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Chasing The Sun
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The Lost Air Temple


Book 1 Fall of the Sages


13 Chasing The Sun

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Fiery Finish Part One

Last time on TLAT Baizken helped the sages escape their prison and Amax revealed his and Raingeous' past. They met up with Smoke and Avatar Gatton. They all devised a plan to take down the evil sage. Elsewhere, Finosa looks for Duma with the head assassin, Sulu, pursuing her.


The sun was about half-way in the sky now. It's rays already had warmed the air outside to a summer's heat. Finosa stood there, looking where the green dragon once was. She just stared. She stopped and looked behind. Sulu was almost right behind her now. He launched a blast at Finosa, who dodged to the right and returned with a blazing kick. Sulu batted away the flames with his hands and continued toward her. Finosa took one look at the ground around the area where Duma once was. There were no signs of a fight.

"The stables," she exclaimed out loud. That must be where they had taken Duma. Sulu looked at her through his skull helmet. His eyes seemed if they were watching her every movement. He put his arms out and lunched six stilettos. Finosa hit the ground. She winced in pain from landing on her bandaged elbow. The stilettos went clear into a wall. Finosa got up and Sulu prepared to fire jab her.

"Any last words?" Sulu said in a gruff tone.

"Yes, take this!" Finosa said. Using her good arm, she ways able to spin herself around several times and firebend. Doing this she knocked the assassin into the left wall of the temple. His armor kept him from getting burnt though. All Finosa had done was by herself some time. She got up and started running to the stables where they kept the dragons. It was on the other side of the temple.

"You're only delaying the inevitable," said Sulu as he got up. He was not going to let the girl get the better of him again.

The break room was packed with sages. Gatton was talking to Amax and Halois, when he got sight of Baizken. He went to go see him. On the way, he said hello to Smoke who was talking to Pytharus. Gatton made it to Baizken and sat beside him.

"Tough day?" spoke Gatton in a calm, soothing voice.

"You wouldn't understand..." Baizken said, looking away from his grandfather.

"You may be suprised, Baizken. Come on, you can tell me anything," said Gatton.

"Well, about a million things are on my mind. One, I'm worried about Finosa. I left her alone with that freaky Raingeous," said Baizken.

"You know all these years your sister has been looking out for you," Gatton said.

"She has? I thought she was just being controlling," admitted Baizken.

Gatton chuckled. Baizken started talking.

"Also I'm worried about something a may have done," Baizken said.

"What did you do?" asked Gatton.

Baizken told his grandfather about his battle with Bard.

"So let me get this straight, it was either going to be you or him at that moment. No other way out, right," said Gatton.

"Yes, sir," said Baizken.

"I would have done the same thing and I'd probably feel the same way. Some decisions can feel wrong, even after we've made them, however the other option was far worse," said Gatton as he looked at Baziken.

"Yeah, I would be dead," said Baizken.

"We're a lot a like, Baizken. Now try to get some rest we leave in two hours," said Gatton. Gatton thought, as he walked away, "I didn't mean for the children to be dragged into this,"

Baizken did go to sleep. The Avatar went back and talked with Sven, not mentioning what Baizken had told him.

Grandma had sacked out on the couch right after the sages dropped by the message. She didn't get much sleep because of massive crowds gathering two streets down. She reluctantly got up and looked in her cupboards for breakfast. They were almost out of everything. Grandma decided she would go to the market to get some food. She left a note on the door in case her family came back.

It read: Gone to the market to get something to eat. By the way when I get home prepare to be yelled at. Love, Rose.

She sat out to go to the market. As she walked down the down the street, it got more and more crowded. Soon she had to push and shove her way through the crowd. Finally she made it to the top where a group of armored people, one was speaking.

"The Fire Sages have fallen. The Avatar is down and today, this glorious day, marks the first day of a new republic. This afternoon, we expect to hear from Praetor Raingeous himself, the new leader of this nation."

Cheers rose from the younger people in the crowd, followed by sounds of confusion from the rest. Grandma just stood there in shock. Her beloved husband was down. Her son had fallen. What of the children. She was very distraught! She, then said, "I feel like I'm going to faint."

She did faint, fortunately, to men behind her caught her. She woke up about a few minutes later, inside, sitting in a chair. She got up still dizzy, and set out to get some ocean kumquat and answers.

Finosa was running hard now. Sulu was right behind her. She couldn't see the stables, but she could smell the stables. Between his armor and bulky arms and Finosa's arm, they were running at the same speed. Sulu stopped and launched to stilettos from his arms. Finosa turned left and span in air. She reached into her bag and took out some stilettos and tossed three at Sulu's helmet. He was forced to dodge, however he countered with rapid fire jabs. Finosa attempted to make a shield out of fire, but it didn't last and she was flung into the outer wall. She was burnt and all her bones felt broken. She looked to the left. Now she could see the stables. She had come so close, just to not make it.

"Weakling, you may have gotten the better of me once, but not again. Soon there will be no one left of the Avatar's lineage!" yelled Sulu.

Finosa was forced to play her trump card. She let all her negative energy flow outward. She fire jabbed the assassin square in the chest with purple fire. It was so hot it burnt a hole in his armor. He was blown back to the ground a bunch of yards away. She didn't stop there. She propelled herself into the air and used rapid fire jab. She landed close to him and using firebending kicked him even farther. She had to calm herself down and go find Duma. She looked back and after all that, Sulu still got up. He was unbelievable! She was far away now, but still she heard a deep growling noise. She made it to the stables. She walked in and looked for an Iron Tail Dragon. She found Duma in a corner and chains all around him.

"This only gonna hurt a bit, boy," she said in a calm tone.

A small normal flame appeared at the tip of her finger and she used it to burn the chains. Sulu was near the stables now and Duma could sense that he was bad news. Duma opened his mouth and hot, blazing fire came out and burned the assassin. This time his skin actually got burnt a little and his armor was all gone except for his helmet. He got up, yet again and shed his helmet. The bright fire had left his eyes temporarily dazed, so he didn't see them leave. He walked in using his memory to see.

"Come out, come out where ever you are," he said in a half-crazed tone.

Finosa flew on Duma over the wall. She concentrated and used purple fire to create a fire bomb. She threw it at Sulu. The stables exploded into an inferno. All the dragons flew out and scattered. She looked, and Sulu didn't get up. She began flying toward home.

The sages prepared to enact their plan. As they do this to assassins come walking down the hall.

"Ah, I feel much better. I really had to go," said an assassin as he approached the break room.

"Shut up," said the other, "If you didn't drink so much tea..."

"But I love tea! Speaking of it I think I'll have some right now."

"Three, two, one, Go!" said Pytharus.

The sages jumped the assassins and knocked them out cold. They continued upward to the ground level of the temple. They were ready to take on Raingeous, or so they thought.

Raingeous was putting on his new suit for his speech later that day. He was now the official ruler of the Fire Nation. He had to look the part. The same messenger came in with more bad news.

"Sir, your agents can conform that Bard is dead and the sages have escaped. They are coming after you."

"Call in the guards, it looks like I'll have to deal with the sages. Is the Avatar with them?" asked Raingeous.

"Yes and Smoke too," replied the messenger.

"Burn it! At all cost they must capture Smoke. Send the guards that message. Smoke's too big a tile to lose," Raingeous half-shouted.

"Yes, sir," he replied.

Raingeous said, "Now, if you excuse me, I have a speech to work on..."

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