she'll give them this one". The three kids swim back to the boat. As they depart, Kaila questions Chen on his cut hair. He tells her that it was just "a little something from a friend". He stares thoughtfully at the building as smoke rises from it.

Bad Luck in the City

When Kambi leaves with Ray and Giu to go to a small rebel base, Chen is given a terribly torturous and unspeakably horrifying task: watching over Kama. The senile old woman forces Chen to do many bizarre tasks for her, consisting of clipping her toenails with an axe, testing fake teeth out for her, and even checking under her bed for Firebenders. Chen, finally fed up, asks Mina and Kaila to switch positions with them. Kaila refuses, though Mina agrees, only because she wants Chen and Kaila to be together. Up until the return of Kambi, Chen apparently shares the small, unkempt hut with Kaila.

Finally, Chen swallows his pride, and asks Ray -not Giu- for advice on how to ask out Kaila. Ray tells him that he should just ask her out, and that she'll take of everything. Chen does ask Kaila out, and Mina forcibly "yes" for her. Chen and Kaila's date goes well, much to Ray and Mina's joy, though things take a bad turn when Kambi's nephew Saito (whom Giu was supposed to be watching) interrupts their dinner, declaring his love for Kaila. Chen is furious, though Kaila is amused. She finally gets the boy to leave when she informs him that the Meijing sisters would love a little boy like him. Chen and Kaila leave on their own, and watch the sun set. Kaila puts her head on Chen's shoulder as the sky darkens.

The following day, Chen and the others find out that Kama has gotten Purple Fever. Chen, along with Mina, Kaila, Ray, and Giu, volunteers to take Kama over to Roki Forest (the only place where the cure to Purple Fever exists). Chen quickly departs with everyone else, and Kambi wishes them good luck.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Zuko slides over the ground

Chen being struck down by Mitsuki

Unbeknown to Chen, he left at the worst possible time, as Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee entered the city under a fake rebel persona only minutes later. As Mitsuki begins her conspiracy, Chen and the other members of Team Rebel begin to become irritable and tired on their long journey, with little to no water or food to satisfy their empty stomachs. Matters are made much worst when a man named Gian shows up at the scene, revealing that he was the one who had Mina taken to the Fire Nation Detention Facility. Chen is shocked, though he does not at all take Gian seriously when he says he is going to apprehend the kids. Gian, however, has a secret weapon: thirty highly skilled bodyguards.

Horribly outnumbered, Chen, Ray, Giu, and Kaila are all captured. Mina takes matter into her own hands, and, instead of fighting the bodyguards, attacks Gian instead. Afraid of being killed, Gian orders his guards to stand down. Chen and the others are released, and they immobilize the guards. After day after the battle, the team finally reaches Roki Forest. Chen and the others are furious, though, when they learned that Kama only had a cold, and that she thought they were the same things. Chen tries to explain the difference to her, though she falls asleep midway through his sentence. As the team prepares to return to the forest, Kama departs, saying she wants to return to the Spartan Islands. Chen seems to be upset at her departure, yet relieved at the same time.

When Chen and the others return to the city, they are shocked to see that neither Kambi nor his officials are present. Still unbeknown to them, Mitsuki has arrested Kambi and all of his advisers by holding Kambi hostage, releasing the imprisoned Fire Nation soldiers, and by stealing the city's master-plans. They are even more shocked when they spot a small armada of airships heading toward the palace, led by Yi himself. Chen, Mina, and Kaila run out of the palace, while Ray and Giu try to find Kambi (to no avail). Chen finally realizes what is going on when he sees Mitsuki running up the palace stairs.

With his sister outnumbered, Chen reveals his plans of capturing and arresting Mitsuki, thereby ending her conspiracy. Mitsuki is terrified, realizing that she has no chance of escape. Suddenly, an idea sparks into her mind: she slyly tricks Chen into thinking that she sacrificed Quanlee in order to succeed in her conspiracy. Believing his friend to be dead, Chen charges at his sister viciously. As Mitsuki predicted, Chen's form is faulty, and he leaves his chest area completely vulnerable. Mitsuki sees her opportunity, and blasts a jet of blue fire right into his chest, throwing him all the way back to Mina and Kaila and severely injuring him. Mina and Kaila are horrified, and try to locate Ray, who Mitsuki reveals is fighting Quanlee.

Kaila stays with Chen while Mina fights Mitsuki. The team is cornered, however, when Tam Mee, Quanlee, and Yi show up to assist Mitsuki. The receive one last stroke of luck, however, when the remaining group of rebels attacks them. Mitsuki focuses her attention on the group of rebels instead, while an unconscious Chen escapes on a riverboat with Mina, Kaila, Ray, and Giu. Chen reawakens, and is at first unable to speak. Ray is unable to heal him, and says his only chance is to receive medical treatment in New Ozai. As the kids get their last look at the city, Chen quietly mutters the words "We lost" as he comes to the realization that Mitsuki has officially conquered the Rebel City.


Zuko begs

Chen is the opposite of a strong and cruel child

Unlike his mother, sister, or grandfather, Chen is a kind, caring boy. He strongly believes in peace and nonviolence comparable to Air Nomad belief. Despite this, he always tried to impress his mother by being pro-war, though he always stumbled over his own words. Because of all these qualities, he is seen as a disgrace and failure to his mother, Azula, who seems to have absolutely no love for him. This weak personality also effects his Firebending ability, to the point where his sister, Mitsuki, is far beyond his level of skill.

Chen, sharing no traits of Azula, can be compared to his elderly father, Yin Lee. When he was little, Yin Lee refused to let Azula mold Chen into something she desired, giving Chen a happy younger life where he was very close to his father. After Yin Lee's death, Chen was forced to have to please his mother, though she never paid attention to him and was almost always with her daughter, Mitsuki. Chen's attempts to impress his mother were all bitter failures, and they almost always earned a harsh word from Azula.

Despite being weak, Chen is not socially inept like his sister. He made many friends in school whom be became very close to, though Azula forbade him from ever seeing them, saying "They were not fit for a prince, even if the prince is you." Because of this, Chen was raised in an environment with no friends, the only contemporaries ever being around him were his sister, Tam Mee, and Quanlee, whom Chen considers his only friend, to which Quanlee returns with a very slight hint of romantic feelings, to which Chen is oblivious.

However, as the story progresses, Chen's sensitivity and weak demeanor begin to diminish, despite his kindness remaining evident. After realizing he is the Avatar, Chen's aggression and willpower increase greatly. This is shown when he fiercely stands up to Quanlee when being chastised by her. The prime example of Chen's change in emotion is shown when he charges at his sister when she tricks him into thinking that Quanlee is dead, with the intention of murdering her. This proves to be a mistake, as Chen's aggression and rage blocked out his common sense, which allowed Mitsuki to strike him down.



At the beginning of the story, Chen was only a proficient Firebender, at least compared to his family lineage. His skills were still much better than an average Fire Nation soldier, as he had the ability to shoot jets of flame and compress his fire together, making it hotter and able to break through metal. Despite this, he had difficulty performing the advanced moves his mother thrust upon him, with earned him her criticism and scorn. However, as Chen abandons the Fire Nation to rebel with Mina and Kaila, his skills begin to improve greatly, though he is still unable to defeat his sister in a duel.

Eventually, Chen becomes strong enough to defeat a Firebending master. By the time he arrives in the Rebel City, Chen has mastered Firebending. He is able to quickly hold Quanlee back from Kaila, using a small feat of impressive, newly learned Firebending moves. He is able to prove a formidable opponent to Mitsuki, though at this time he was in the Avatar State. In his next confrontation, Chen goes to fight his sister head on, though she severely injures him by shooting him with a jet of fire. Because of this, it can be assumed that Chen's Firebending is still not at the level his sister's is.


Though a beginner in Waterbending, Chen has proved to be a true prodigy in the bending art, exhibiting the ability to push and pull waves on water, and has even shown he has the focus to walk on water. He also started to learn Ray's special Waterbending technique to "feel" water around her, although it isn't that sufficient as hers and he has problems with controlling it, bending the water in both Giu and Ray's body by accident, causing them heavy pains.

So far, Chen has never directly used Waterbending in combat.

Non-canon Appearances

Lightning backfire

Chen falls to the ground and causes a small explosion after failing to mimic Lu Ming in the non-canon crossover

Chen appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. He first appears in Part 1. In the part, he is portrayed as being quite stupid. Lee Koisho's head ends up flying through his house, causing Chen to scream from fright. Lee's head shuts him up by slapping him in the face with his tongue, surprising Chen greatly. Chen and Lee's awkward conversation continues, in which Lee rants about how kids are with their MySpace, Facebook, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to a confused Chen.

In Part 2, Chen seems to have his old, regular personality returned to him. He expresses shock over Kaila's declaration that Mitsuki, his own sister, is a pot-head. He, like all the rebels, expresses shock over Shiungi and her strange behaviors, remarking on what a weird day it has been because of seeing Lee's head smash through his house and meeting Shiungi.

Chen once again returns in Part 3. In it, he is portrayed as being much more goofy. He, aling with all the other rebels, constantly gets sucked up my a mysterious portal, in which Chen says "What the f*ck" when the portal sucks him up, causing them to get censored. He also calls Kaila "Honey", angering Quanlee.

In Part 4, Chen, who is still being depicted as somewhat goofy, meets an old man, revealed to be Lu Ming, while walking in a forest. After telling Lu Ming he is the Avatar, Lu Ming offers to teach him Airbending, if he signs up to be a Black Lotus Assassin. Chen accepts, to which Lu Ming evilly says his "soul is [his]". Lu Ming teaches Chen many moves, eventually getting down to the final one, the jump from one building to another. Chen is terrified, and, even after seeing Lu Ming demonstrate it, still fails miserably and hurts himself.

Chen is a common character in Clash of Worlds 2, the sequel to Clash of Worlds. In Part 1, he plays a minor role, discovering that Lee Koisho has returned from the Spirit World, as he can smell him. He then makes an awkward pass at Kaila, which creeps her out. In Part 2, after being struck down by Mitsuki in the Conspiracy of Kein Forest, he attends Ray and Lian's Waterbending duel, half-dead and barely alive. By a miracle, Chen suddenly awakens, though he is killed when an angry Jiang Rha steps right through his wound.

For the rest of the crossover, Chen is shown to be majorly disliked by all the others Avatars (Mian, Peter, etc.) and they all express disgust upon his appearance. Interestingly enough, even cold-hearted Mitsuki actually seems to get along better with the other fanon characters than Chen.


  • Of all Avatar Wiki's fanon characters, Chen switched infoboxes the most in the shortest time, going from Royalty, to Rebel, to Avatar in just twenty chapters.
  • Chen (陳, Chen) is in real life a style of Tai Chi Chuan, the martial art Waterbending is based upon.
  • Chen became the Avatar after the previous Water and Earth Avatars were slaughtered by the Fire Nation, before they even knew of their identity. He has yet to meet those two past Avatars.

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