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Kiama stood in a room that was dimly lit with green. "The king and queen?!" She said, surprised. "What do they want with me? I thought you said I wasn't in trouble!"

"Relax," one of the guards ordered.

Kiama held still for the next few minutes until she heard the sound of a door opening behind her. A woman dressed in robes and fancy jewelry walked in first, followed by a man wearing the same thing. The couple looked upon the Avatar and then upon their guards. "Who is this?" the man asked.

"Your majesty, this young woman saved the city from the Baozha Bombers," one of the guards explained.

"The Bombers? They are at it again?" the woman asked, concern filling her voice.

"What did they want this time?" asked the man.

Before one of the guards could answer, Kiama spoke up. "They were trying to send some bombs down the mail chutes. I heard them talking about a ransom."

"Well, you have done well, young lady, but you should be on your way now," the woman said, dismissing Kiama.

"Would someone please bring us the Avatar!" the man yelled. "I thought I told you to bring him here already!"

"I am the Avatar," Kiama explained.

The man and woman were shocked by this. "You are the Avatar?" the man asked.

"Impossible! Our agents said the Avatar was able to Waterbend beyond a beginner's level!" the woman protested. "The Avatar was just identified over a week ago! If you are the Avatar, then explain how you know how to Waterbend so well. Everyone knows it is forbidden for women to Waterbend in the Northern Water Tribe! You should be training there!"

"I swear I'm not lying!" Kiama insisted. "My brother taught me how to Waterbend in secret!"

"Is that so?" the woman asked.

"Please, believe me!" Kiama pleaded.

"I believe her," said the man.

"What?! What makes you think she is the Avatar?!" asked the woman.

"I don't know of any ordinary Waterbender who could defeat the Baozha Bombers," the man replied.

After a few moments of silence, the woman finally accepted the truth. "Very well," she conceded.

"Young Avatar, it is an honor to meet you. I am Shan, king of Omashu," said the man. "And this is my wife, Yama. She is the queen if you had not already guessed that."

"What is your name, Avatar?" Yama questioned.

"My name is Kiama."

"Alright, Kiama, would you like to join us for a feast?" Yama asked.

Kembar was in hot pursuit. He was riding on a wave, rushing to retrieve Amai from the scumbag raider that took her. The man threw something back at the boy as he sped away. The net engulfed Kembar, sending him crashing to the ground. Kembar struggled as much as he could, desperate to break free from the net. He watched as the raider ran away with Amai as his prisoner. He continued to struggle, but it was no use. Suddenly, Kembar heard the wind whipping behind him. Then he heard a voice. "You should have been more aware of your surroundings," said Jiyu.

"Hey, look, I tried, alright?!" Kembar yelled. "Could you please get me out of this net?"

Jiyu made a downward motion with her arm and air sliced the net open. Kembar crawled out and ran in the direction the raider had fled. "What do you think you are doing?" Jiyu asked her pupil.

"I'm going to save Amai!" Kembar replied.

"I think not!" said Jiyu. "I will send some of the sisters to retrieve her."

"Are you serious?!" Kembar shouted.

"I shall not let you leave this temple; especially if you are going after the Luta Raiders! They are far too dangerous for you to handle!"

"I'm the Avatar! I can handle myself!" Kembar yelled. He hated playing that card in a situation like this, but he was angry and desperate.

"No! You are still in training! You are not ready to save her! I have the situation under control; now go to your quarters!" Jiyu demanded.

Kembar looked at the Sister Superior with fury in his eyes, but walked away to his quarters, following her orders.

Night had fallen on the Western Air Temple. No one could see Kembar packing what he needed and suiting up for a mission. Jiyu can send her little diplomatic party, but I will handle this my own way. He thought. The Avatar finished packing his knapsack and exited his room. He creept down the hallways, being very careful not to awaken any of the sleeping Air Nomads. After slowly walking down at least a dozen hallways, Kembar found an exit to the temple. He walked along, then realized he had not thought about how he was going to get up to the surface. "Monkey feathers!" he said, quietly. He walked along, trying to think of something until he came to a stable. He looked over and saw a large herd of sky bison. "That will work," he said, smiling.

Kiama sat at the center of a long, ornate table with green tablecloth surrounded by crystals emitting a bright green light. At both heads sat the King and Queen, both enjoying their unusually small portions.

"I don't mean to be rude," started Kiama, "but your meals seem a bit puny for a King and Queen. Are you not big eaters or is it an Omashu tradition?"

Yama and Shan shot each other weird looks, and Shan spoke. "Actually, the palace is currently broke. The Baozha Bombers have taken pretty much all of our money in return for not blowing our people to bits. Unfortunately we found out what happens when we cut them off. Thank Spirits you were there."

Kiama raised her eyebrows. "So they blackmailed you out of everything you had?"

Yama nodded sadly. "I even had to sell my jewelry at the black market to pay them off."

"At least they're gone now," suggested the Avatar.

Shan shook his head. "They'll be back, trust me. But when they do return, I trust they'll be scared off by an Avatar who knows Waterbending and Earthbending.

"About that," Kiama muttered, "I haven't exactly found a place to train."

"That's why we're going to train you, of course! You're getting the full royal treatment!"

"Oh, you don't have to-"

"Oh yes we do!" Yama cut in. "It's the least we could to after you saved our city!"

Kiama smiled and thanked them before she noticed a boy walk in to clear the table. He was tall, muscular, and incredibly handsome. Kiama couldn't take her eyes off him. No wonder I always hear about Earth Kingdom guys, she thought.

After her meal, Kiama was instructed by the King and Queen to follow a guard to her sleeping quarters and get a good night's rest. They added that her Earthbending training would commence the next morning at dawn. As the guard led her through the crystal-lit corridors of the most impressive building she's seen so far, she reached an overpass above what appeared to be a training court. Maybe that's where I'll be- her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed her handsome waiter from earlier below, hurling boulders around- shirtless. Sweat dripped down his massive muscles as he smashed a rock wall with his forehead.

Kiama got the attention of the guard. "Actually, Sir, could I stay here while you go prepare my room? I can make it there on my own... if that's alright." The guard immediately knew what was going on and tried to not laugh as he bowed and kept walking. As soon as he was out of earshot, the Avatar looked for a way to get from where she was to the court below. Spotting stairs on one side, she figured she could get to it through a hallway. At first she ran, but when she realized that she didn't want to come off as overexcited, she walked. Shortly afterward, the walk turned into a skip, then a run again. Wait! I don't wanna be out of breath when I seem him! This thought convinced her to walk again. When she came across a grand door she assumed was the entrance into the court, she fixed her hair and took a deep breath. After a few seconds of further preparation she opened the door sweetly.

"Hellooooo! My name is Kiama. Nice to meet you!" She then realized she was talking to a closet. A bit startled, she quickly regained her composure and looked around, making sure nobody saw what she just did. It took another five minutes and two more wrong guesses to finally find the door to the training court. When she did, the boy had his back to her, and she walked awkwardly to get closer before calling out to him. Kiama opened her mouth and was about to speak when the boy turned and did a double take. He was clearly startled that someone was right behind him.

"How long have you been there?" he asked, trying to sound nice.

Kiama smiled. "Hola! Me llamo Kiama!" After this said this, her eyes grew a mile wide and her face turned red. What the heck did I just say? Were those even words? "I mean, uhhh, I'm Kiama. Nice to meet you." She held out her hand, extremely disappointed in herself but trying not to show it.

The boy took her hand and kissed it. "My name is Palu."

"So," Kiama cleared her throat. "I saw you at dinner. You train here too?"

"The King and Queen let me practice my Earthbending whenever I'm not working. That's what I get in turn for my service. Not bad, huh?"

"No, not bad at all," agreed Kiama. "You're hot- you look hot! I'm a Waterbender, I can cool you off!"

"Oh. Okay, sure. I'm just about done so I guess that would be nice."

Kiama instantly opened her water pouch and blasted Palu, full-force, knocking him back and onto the ground. "Oh no!" she shrieked. "I'm so sorry!" At that point, she gave herself an F-.

Palu just stared at Kiama for a moment, then laughed. She laughed too, going along with it.

The wind was whipping past Kembar as he rode on the back of the sky bison. He was intent on saving Amai and did not care whether or not Jiyu scolded him. Suddenly, the bison let out a loud growl. Kembar looked down to see what was wrong, but nothing could be seen in this darkness. "What's wrong, boy?" he asked. All of the sudden, Kembar felt himself being dragged down along with the beast. The young man screamed and braced for impact as he fell. Just before he hit the ground, Kembar pulled the water out of his pouch and formed an ice slide below him. As the bison hit the ground, Kembar slid down the slide and landed next to it. As he tried to get up, he felt something hard slam into the side of his head. Everything was blurry and it was hard to see. Kembar saw the sight of several Raiders moving towards him before he lost consciousness.

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